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Gunmetal Laces

The hillside was far more treacherous than it actually appeared, and even though I didn’t foresee clambering up and down the jagged terrain… my 8-year-old nephew (among others in our brood) got a real kick out of thinking I was some sort of neophyte Pink Power Ranger. Pity I left my blade blaster, metallic armor, and spandex suit at home.

Not sure about spandex, but if you and all your friends want to start your own gang of crime fighting superheros, you'll need some matching outfits... something stylish of course. 

(RTBU sweater, Topshop skirt and Emma Cook boots)


Goldie Locks said…
The boots are awesome and the pink skirt with it definitley gives you a superhero vibe!!
beth said…
OMG Bella, you got the EC boots! How'd you get those? Fierce as ever and the post is hilarious!
I love it <3

prettyneons said…
hey I've got that skirt too!
Exciting, I forget their mass produced these garment's and all ha ha!!
I couldn't resist the vibrant pink:)
bye for now,
PeAce & BoWs...
prettyneons x
Darrah said…
The splash of pink is the perfect amount!
Anonymous said…
Superhero HOT.
vicen said…
Nice look, good photos.
Thanks for everything, my friend forever.
Many kisses Bella.
sika. said…
i love all your shoes collection.
i swear!.

and, i like the outfit you wore in ur last post.

Abigail said…
Love this skirt with these boots, it's a nice contrast and makes your legs look killer! x
issa said…
ooh love the pop of pink.. and those boots!!! YUM
not the biggest fan of pink but, girl.. you make it LOOK GOOOOOD ;)
Eri said…
Hey gorgeous, you look great in pink! I love that cardi too, see you soon.
stilettostetico said…
Woooooow I really would like to be attacked by a "HOT-issime Girlie Power Ranger" as You !!!!!!

à Bientôt, Antoine
Genevieve said…
Those shoots! My god. I need those
You have the Emmas too!!??!

*keels over*

Love the skirt, Bella. So fresh and fun.
joshylola said…
Nice skirt, and faboulous white vintage dress :-D
Ms. Butta-fly said…
On ebay was the Emma Cook boots. $145...I was jonsing for them, unfortunately my wallet wasn't.
Lainey said…
Aaahhh, every time I see those emma cook boots-I die!!! I tell you! Die!!! You look awesome!!!
I Like Stuff said…
It should go without saying that I'm suicidally jealous of your Emma Cook boots...where pray tell, did you manage to find them? Ebay?
Allison said…
Ooh, those boots with that skirt is perfection! And seriously, do your legs ever stop?! You look lovely, darling Bella.
DaisyChain said…
You are so fierce.
I love your shoe collection is magnificent.xoxo
marissa said…
Does your style have have a day off? And now you have THE BOOTS!!
So so so jealous, but you look amazing dear.
I agree with one of the other comments, your last post is killer. tried to leave you a realy long comment like this but couldn't. hahaha loved the chains over you heels.

tanya said…
I love how you added that particular skirt for the gorgeous pop of pink!
Hanako66 said…
You look fabulous....I love the pink that those boots are great!
Delmy said…
pure AWESOME! I love the pink with those boots! You look hot!
this is so hottt bella!!!!

I want your shoes and skirt, especially those
E M M A C O O K S H O E S !


Rachel Lynne said…
you never fail to impress me!
Your humor and boots just made my day!
with love,
rachel lynne
Leni said…
sweetness i'm checking out your blog all the time! I have you on my bloglovin account!!!!!
Allie said…
Emma Cooks on every blog today, I swear! But I'm still loving them.
La Mode is Rad! said…
So hot!!

I can't even say what I like the most!
Savvy Mode SG said…
absolutely adore the pink skirt.
TheMinx said…
Lately you've been rocking the most amazing shoes, girl! I love the grey with the hot pink, so rad :)
givemepills said…
HAHAHA power ranger writer girl + micro mini + boots = fucking rad.
givemepills said…
HAHAHA power ranger writer girl + micro mini + boots = fucking rad.
Cinthia said…
Thanks for the comment.
I love the skirt color!!
bumble gum pink look so great with Black...Lovely week gorgeouss!
phamzy said…
great outfit! i like the idea of having a pink skirt! those booties are a pair to die for!
stephanie said…
oh lady,
you look fantastic!
so jealous of your topshop emmma cooks!

i'll lust after those forever!!

