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Something to Think About

Admittedly, I’m feeling an ardent sense of elation, albeit somehow, self-exalted... while learning that The Seeker has granted me an I Love Your Blog Award… and I never win anything. Seriously, not since I was eight-years-old (perhaps) and the victor of a redheaded Cabbage Patch Kid named Elizabeth, for some department store short-story-coloring contest.
Pause while I do a cartwheel and somersault back into this blog!

I aforementioned loving that special dogmatic dinginess.... it just screams as my love child camera beckons the possibilities!

P.s. I love you Jeffrey Campbell!


Ashleigh said…
haha...I also have a serious obsession with JC...theyre so comfy! im adding you too by the way ;)
rachel said…
cool outfit!

p.s. I totally Luuuv your header!! I want a bed with a headboard like that ;)
rachel said…
on second thought, i WANT that couch!
Anonymous said…
Me too... it's awesome and I'm jealous because I KNOW you actually have it!!!

Green, I'm seriously green!
Miss V. said…
Amazing photographs! Love the one with the broken fridge. And those heels are absolutely stunning :) Congrats on the award too!
Anonymous said…
I love these shoes!(:
The Seeker said…
Oh, I'm so glad I've awarded you, because I feel I've warmed your heart, and you deserve it :)

Looking amazing as always. Those shoes are to die for. And I'm loving the shirt with the belt detail.

Keep smiling xoxo
Trendology said…
Looking the belt-touch !
Thank you for your kind words...gotta to recover soon.
Hope to hear from you again dear...
You have a lovely weekend!
tabby said…
lovely, always lovely. Your photos are so inspirational.
Sydneydoll said…

haha cabbage patch.
Eelie said…
lol i know right!!!! :O I'm actually more embarrased that i emited that piece of fluster inducing information haha

You look eonderful and your shots are always really interesting to see. Behind a store again?

Congratu-os on ze first award! Much deserved i say and plenty more to be fished out :P
Mel said…
hey gorgeous girl! have i mentioned that you're a prolific writer. amazing!! not only do you look fab you're so intelligent! i love those shoes, totally envious hehe xx ps: thanks so much for the sweet comments, and for linking me, yay! I've linked you too :)
Draz said…
You've won my heart, not once but twice... doesn't that count for anything?! <3
gahh! ur shoes are awesome xoxo
Julian said…
what a nice fridge!! jajajaja

I love that, why not lunch and dinner too?? (at Tiffanys!) ♥ Great quote in your page ... =) I think we would have an amazing time with our little Audrey marathon. No? Thanks for linking me up. I have you in mine as well! =)

Your entire outfit, gorgeous!!! Love the heels.

xo/ fashion chalet
michelle said…
Loving the outfit :)
choppyshades said…
omg!! i want those heels. AMAZING
madeline said…
Oh my gosh I LOVE your blog! Definitely going on my beloved blogettes! You're a great writer by the way.
belle.chantelle said…
i love this. your shoes are bangin
Anonymous said…
Those shoes are gorgeous!!!
Anonymous said…
heart the keg and pipe...beautiful..
and thanks for checking out my blog...i'm linking u to me. and if u willy love my blog,link me ...:D... WLD BE HONOURED...THANKS!!
xoxo WS
rilley said…
Beautiful photos, gorgeous girl! You have great style!
The bag and shoes are smokin' hot.
Dana (MODAna) said…
congrats on the award
I love the shoes and JC too :)
yiqin; said…
THOSE SHOES ARE AMAZING!!!!!!! & I love your bag as well :)
Jillian said…
i have that same pair i wanted them in the army green but they were sold out! :(

they're stunning on you and aren't they SOOOO comfy?! they're like walking on giant pillow! mmm... so much cushioning!
Mireia* said…
Cool shoes and pictures!
Stompface said…
I love it so much I feel it entitles capslock!

Love the shoes and that pretty blue shirt!

You are amazing.
amanda-v said…
Amazing! What else can I say that someone else already hasn't? Gorgeous frames! I love the bag. Is it Versace?
Krystal said…
LOOOVE this!!

mindy said…
ALways lovely!
Funky-FiFi said…
Those shoes are wonderfuuuul !
$ouLphate said…
lovely shoes + outfit =)
Jacinta said…
love it love it all!
love the shoes
oddgirldiaries said…
i love your shoes very much!! wah! i hope i can afford one :-)

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