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Copper Etiquette Dress Giveaway!

For a while now, these pretty little dresses have been on my wish list, and I'm really excited to share the news that together with Copper Etiquette, we're giving one away! So here's your chance to win a beautiful new dress to compliment your summer wardrobe!

Here's what you'll need to do to be eligible for the giveaway:

1. Simply post a comment telling us which dress you would wear. They might even feature snapshots of you wearing it later on!
3. Leave your name + Facebook name + e-mail address so that you can be contacted should you win!

*This contest is open to both US and International residents. The winner will be announced in one week so don't miss out... enter now!*


emmalouise_x said…
love dont mak me blush and tiers! gorgeous colours for summer!!

Emma Bird, Emma Bird on facebook,

beautiful blog sweetie! xxx
Danielle said…
If I have to be honest, I love them all! I will enjoy wearing each one of them, but my personal favorites are Tiers and Don't make me blush! So sensual and cute and girly, but not too much...just perfect!

Daniela Todorova, Daniela Todorova on Facebook,
Nina said…
I love Don't Make Me Blush!

Irina Sagarbarria
Niña Sagarbarria on Facebook
irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

Angela Sison said…
I would choose Blue Skies...I love the flow of the's so ethereal! Love everything about it!

Name: Angela E. Sison
Facebook Name: Angela Sison
Email add:
Kori Donahue said…
Enter me please! I'd wear the blue skies! Hope you had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend honey!

I'm having an amazing giveaway! I'd love you to check it out and enter to win. Stop by and see. Have a great day! Kori xoxo
niki said…
I loooooove the Blue Skies! ♥

name: niki
facebook: Nikolett Kancsár
free de lulu said…
Anonymous said…
This is exciting! I can see myself wearing the Blue Skies dress. It's beautiful,it looks very comfortable & I love the color!

Beth, Beth Lion Merrell,
Bumblebee said…
i love blue skies! i think it would work perfectly with my pregger belly :).

Shantay Juul,Shantay Nicole Juul on Facebook,
Angelina said…
I love blue skies! it is really amazing!

Angelina S.
Just Angelina on facebook
Anonymous said…
Amazing contest!
fisiwoman said…
I love Tiers dress!!

Ana Belén R.M
fisiwoman at hotmail dot com
Anonymous said…
mu favourite is tiers
name: alicia b f
my name in facebook is Aliciaa Barrientos

Nazeefa Fatima said…
I'd love to wear 'Dot Matrix Dress' =)

Name: Nazeefa
Facebook name: Nazeefa
Avz Reambonanza said…
Name: Avz Reambonanza
Facebook name: Avz Reambonanza
email address:

The Don't Make Me Blush dress would be really perfect as a summer dress!

I have now liked Copper Etiquette on facebook. And your blog is really nice BTW!
Meisari said…
I really like all of them! I don't mind to wear any of them, because they're all fantastic :) but if I have to choose, I'll pick Tiers. wear this for summer will be great!

Meisari Alfirdousy, Meisari Nadiya Alfirdousy on facebook,
Aly said…
I would wear "Love don't make me blush" It is like a 3 in 1 dress. You can wear it for all different occasions and I love that.
Aly Warwick/FB:RightUp YourAly/
Thomasina said…
I'd wear the Tiers dress. So cute!
Thomasina Martin, Thomasina Martin for facebook
i love them all but blue skies is probably my favorite!

liked on fb! (littleassemblyrequired)
Aglolga said…
I love Tiers dress:). It's so beautiful and I love the layers. It's perfect for Summer. To be honest I don't have a facebook page, but I hope I can enter even without that. Can I? Thank you for a chance!
Agloga you sure can just leave your first and last name:)
Chihiro said…
Though I cannot participate because I am a Japanese, I like pink dresses.
Aglolga said…
Thank you so much! I am so happy!:)I'm Olga Szargan.
Jeyd said…
All of them are beautiful! but I really love Blue Skies because it fits better to my body type and I love the color!
Jessica Dominguez
Facebook: Jessica Dominguez
Staci said…
Don't make me blush
Staci Klinginsmith
Deb K said…
Don't Make Me Blush is too cute!

Like you on FB~Deb S

Anonymous said…
I love the dress Tiers! Very cute! I would love to wear the dress because it's fun and sassy!
Facebook: Natalie Hays
Jill said…
I love Tiers - you don't often see rich, earthy colors used in such a feminine design. They're all darling, but Tiers would be my pick.
Ashley said…
I think the Tiers dress is beautiful! So versatile!

They're all adorable! I like the Don't ake me blush the best though!

Alice C.

fa11enan9e1 at yahoo dot com
Jessica said…
I choose the Don't Make Me Blush dress. It's the perfect feminine and girly confection!

Jessica Changsao on facebook
Cyanide Beauty said…
i love blue skies! the design looks great and somewhat dramatic. <3

hana abello / hana abello on facebook /

super love this giveaway! thank you :)
Cindy said…
I absolutely ADORE the Tiers dress! So pretty and chic!
Cindy said…
Oops forgot..

I like copper etiqette on FB.

Cindy Batchelor
RachaeL. C said…
I would love to wear "Don't Make me Blush"! It's a sweet & lovely dress :)

Rachael Chan
Rachael Chan on Facebook

Elizabeth Marie said…
DARLING. I miss you so. I just saw this on the good ole' fb, and had to comment..don't make me blush is EVERYTHING.

Love you to the moon and back xo

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