love the skirt! gorgeous on you!!
CultureCynic said…
pink and black is always a favourite!!! the pop of colour will brighten any how u paired it with the rugged boots and setting.. so bella!!
Dane said…
I love the skirt! And you have like the longest legs in the universe. ♥
chloe said…
your outfit is such an adorable combination!
Frou Flu said…
Bella, you look amazing as always. Everytime I comment I feel like I sound redundant because I say the same thing all the time but you truly do:) That pink skirt is so cute and I love that you wore it with a shredded sweater:)
Anonymous said…
You had me when you made pink look good!
Cathy Voyage said…
The boots are just so great and together with the skirt you could be the new superwoman!
GEMA said…
Thanks Bella ... how much clothing you have! must have a room just for clothes. I'm looking for a jacket similar to your previous post. Kisses
Sweet Things said…
dream shoes!!
Ediot said…
the hot pink skirt is really hot! hope your tuesday is fantastic!
J.Yo said…
LOL! the 8 year old nephew of yours is quite funny! i love the vibrant pink too!
Eeli said…
Why do you always look so damn awesome GAHHHHHHHHH! Pink power ranger indeed! I liked the yellow myself lol. Your nephew and I could so get along haha

Love your boots!
Forêt noire said…
Such a lovely pink skirt! It spices up the black. Agree with Darrah "a splash of pink is the perfect amount"!
K@terina B. said…
intense skirt..!!! yaooza!!!
jessica said…
definitely a neophyte pink powerranger .
the emma cook boots !?! where oh wehere did you acquire such beauties ?
waaa, you are a beautiful flower and you took the sun out of the clouds:)
hope you're doing well and you had a great weekend!miss hearing from you!
be loved!!!

Adela said…
i love how you paired the girly pink skirt with the tough lace-up boots!
Franco said…
gawd I love you,
super awesome.
no words
Jennifer said…
I am in love with this skirt paired with those boots! Love love love! XOXO
I wanted to put your shoes in my WANTS collage/list thingy, but couldn't find them online. Where can I purchase some?? :)

PS: Your legs look ahhhmazing in them, too!

DamaDeNegro said…
wow...........saying that i love the boots is not saying anything.... and that pink plugged in!!!! i looooooooooooooooooove it!

i give you a 10.

xxxx from Spain!
Fashioneando said…
This week you are one of the candidates of the blogger best dressed. You can vote in my blog. ;)
jamie clare said…
gorgeous skirt, i love that shade.

the emma cook boots, between you and rumi, are haunting me in my sleep
Violet said…
the girly touch of pink is so cute!!

Vi from Cali
maggie said…
thanks for the good luck wishes! i love your boots!!! you look stunning, especially your longgggg ravenous hair<3
proudly says, said…
hi bella!
what a yummy-yum yum pink skirt!
and as always you look so H-O-T!
camerafilmroll said…
Feminine pink!
Definitely looking out for a pink skirt for Spring!
beauty pink!
Victoria C said…
I LOVE the skirt and am totally lusting after you boots. Agh gorgeous
PAM said…
gorgeous, thanks for always leaving some wonderful comments :) ... and this post is just sooo wonderful! ilove the color POP!
Denise said…
bella! i love that skirt, plus photos are so pretty.

have a great day!
Rand said…
the pink is so cute!!lovely
nice sweater too!
Anonymous said…
as always great pictures! ;)
I've linked you, okay?
xoxo Caro.
Irène said…
Wow. Did you on my Blogroll. (:
Blan said…
the skirt is fab. You're so pretty and cool. And love your boots!
lauren said…
HAHAHAHA power ranger- awesome post!!!!
You have such a amazing sense of humor and writing Bella, and all this style. Love the pink, you and those Emma Cook Boots! I really ned a pair!

kisses to ou alwys XOXOXOXO
Ariella said…
That pink skirt looks fabulous with the rest of the outfit! Such an eye-catcher!
Cas Ruffin said…
Those shoes are tops. And you just gave me some nostalgia for Kimberly. Those were the days.
Siljesfashion said…
The pink skirt is so summery and fresh. Nicely done!
hehe, it's always funny when onlookers get really curious about what your doing. Like taking photos of yourself is something odd to do. Looking great Lady!

jess s//hippiefroufrou
Lilpixie said…
great boots!
Laura said…
I love the pink in combination with the black!
How are you?
x Laura
LJ said…
love the emma cooks!
xx-LJ from SOS!
Nemerae said…
That skirt has a shocking colour :P
Oh and I absolutely love all your outfits in the previous post, specially the ones in black&white =)
tyler said…
She's got legs!!
great foot wear

the crumpet girls
oh my god--even more amazing than usual! i love how the pink could easily look trashy, but you make it look so chic xo
Nika said…
pretty skirt!
michelle said…
That skirt is a gorgeous color! I just want to say thank you so much for the comment on my last post, definitely helped me~ :)
Thanks, yeah I was hoping it would make for a good debut outfit :) can't wait to wear them again. By the way, can you please please please email me the info on your Cooks?

