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The rest of it...

Wishing everyone a great weekend! Hearts.


stilettostetico said…
"Bella = Dark Rock-ilioucissime BOMBshell whose (uber fantastical) legs (highly) would deserved to be enthroned into Sexy GLAM's (so tempting) Pantheon" ("Beads of sweat") !!!!

à Bientôt, Antoine
BlueVanilla said…
So cute...those clogs are awesome!
Glamour Bbey. said…
Awesome clogs!
Violet said…
have a great weekend. love the rings and those shorts!

Vi from Cali
LittleRachael said…
Lover the shirt and shorts! very cute!

Little Rach
Paper Photography said…
Bella you really are a stunning creature to look this set so much. My gawd your legs are extremely long. Ever model?
notsoChiara said…
Thank You!
hope you have a great weekend too...btw I love your shades
electric feel said…
great outfit, love your clogs!
Wow- really love your outfit you look so stylish! Those clogs are amazing!
sweet said…
oh Bella...great legs I am jealous...I wish I had those pretty yours...

and the clogs are just the perfect foot wear for the outfit...

Kisses my bella!!!!

Halle Anderson said…
Your fashion and blog are truly amazing! Come visit me at
Alex said…
The smiling picture is one of my favorite pictures of you ever, baby! More of that! <3
AnnaMoon said…
Hi! I opened my shop "AnnaMoon"! Come and see! I will be glad to see you! With love from Russia)))
✩blancoy..... said…
love this blog! i follow you, and invite mine :)

Knee Braces said…
Very hot... I just came across your profile on Facebook and saw your blog.
Kristin said…
Those clogs. Like seriously...WOW. Those are amazing!
Rosa said…
I love those clogs... they are amazing
flor said…
Loving the outfit and especially the clogs!
budget chic said…
Wow, those clogs are the business! Love!!

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