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Proper Tools

Gettin' it done: I've come to a sudden realization that this unyielding need to create is beginning to branch a bit outside my comfort zone. And while my nicely manicured nails of yesteryear are almost laughable at this point, the brilliance of Paraffin dips and CeraVe cream are aiding my tired hands. In all honesty, the end result and wholehearted effort of my newfound experiments makes paint stains, repetitive strain injury and wood splinters feel pretty insignificant. Oh, the tiny details


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Happy Halloween | Art Shop Promo

Heart Attack now available in my art shop! 🎃👻 HALLOWEEN PROMO use BELLADONNA at the checkout and save 30% off your entire purchase! One week only!
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"Alchemist Hand"  I was looking back on this fun drawing I did in 2011 and decided to add some products to my shop. Hope you like them! Have a great weekend, everyone!

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I've dedicated quite a lot of time to this drawing since first starting and after deciding it was ready and then deciding it wasn't, I can't wait to show you the finished piece. Here's a quick look at some of the stages she went through... the full progress images are posted via my Facebook page
Updates: Thank you to Drop Your Art for my recent feature. It's such an honor! New artwork added to my Etsy Shop Please VOTE FOR MEin the artFido - fetching art North American Artist Showcase! The most votes wins the contest and you can vote everyday!!