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what rushes beneath us is a mystery

Rhapsodize. Rips. Reminiscing. Rosaries. Reveries. Sundries. Studs. Summer. Silk. Shorelines.

(Zara dress, Seashell ~worn as ring~ that Alex found in the ocean, BrooklynThread and Egyptian bracelets, Jeffrey Campbell wedge sandals, F21 rosary)



stilettostetico said…
Mmh Mmh AND these pictures sound very "Mystical BOMBshell whose dizzy Sex Appeal is easily/mischievously shining on Florida Territory" !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine
love all the pics from your trip! did you guys get to say hello to lincoln road for me? :)
Anonymous said…
Amazing yet again!
Anonymous said…
those shorts are amaziing, where are they from??

AnnaMoon said…
Stunning views of the ocean! )))
peggy said…
oh love the dress!
Alex said…
Ahhh...these make me feel like we're right back there again! I love you.
A sea shell for a ring ....I adore you more everyday (if only there was a beach in London :/
I love the shawl as well, it look's so pretty and simply. Great photo's. Have a fab weekend and Friday night events xxxx
night writer said…
i love the look, the t-shirt sublime!
Miami? Beautiful outfit lovely shorts badass

X Ari
Style Porn said…
I want to be there. Right now.
Caylie said…
I need those wedges. The background looks amazing.

Love the blog by the way. Following you ;)

Violet said…
what a view!.... and the city behind you looks nice too lol

love the shorts!

Vi from Cali
michelle said…
you always look stunning. the zara dress is perfect on you. i've seen it on a few other bloggers, but it really suits your style. amazing blog Bella.

Love your blouse! And what a marvellous view! ;-D
I say one word: PERFECT. Love the whole outfit so much and the background is beautiful. Like your blog. I hope you'll become a follower of my blog.
Meho M said…

those shorts are still as hot as ever!

Meho xx
Lauren said…
Bella you are gorgeous!
sweet said…
I cannot believe that those are just ordinary shells that you found at the beach...

love the shorts and everything!!!

just beautiful!!!

take care love
Fashion Tidbits said…
love your new header
TiffanyMonet said…
I love your shorts..Studds rock!
Tegan said…
The things I would do to get near your shoe collection...
love that top so fucking much

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