Ayla said…
that pink skirt is screaming my name
xo babe
Retromus-ik said…
Yet another outfit I adore! Love the boots especially!
Carlotta said…
love this outfit!! I aore the bootss I'm looking for them but in Italy I can't find a pair :(
Maxie said…
GOOD GOD! this is my favourite look from you this far. The neon skirt + EC boots = So amazing

daring choice such a short neon pink skirt, but you can pull this off like no other
Twiggy Mod said…

the most beautiful blogger I ever did see.

however its not fair, you are perfection missus, its a good job i love alot- i think its keeping the jealousy at bay.

Blood Roses said…
aw the boots work really well with the pink skirt. cute!
B. said…
I need I want I OMG!!!!
YOur skirt!!!!!
YOur shoeeees!
Girl you have an amazing style i love all your looks ! =)
stilettostetico said…
I really like the idea of the "social armor" you evokes in your last article . . . OR Style in all its symbolic dimension !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine
lauren said…
L O V E T H I S!!!!!

Ahhh, and the "Mood Machine" post above is killing me!

It's killing me! RAD!!

Couture Carrie said…
You look GORgeous, B! Love the skirt, and those boots are incredible!

Love the boots! A great way to toughen up the pretty girly skirt! :) x
Wow Bella, those awesome Emma Cook boots make your legs look stellar.

I also love your bright pink skirt. Definitly one of my favorite colors at the moment.

I so enjoy reading your as you are one of the amazing writer-blogger.

PS. Thanks for the sweet comment...happy you like the shots!!
W. said…
I read your blog daily, soooo glad you're updating more but I'm a first time commenter and have to say that you really deserve a bigger spotlight. AND that's a stellar move by scoring the Emma Cook boots. Also, wanted to agree with the last comment, you really are an amazing writer-blogger. Love it Bella. :)

wow. the setting rocks. love the pink. I am just too pale for wearing it...sigh Maegan said…
love the contrast!!! fab boots!!! HOT HOT HOT! :)
Summer said…
Love those boots..;D
They're to die for boots.;D

Cris Lazoru said…
You have the maddest sunglasses! And I love your fringed jacket

May Kasahara said…
emma cook!!!!!!!!!!

you look fucking amazing. I always can't wait until you post up with commenting - and I have all these things to say - and then I just go blank and all I have is . . .


i love you that is all.

* * *
kelse said…
You have such a great, unique sense of style, I love it
Solo said…
I'm really amaze bout your style.You are truly gorgeous person.;D
Love ya girl.;)
I wanted to comment your rock or punk inspiration post but there wasn´t room.Well love all your post.Have a good weekend!
June Paski said…
love ur boots!!!
Miss G* said…
Your pink skirt look so great!! Love the color!
Hi :)

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electric feel said…
love the black and then the colour explosion pink!! very cool combination!
Anonymous said…
Hi Bella, i had already commented on ur Chic blog but i would not mind to let u know how gorgeous u r in these pics. I want all those spiky studded stuffs of the above entry, AMAZING!

Cindiddy said…
u look awesome!!!, love the pink skirt!
out of the mist said…
Cute outfit!!!
Love that combo colour...on you...
You look soooo sexyyyy!!!
Rebecca said…
such a good outfit, i love the boots too!
i cant stop admiring your hair, im sure i say it on every comment, but i love it xxx
Anonymous said…
Oooh, I love this look! I adore the vibrant color of the pink skirt against that black sweater, which looks so comfy! And the shoes are so fab!
sarah said…
amazing shoes as usual!!
Chloe said…
The boots, and the skirt aree AMAZING!
LaMimi said…
Hey darling!
You look gorgeous as always:) I'm loving the neon pink on you, it works well against your tanned skin:)
budget chic said…
Girly and rough, yeah that's what up lady! You work it well!
Anika said…
What is with all the Emma Cook boots showing up on the internet suddenly (and yes, take that as jealousy, I really want a pair :).

The grey pair is divine on you m'dear and I think they are one of my faves of yours. Just fab!

Also, love your newest post. Everything appeals to me, everything. Lol!

have a fabulous week, bellisima!
Canadian Girl said…
I tag you for an award!
the link
Anonymous said…
That skirt is amazing !!
It's fantastic how un-Barbie you make it look !
Miss Eve said…
Bella you look gorgeous in that pink skirt!!!
Violet said…
hope u dont mind me using this outfit for a pink post ill credit

Vi from Cali
Anonymous said…
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