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Cuzza Boots and Conundrums

I’m so non-committal to my other stylish frocks, albeit the perfectly exposed pockets and neo-destroyed personality of these vintage cutoffs has transformed me into something of the denim freak. There, I've said it!
Bogarting all of my apparel affections, for now, I’m touting them as long as humanly possible, while the style gods and obviously confused climate semi-sanctions such gloriously short attire.
Well, we all have our fetishes… mine’s just slightly more publicized than the norm, despite the jealous anguish of my closet’s contents. But in jest, I start wondering… is this some sort of crisis? A fashion haze spawned by one too many cocktails?

Have I really become a denim addict?
Nine West Cuzza boots, the newest addition to my Shoeology. And yes... lots of pictures! I was undecided.


Love your new boots! And your bracelets too ^-^
The Seeker said…
Love the bracelets, the boots are great and yes, I think you're a denim addict ;)
But it looks amazing on you :D

Great pictures, I couldn't choose just one too.

lacouturiernyc said…
i love the outfit - those boots are fabulous!

La C.
hrose said…
it would take a skirt as fabulous as that to make me a denim addict.
your bracelets and shirts are so cool!
lucky thing, i dream of being a writer one day.
thanks for the comment!
alyssa said…
you got the cuzza boots! do you like them? i'm still trying to decide if i need them or not, haha.
Anonymous said…
Where should I begin? I love the ring, and the "neo-destroyed personality" (as you call it)of your cutoffs. You're looking fierce, Bella writer girl.

If your addicted to them, it's okay! And the studded cuff as well as the location are insane!!!!
Stompface said…
Great new bloots. Hahhaah oh dear i wrote bloots. that is a hilarious word. You have great bloots, and also boots. I think I probably prefer the boots though.
Oh and that studded cuff is love.
and there is nothing wrong with denim addiction! Huzzah!
saray said…
great outfit - i really like the boots
sarah said…
The denim looks awesomex
NonchalantMod said…
great boots!i have been looking for the sort..and the shorts are so A.Wang
stilettostetico said…
Because You're virulently made for denim cut-off shorts, especially with the "pocket effect" which reflects your "BOMBshell-esque" casualess !!!

A Bientôt, Antoine
stilettostetico said…
ps: Eeeuuuuhh (shy) . . . "casualness" off course (Sorry for the little clumsiness) . . .
freya said…
i love the boots!

whole outfit is great btw ;)
Doriz Jeltzin said…
love the shoes
MarionRocks said…
You're not the only to be a denim addict ! I'm also a denim addict, I'm looking for cut shorts like yours !!! It looks fabulous !
Great outfit !
Dana (MODAna) said…
if you're gonna be addicted to anything it might as well be denim, right?
these are cool, too. as are your boots.
trish said…
wonderful outfit! i love the boots an the buttondown shirt looks really great on you!
gotta me me one of those, and some cutoffs.
Kate said…
love the boots, the outfits perfect!
Anonymous said…
Even your simplest outfits are incredible. How do you do tha? Hweo do you throw on some shorts and shirt and turn it into something stylish???????????????
choppyshades said…
i'm in love with your boots. and seeing you wear shorts makes me jealous. haha

-choppy shades
DaisyChain said…
Ohhh I am lusting after those boots, dammit.

I also love the shorts.
Mimi said…
Mama Mia!Your boots are awesome.Love the first pic so much.
Lacy said…
Loving the last comment. So funny, but verrrry treu and you look beautiful Bella. You always do!

great boots. Great style. Great hair. Oh, and I love the ring too!
Did I say it was all verrrry gret!
Im a denim addict too!!
welcome to the clud!
Savvy Mode SG said…
you look so casual but very stylish.
Sophie said…
Love love love your boots! They go perfectly with your denim shorts.
Miss Karen said…
I loooove your boots - they are just so perfect!

And I have a secret crush on denim - a fabric best worn by people other than me and you look stunning!
Jenny H. said…
gorgeous pictures all around.

and thank you so much! im glad you liked the shoot :)
Anonymous said…
beautiful. You have killer legs, Bella
MW said…
you always look so good in shortshorts! love your boots too
Juaи + said…
OK, i love every single pair of boots you own !


And those Bracelets are amazing *_*
Sophia said…
those are seriously THE best boots i've ever seen! [that aren't completely unaffordable, outrageous, or impractical, lol]
i want them. now!

by the way, your name is so pretty! =]
Hi Bella! Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog! That white blazer is so chic and I'm in love with your bracelet! ah gorgeous boots as well...
Take care
oL said…
loving your short!!! and boots too!
you are fantastic!
Mel said…
those boots are amazing! love it! you look so awesome! i love how you pull off the cutoff denim soo well! ps: i'll do the tagging v v soon :) xx
heartofpearl♥ said…
the boots! so gorgeous. compliment your legs and omg you have a nice tan haha~
L I N N said…
amazing outfit:D
Wendiva said…
denim shorts and booties...let's be honest, there's not a better combo! love your style!!
These photos are beautiful, I love the backdrop, especially the image with the pipes...stunning!
That studded bracelet is amazing and goes super perfectly with your gorgeous outfit,
Caroline said…
i've been considering those boots for a while now. i saw them on their pre-order list this summer and wanted them SO bad
melrose said…
The boots are wonderful, and since I can't find the Emma Cook ones, these are close enough.

Now I want Cuzza! ANd the outfit is so stylish!
Demi said…
thank you for your lovely comments :)
love the bracelets and the boots!
Anonymous said…
Stunning! Really love reading your blog, Bella!
love the outfit! and your blog! wanna exchange links ?
cute booties! :)

xo/ fashion chalet
Dana (MODAna) said…
ps did I mention the love your cuff and I share?
seriously we are going to elope.
your shoe collection is insane!

btw, what books have you written? :D

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