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You'll find us amongst the fields of light

Considering the original destination for this set of pictures has since transformed into a future development site, swarming with what my friend incessantly referred to as ‘sweaty construction dudes’, we nixed the idea and pressed forward. Insert operation plan B.

After several minutes of semi-deliberation fading into the background of the Eagles Hotel California, we ended up on an obscure road that led only to fields of corn and unexplainable light falling over us like curtains. But finally, my sharp-shoulder infatuation has been commemorated.

(Queen's Wardrobe Long Devil T with added DIY shoulder pads, Forever 21 skirt, Colin Stuart ankle boots)


Ediot said…
ah. those shoulders! power! you kind of remind me of some actionfigurine here...anyways you always bring new exciting great!
Stunning! And I love those ankle boots!
Pinky said…
Love the shoulders! And I am so pissed I missed out on the Colin Stuart booties =/
Anonymous said…
Your writing is fucking cool and so are those DIY shoulder pads!
You look amazzzzzing Bella!
anacecilia said…
wow! the shoulder pads are fierce!! you pull this off so well! this is hot!!!
diane said…
You did that yourself??!! OMG, you could design. Maybe you already do, I don't know. So cool Bella. I'm blown away.
You are always sooo amazing!
Eden said…
bella, those shoulders are SICK. wow. i'd snatch them in aheartbeat. but i swear, you would be one of the few who can pull it off!

love always
Stunning shoes!!!
Wow. Those are some intense shoulders.. Very nice!

You should check out my blog!
Jessie said…
Wow this is one of the coolest diys I've seen! I love the look haha it's so fun and it looks great on you! I'm adding you to my links if that's okay =) xx Jessie
Dane said…
What a great DIY! Ahhhh youre too awesome!
Summer said…
Awesome! You always amaze us every time you show new outfits.=D

A Writers Den
Brown Mestizo
Marcella said…
Absolutely smouldering in the b&w closeup, Bella. The DIY looks seamless, done to absolute perfection!

Oh, and yes, I too have learnt you always need a plan B.
JINX said…
you've been JINXED...

GlamDistrict said…
Obscure road indeed! Love the look!!!!
Lainey said…
Wow, those shoulder pads are insane! I mean, that must have took a lot of time and effort. But you look great as always. You can never go wrong with all black.
those shoulder are stunning! so sexy on you!love the little skirt too^^)
Suzanne said…
amazing top of course! you almost look dangerous now, haha :)
Basyon said…
Love the top. And those shoulders, awesome Bella. Love love..;D

Stories from a Teenage Mom
Mom On the Run
Susu said…
I'm new on your blog... Looks nice:) Your boots are jewels! Black is truly back, even in Paris!
cody said…
you look so stunning.
love those boots<3
xx cody
NICK said…
amazing.. really really amazing..
you made a deep impression me.
i can't stop saying "amazing"
you're absolutely amazing!!!

Barcelonette said…
wow your tshirt is amazing! wonderful shoulders!
Oh wauw, you look stunning!
Great DIY project, your ankle boots are pretty! I would like to exchange our shoe collection =P
Glamour Bbey said…
Love the shoulders and the boots!
Wanderlusting said…
Amazing...your hair, those shoulders, those shoes! Just watch out for that car!!

X0x0 Lusty
Great outifit, the rings are incredible.
sammie said…
i love the shoulder pads! and your boots are gorgeous :)
rossovelvet said…
You're the most beautiful and stylish 'bat' I've ever seen x)

You just ROCK my dear !
Miss said…
Those shoulderpads look stunning!
I love your heels, as always!:)
andyour hair too. It's seriously silky!:)
stilettostetico said…
Mmmh I really like the way these so dramatic shoulder pads powerfully sublimate your Bewitching side . . . a fortiori with such a "Total Black" style which naturally suits you perfectly !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine
Kasia said…
Amazing! Those shoulder pads are fierce!
Babe, you look unbelievable!It is definitely the season when the designers focus on shoulders!No surprise that you did an amazing job again!
I hope you are doing great, I missed hearing from you, it's always a joy when you tell me how things are going for you:)
Have a great weekend!

lauren said…
Hanako66 said…
freaking out over your boots and that may be the coolest diy of this fall! have a wonderful weekend love!
Fierce!! You look amazing in those shoulders! I love the black miniskirt and boots!! xxoxoxo
Fashionography. said…
great pictures!
Rose said…
Hey, just come across your blog. Your outfits are so gorgeous, i love how you mix vintage with new!

