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Ars Memoria Toil & Trouble
Alexi Era Gallery Sketch Saturday 


Swoon Get The Lead Out VIII October 28, 2016 
Copycat Violence Stranger Things Auction October 2016
La Bodega Gallery The Little Big Art Show Sept 24-25, 2016
Ars Memoria "Red" August 13- September 24, 2016
La Bodega Gallery HEROES -vs- VILLAINS  July 23, 2016
Corvidae Collective Gallery Arcana June 4- 30 2016
Cell63 | Berlin All dreams continue in the beyond -June 4 – August 30, 2016
'Aestheticism' a beautiful.bizarre curated exhibition at Vanilla Gallery- Tokyo Japan
 'BeMUSEd' (CCV) Penumbra, Portugal
'VENUS'- La Bodega Gallery, San Diego, CA
 'Empathetic'- Alexi Era Gallery March 5 – March 26, 2016– Mascoutah, IL 
Yay! LA Magazine-The Dark Crystal
'The Dark One' - Penumbra, Portugal  
'Geometries' Sally Centigrade, Denver CO


'Bestowed upon Us'- Alexi Era Gallery Nov 21- Dec 31st– Mascoutah, IL
'Interiors' CCV (group show) – Gristle Gallery Trekell – NYC
'Beauties of the Night' (group show) – Alexi Era Gallery – October 24th – Mascoutah, IL 
Yay! LA MAgazine HMAD- American Horror Story Coven- October 2015
'Interiors' CCV (group show) – Gristle Gallery Trekell – NY
'CCV Benefit Auction (group show) –August 15th 
'Gaia' (group show)– Red Raven Gallery – August 1s
'Sticks & Stones' (group show) – CCV Auction 
'Freefall' (group show) – Corvidae Collective Gallery – July 3 – July 31st – TN
'Ghost Stories' (group show) – Penumbra Art Boutique – June 20 – July 20th –Alverca, Portugal
Copycat Violence Auction – May 15th
Custom Skate Deck (group show) – ArtDeckCo Salt Lake City March 27 –29th – Miami, FL


beautiful.bizarre Blanc Noir Issue 007, December 2014 
Arch Enemy Arts Small Wonders, November 7, 2014 
Alexi Era Gallery The Bee's Knees: 100 Postcards for Honey Bees, July 19, 2014 
Swoon Gallery Get The Lead Out IV, November 2013
Mad Art Gallery, St. Louis, August 2, 2013 
The Big Picture Photography Group Exhibition, 2013


beautiful.bizarre Issue 008
Saatchi Art
Wanderer Magazine
Nasty Gal
Artist A Day
Drop Your Art
Art Sanity
Spotlight on Artists
Mug Magazine
Feather of Me
Stylish Pics
FORME Magazine
On1 Culture Magazine
Athenna Design
Sony/Joseph Gordon-Levitt HitRECord rx100ii
Art Nouveau Magazine
The Scribble Project
Nameless Rebellion Magazine
Unicorn Dream Magazine
Malicious Magazine
Kiernan Gallery Exhibition Catalog, The Unreal 2012 
Kiernan Gallery Exhibition Catalog, Between Dusk and Dawn, 2012 


Online Editor | Author - beautiful.bizarre

Kelly Smith Artist Statement upcoming 
Tara McPherson Artist Statement upcoming
Kirsty Mitchell Artist Statement Issue 009
Leilani Bustamante Artist Statement Issue 009
Atsuko Goto Artist Statement Issue 008
Nicoletta Ceccoli Artist Statement -beautiful.bizarre Issue 008
Aaron Nagel Artist Statement -beautiful.bizarre Anniversary Issue
Dilka Bear Artist Statement -beautiful.bizarre Issue 006
Joseph Marr Artist Statement -beautiful.bizarre Issue 007
Art Fundamentals
Mississippi Crow Magazine Issues #7, 8, 10
Estella's Revenge 
Paperdolls Magazine 
Bedtime Stories 
Storiees that Lift
Cornerstone Newspaper


3DTotal Publishing 
OZ Naturals
Vita Sciences
3DTotal Publishing
Kiss Me Organics 
Apothecary Extracts 
Old Factory 
Studio Gear 


Nylon Magazine
Elle Spain
Max Steiner Design 
JC Girls~ 
Forever21 The Skinny
24Blogazine March Cover Girl
Alex & Vina
Daily Style Guide
Face Hunter
Hypeed~ six features
Fashionista 101
DISFunkshion Magazine

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