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These Things Happen

Lolling around the domicile in my obscenely long white tee and neophyte UGG Cardy Classic Boots, feeling somewhat off-colour, the autumn vibes flooding through various corners reveal only remnants of summer. And I’m a bit overzealous at the thought of wearing my fall-ish clothes. If only the climatic indifference (obviously suffering from multiple personality disorder) would make up its mind… and mine!
The social-party inbox prompted a cornucopia of return e-mails, albeit sipping my herbal tea it took, ohhh about a millisecond to wonder and then fully comprehend why English Breakfast tasted horrifically like chicken… next time I must remember to rinse the coffee mug after drinking broth. Sorely embarrassed, but true!

Why do these ridiculous things always happen when I’m feeling less than par, like some kind of sick-girl vendetta or something… lol.

Safely said, these images were shot when I wasn't feeling so death-warmed-over. In the mean time, I'm trying to get over this hellish cold, while the constant reach for tissues has my face clouded in a pillow of white. Ugh.


You are absolutely gorgeous! Cute outfit too, I love the accessories, pearls with the studded belt
gorgeous. i love your outfit, especially the studded belt, pulls it all together perfectly.
Dana (MODAna) said…
awww feel better babe.
I love your boots. They remind me of these Michael Kors I had to leave in a store. I bet they miss me.
Holly said…
Beautiful pictures, even though you're sick :( you are so cool. The boots are great and I really love the bangle action!!

MW said…
youre looking so chic and gorgeous here!
Krystal said…
This is so great, i love it.

The Paper Doll said…
We are having the same issues with weather here!! Why can't it just be sunny and warm and spring-like instead of every thing all at once? It makes choosing an outfit for the day extremely hard!!
Eelie said…
I laughed throughout your post! Multiple personality disorder for the changing weather and the english tea masking itself as chicken flavoured broth. You're really a nong, but in the most pleasant and awesome sort of way haha.

Your outfit is cool. I always look at your piccies and zoom in on your shoes because their always so fab and interesting! Another nice pair today :)

Btw, the psychic made you cry? Why oh WHY? :O
Juaи + said…
Hope you get well soon :)

Love your little boots!

and that pearl necklace fits perfectly!
Bicycle Pirate said…
these last two shots ook so magazine editorial!!
Savvy Mode SG said…
i like the pearls with your outfit. so casual yet so stylish.
Michelle said…
i love these pictures and I'm soooo jelous of your style!!
Anonymous said…
Bella, you are awesome, the coolest most creavtive blogger!!!! Your posts are amazing and i love love love the images.

I check it all the time!I can't wait to see how your blog developes!
The Seeker said…
Love the pearls and the studed belt, it may seem that they're oposite things, but in fact the fusion of both gives a cool style.
Also the booties are great.

And such beutiful pictures dear, beauties as you are!!!

I'm just me said…
Wow! Great photos!
JEYQ said…
your belt is madness.
Anonymous said…
i agree, the belt is studded perfection. Always love checking your blog and seeing what super fantastic outfit you've got on, as well the photog talents and storyline to follow through.
Funky-FiFi said…
Wow! Wonderful outfit ! I love your shoes !

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