June Paski said…
I love the shoulder pads on ur top, you should make a tutorial how to make it :)

yes I will sell the similiar things,I will let you know when my store is already done :)

lets keep in touch

June Paski said…
I love the shoulder pads on ur top, you should make a tutorial how to make it :)

yes I will sell the similiar things,I will let you know when my store is already done :)

lets keep in touch

Rand said…
awesome awesome awesome
Yuka said…
loving the shoulderpads!

the leopard print booties in the post i did previously are a brand called the highest heels. it was a random ebay find.
mmmm summer black <3 love the title!
Gorgeous!!!!!!!the sixth pictute is PERFECT!!!i loveee those shoulders..and the shoes are stunning!!!
totallu ROCK outfit!!!
kisses Bella
Denise said…

love it. You totally pulled it off.
stitchbitch said…
Way cool pics! Totally awesome. Love these shots. You must search the country to find such extraordinary places to take your pictures. There isn't anyplace near me to see trees except in planters. You look, in all sincerity, furturistic. What a way to balance your outfit--pointed shoulders and mini skirt. I am Loving it. ;)
¶ M said…
loving those shoulders! love it

gave you an award♥
Nerdic.. said…
The ankleboots! Killer!!
X, fashion-nerdic.
Velo said…
wow shoulder padded dress! cool!
i love it... =)
love ur black hair, girl.. =D
Sydnie said…
Those shoes are prettier than anything! Love the all black; you look so classy! PS: you have one of my favorite blogs and I check it out all the time, even though I hardly comment! I should definately comment you more.

Jessica said…
I love those strong shoulders!!! An amazing all black outfit! Fabulous ankle boots! =)
Anonymous said…
Total aces Bella! xoxo
Anonymous said…
Total aces Bella! xoxo
Mel Carrey said…
Look at you and that structured piece! and that gorgeous hair! and those shoes <3 perfecto ox
bella you look so beautiful.. =)

btw, my chloe blazer already sold..
btw i ship international =)

love your ankle boots dear =)
camerafilmroll said…
Ooh this is so Martin Margiela/Gareth Pugh-ish!
Anika said…
Fab outfit, m'dear.
And those shoulder pads? I die.
Seriously obsessed over Balmain-esque power shoulders and power dressing in general.
Will have to dig out the shoulder pads and transform tops I own, me thinks.

And hey hey to the CS studded booties.
Love :)

Have a fab weekend bellisima!
FashionJazz said…
Bella babe, u look amazing, soo amazing!!! I luv this! xxx
Marie-Louise said…
those shoulder pads are KILLER! my jaw dropped when i saw them- this is just incredible.
Jenny said…
Ahhhhh I love the DIY T-shirt! Absolutely perfect.
OOOH this look is so fierce! I loveeeeee :)

The Seeker said…
WOW those shoulders are sooooooooooo great!!!!!!!!!
How did you do it?????????

All the best gorgeous

Rianna Bethany said…
Crazy shoulders, looks good however!
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxx
Elizabeth Marie said…
Ummm THIS IS WHY I LOVE YOU. Actually, for many more reasons, but those shoulders? I die.

I miss you! We need to catch up!! XO
Violet said…
the shoulder confections are SICK!!!! lol i love them

Vi from Cali
Carissa said…
superbs! from shoulders to your shoes! I love it! looks great!!
budget chic said…
Very cosmic look, pushing the envelope and I like it!
rachel said…
that's such an awesome DIY! the shoulder trend is def one of my faves

♡ R

i've moved to a new address, click to :)
electric feel said…
oh my lord.....thos shoulders!
SMOKING HOT! Love this whole outfit!
bananas. said…
love the shoes and your post title :)
Miss Neira said…
the shoulders? the boots? femme fatale..gorgeous!
Twobreadsplease said…
The shoulders are that top are Killer, i'm in awe. x
hmmm....kind of batlike....very futuristic....i can dig it!
clo said…
i swear i would kill for these ankle boots!!!
Cris Lazoru said…
OH MY GOD! your shoulders have the power

J'Adore Fashion said…
ah those shoulders are too fab! those boots are great, i have then and love them!!!
have a nice week dear!
You look amazing Bella! Wow, wow, wow. Fab job on the shoulder pads.

xo, Becs
mom & son said…
bella, those shoulders are really fierce!
i adore it so much, bella!
wow...what a cool top you have!!! and that shoulder pads rock, big time!
omg those shoulders are incandescant!!! EPIC!!! i kind of know how you feel about sweaty gross men staring while you are TRYING to create!

that is why i rarely shoot in public anymore! it's like um HELLO...working here! quit staring!

LOVELY photos! it looks effortless and very very chic!
Jess said…
those are a great pair of boots!

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