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Mothman's silk

Just the other day...
(Target fedora and ring, X2 Denim Laboratory, Secondhand eagle t-shirt, Hot Topic rose ring, BCBGirls sandals)


stitchbitch said…
Ohh Bella, you are, without exception, beautiful. The outfit is awsome and the Silk Moth is so unusual. That you could actually get up close enough to hold it in your hands and photograph it is outrageous! Totally amazing as always! :) Hope you had a fantastic weekend.
très belle (in french), MAGNIFIco!^^
$ouLphate said…
that fedora has to be the greatest thing, ive been looking for one this whole spring and summer.. and i still havent got one =( now summers almost over -.- anyway great pics hunn!
Anonymous said…
oh even rocked w/ just tee and the amazing pic of you holding the moth...
Elizabete said…
Love the hat & heels.& that tattoo is cute. :)
Dannie said…
im looooving your fedora and your laid back, vintage cool poses ;)))
the color of your shirt is also great!
Miss said…
wow, love that outfit, i can't belive you look amazing in just jeans and a tee too!:)

That spider/butterfly thing really creeps me out tho!:)
electric feel said…
Bella this is my fav outfit and my fav location ever! You look so amazing! And the pic with the butterfly is breathtaking!

by the way...i changed my blog address, make sure you'll update it on your blogroll

thanks and grettings from germany
camerafilmroll said…
I love the first shot!
like the old tee and hat ;)
bananas. said…
i love this look. so casual and cool. i need that fedore btw, like now.
Charlie C said…
love the outfit and camera angles
the moth creeps me out tho lol
Joe said…
butterflies rock! :D
Anonymous said…
Great outfit and lovely pictures!
Hippiegirl said…
beautiful, i love your shirt!
so rock-chic :)
Damsels said…
beautiful pictures .that moth is kind of scary but looks neautiful in your hands
I seriously cannot believe that's real! Not only are you very brave, if-I-do-say-so-myself, but those photos are amazing! I love the cardboard boxes in the back. You always find the coolest places to do your photoshoots!
Nerdic.. said…
Like the heels..
x, fashion-nerdic.
mika said…
you look great with this hat and pants!
Dane said…
I love everything about this outfit.. but most of all the shirt. You never fail to amaze me.. and the shot with the moth is just beautiful.
Anonymous said…
Love the hat ^^
stilettostetico said…
Mmmmh Actually your Fedora's "Al Capone-esque" vibrancy is full of such an intense evocation's Power, especially in this mysterious context !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine
kelse said…
amazing photos, moths are one of my favourite creatures. good hair. x
Sher said…
love this outfit! the hat ties it all together
karuliine said…
cool outfit!
i really like the photos, all this blue mood there - colors, places...awesome!
lauren said…
You're holding it! Love that you incorporate other things into your post to make them even more fabulous! Bella really have one of the TOP blogs, and oh you look HOT in those jeans btw.
Christen said…
Perfect simplicity. I love it!
sexyinthecity said…
You looks great darling!
Allie said…
I love it! Really like this look for you.
Sooo L.A. said…
hi! i love your outfit, very relaxed yet super chic!

i LOVE the fedora, you have awesome style!

btw, do go check out my blog when you get a chance. i tagged you for an award!

Jill Pilgrim said…
Love the jeans! Gorgeous!
Anonymous said…
I'll say it..I'm jealous okay! lol.
thesydneygirl said…
wow the butterfly is
beautiful! and ♥ing ur
hat!!! xxx
June Paski said…
ur so stunning, and i love the butterfly, it's so pretty :)

InnyVinny said…
How did you get that moth in your hands??!
Wow!! Absolutely perfect.
Summer said…
Oh my! Love the first photo. Amazing shot! And i like it. =D And your outfit looks so rock! =D

Writers Den
Brown Mestizo
NICOLE said…
Holy HOT in those white trousers, graphic tee + fedora. You're killing it Bella! XOXO
you are still hot as eva! the moth is weird.

PS stop by my new blog when you have a chance :)
Annie Spandex said…
Cool shirt and cool jeans!
Kristin said…
Ahhhhhhhh, that crazy freaky movie with Richard Gere is in my head now! That being look fabulous as always!
Sweet Things said…
i love that shirt!!
Cathy Voyage said…
The hat looks fantastic on you!
Oh dear, I am hoping you're doing great!The photos are getting more and more interesting:)
You look amazing in white pants!
Take care and hope hearing from you soon!

Marcella said…
Loving the revamp on the site Bella, simplistic to offset all your mesmerizing posts.

