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beside shards that rise and limbs that bend.

Photos by Bella & Mindy
Half-light. Grass-growing park benches. Mirrored images. Textured leather. Echoing laughter. Railroad track romping. Fragmented metal. Wood burning sunglasses. Alex. Summer denim. Orange traffic cones. Silver architecture. Fabric rings. Queen Elizabeth inspired rhinestones. 5 inches. Rebellious locks. One fairy flower.
The end.
(Cynthia Rowley sunglasses, Nordstrom tights, Forever 21 tank dress, necklace, and ring, Miss Me jacket, Vicini wedge platforms. On Alex: Dior Homme belt and shoes, Kris Van Assche shirt, Neil Barrett jeans, Levis sunglasses)


Love these pics! Those wedges are mega amazing!

You look fab, lady!!

xo, becs
Lauren said…
fucking love you bella!!
Michelle Elaine said…
Great photos! The last photo of you reminds me a tad of Gaga.

revital said…
the necklace is simply amazing!
Zepequeña said…
Great pictures!

chica pinup said…
thank you for the photos is so gorgeous!! I like the clothes your wear. I´m from seville and follow you.
I would like to visit my blog and have contacts
Georgia said…
I love a necklace with a good length of pendants on it, if you know what I mean..
It would be mine
Oh, your shoes are awesome :)
ediot said…
i really like these photos. you look great bella.hope youre having a wOnderful week

xx ediot
Anonymous said…
Always a bella, Bella. Gorgeous
Alex said…
I was writing a comment, and it just sucked, so now I just want to say I love you, the photos of you, the photos of us, and being on your blog with you. Let's go to the store! ;)
Dylana Suarez said…
Awesome shoes and love the necklace!
Natasha said…
Gorgeous photographs as always! xxx
Mariel said…
Such cool wedges!
Megan Hawley said…
incredible shoes!
Wrecked Stellar said…
Great photos! Love the shot of the sunglasses mixed in with the sticks- you look fabulous in all the shots too :) xo, mel
annamargrete said…
love the shoes and the sunglasses <3
Alanna said…
those shoes and sunglasses are amazing!
crazy for denim!
Anonymous said…
LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!
Dane said…
Youre much too cool for school. The shoes are fab!
Keith said…
Great photos. You look fantastic. I really like that outfit.
Anonymous said…
you're so fucking beautiful
you're so fucking beautiful
you're so fucking beautiful
you're so fucking beautiful
you're so fucking beautiful
you're so fucking beautiful
you're so fucking beautiful
Anonymous said…
you're so fucking beautiful
you're so fucking beautiful
you're so fucking beautiful
you're so fucking beautiful
you're so fucking beautiful
you're so fucking beautiful
you're so fucking beautiful
These pictures are abso-fucking-lutely insane !
Esp the pictures that focus on the sunglasses.
Very creative indeed.
I love what you're wearing!
The necklace is simply fabulous :)

Jgalvin said…
I love love love these photos!
I like the hidden sunglasses in some of the pictures!
Vic said…
your sun glasses are so cool

Lil Landy said…
I'm so in love w/ those wedges!!
Anika said…
Fantastic set of pics, beautiful girl. Love the pics of the boy too....

And the shoes? To dye for!

Check out my blog for my latest giveaway....there may be shoes involved

And have a great week :)
Sydnie said…
Love the sunglasses on the shoes! Great pictures, Bella!
chichichic said…
love the shoes... so cool!


Karoline said…
Great glasses!
Yolanda Sotos said…
I think i'm in love of the shoes
Vina said…
the wedges are cool! i like the round sunglasses too! not much ppl could pull off a round sunglasses but you've done it well!
G. said…
Beautiful sunglasses and shoes!

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