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Art Studio

New brushes, old daisies. 
I've been redecorating my art studio these past couple of weeks (still a bit to go), and some of my new favorite finds are these woven storage baskets and small tin buckets. They're absolutely perfect for organizing all my paints and brushes... plus I love the rustic industrial aesthetic they bring to the space while keeping clutter at a minimum. And of course, I'm a sucker for employing anything other than a traditional vase to hold my flowers.  


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Wooden Ophelia Distressed Moon Shelf

Just added this pretty 'Distressed Crescent Moon Shelf' to my shop. So happy with the way this one turned out.
Disclaimer because of recent art thieves: All artwork designs copyright and should not be reproduced for sale or otherwise. The purchase of this artwork does not include reproduction rights. © Bella Harris x Wooden Ophelia

Follia d'amore Lover's Eye

'Follia d'amore', my pearl embellished lover's eye for 'Ode to the Cherished', the farewell exhibition on view at Hudson Hughes Gallery 💜 So happy to be part of this final show. Please visit for purchase inquiries.

Extension of You

(Extension of you, acrylic, gouache, watercolor and oil on canvas)
I've been sharing bits and pieces of this painting since June/July and now that it's nearing the end of October, I figured it was about time to show the entire piece!  
Prints and goodies in the art shop