And that moth is incredible! What was it doing at a cardboard recyling place??
zupu said…
Sei davvero bella!
Lovely pics and your look is fab!
Allegra said…
looove this outfit
diane said…
The 2nd to the last photograph is ideal in many ways. The colors, pose, and placement. If I was you, I would keep that one and frame it. xo
Eden said…
glad to note that one of my favorite bloggers is fantastic and beautiful as ever! thank you so much for not forgetting me in my hiatus. can't wait to catch up with your blogposts!

much love
Anonymous said…
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neira said…
love those pants!! and those photos are remarkable!
meredith said…
awesome shots today! i love the insect and cardboard additions! white pants too....
Tyler said…
so effffffing hot!
Shin said…
Ahh..Bella! Always so chic! I love your hat..been searching for one just like that. The butterfly is so pretty! I wish I could hold in in my hand too! xxoxoxo
loft in soho said…
I love the pic with the butterfly is so lovely!
You look amazing dear, and the location is stunning!

really feeling your t-shirt. wow the picturee with the moth in your hand is amazing.
Basyon said…
Oh goodness! You really look good on it Bella. ;D Hope to see more of this. have a good day. ;D You always inspired me on your styles. ;D
Italo said…
Your photos are always amazing! It's better than read a magazine (it's cheaper as well :D)
PS: ciao bella!
Style by T said…
Cool outfit!
Anonymous said…
hi bella! rad photos- outfit rocks and so do the backgrounds!
Anika said…
Oh beautiful....the colours are stunning, so crisp and inviting.
The outfit is perfection.
And the background? Ideal for the bliss.

Love my darling.
And might I add I will be adding that fedora to my stockpile of "steal from Bella's wardrobe" list ;)

hope you're having a great one
Wauw, I love it!
The hat is also very cool, you are amazing!
FrancoB. said…
You looks so sexy, id thata construction site you are walking around? lol
first pic is amazing!
♥B said…

Adela said…
i love the beautiful moth! the hat is so dapper! =)
wonderfull outfift and pics!!
La Mimi said…
You look fantastic my Bella! :)
Somehow you always manage to create outfits that are captivating, yet it:)

Anonymous said…
So amazing, Bella! I can't rock white pants... but you wear them so well. Love the fedora!

xo, Becs
Blan said…
Your pics are always FAB, love your TSHIRT and your look, really!
Solo said…
Awesome! I like your hat. You look so cool Bella. ;D Lovely! Looking forward on your next post. ;D

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Job Hunt Pinoy
oniomania said…
looking good in blue... ;)
Anonymous said…
Outstanding colors !
I adore the butterfly !!
The Seeker said…
As usual beautiful, my dear!!!
Love the butterfly, how did you manage you hold it on your hands???
Hope all is great with you, darling.

Delmy said…
I love the hat!
My favorite in the 2nd from last photos...belongs in an Magz editorial spread! Continue to enjoy your summer before it fades darling!

June Paski said…
im going to make those buckle shoes, i hope it would be finnished next month :)

im planning to make some military jacket but im still confused about the fabrics, you more like cotton, woll or silk jacket ?

thanks bella
lets keep in touch

much love,
Siljesfashion said…
Beautiful Bella. Love your outfit with the retro touches. Hope all is well with you! That house below is scary.
Sophia said…
That fedora looks excellent on you.
You're very very pretty :)
everythimg you wear is perfect!!!!loveeee tour shirt!!!!
Ima said…
you are soo beautiful
Natalie said…
I love your vintage tee. Your studded ballet flats in the pics above, are so cool!! rocker ballerina! :)

Style Porn said…
Your blog never fails me when I'm in need of inspiration. That moth is a beast. I'm pretty sure I would have been afraid to hold it. Maegan said…
Fab photoshoot! love the hat! ...and the location.
Denise said…
bella, i love this look.
It's simple , and kinda rock, and still very stylish
Anika said…
hey gorgeous,
love the crispness and contrast in the latest post. the pics are beyond inspiring and you've made my hankering for summer kick up a notch. i have never been this annoyed at rain (it never goddamn stops!)

haha, hope you're having a fab weekend bella
ONE WORD: WOW!!!! I LOVE your photos. This is really beautiful. Really. Inspiring!!!
FashionJazz said…
Stunning!!Ur pics are always soo beautiful babe!! xx
May Kasahara said…
In love with that shirt!
budget chic said…
Nice outfit, I love the color and the print on the t-shirt. Hey, what happen with the shoe? I want to see those BCBG shoes!
Anonymous said…
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