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Mr. Blazer

They say old habits die hard... as much as this is true for life, it is for fashion as well. And while enjoying the company of a friendly cosmo, apparently this historic blazer found its way into my heart of habits. Unsurprisingly, this craft safari left me wondering… so after pressing through the manuscript workload, I began pressing through the pyramid studs. Because let's face it, Mr. Blazer, somehow bordering the land of bleak, was clearly in dire need of a little revamp. As the night wore on, I began cultivating the now bedecked… a very distant relative to my unadorned jackets. Several sore fingertips later, my creative baptism caused the manifestation of my newest--I don’t know how I survived without you--crush.

A casual encounter with a pair of oversized jeans that miraculously prepared them for cuff-divinity, and I couldn’t resist pairing the proverbial androgynous theme with my DIY. The perfect couple, coupled with a strand of Hepburn-worthy pearls, and I had to wonder if I actually needed a mission statement or if the style was simply a mission accomplished.

In other important world news...

In lieu of extending big cyberhugs to the always adorable Fashion Daydreams and Miss Urbanita for thinking of me, I'm following The Seeker's footsteps when it comes to presenting and passing on the buck.

With that said, it's impossible to narrow such an amazing group of people and considering I believe all is fair in love and blogs, everyone on my Sphere of Lovelies and everyone taking time to read my rants, follow, or comment on each post, clearly justifies this special blog award… therefore I designed this specifically for my fellow bloggers, my cyber lovelies.


DaisyChain said…
OHhh what a fantastic outfit. As usual. Please may I come raid your closet?

And what a sweet idea for an award =)
You are such a beautiful person, inside and out.
Leni said…
Amazing shoes!!!! I want them now!!!
Hey sweetie, you do rock and thank you for it! :) I love your cuffed denim and the blazer + the pearls; magnificent!! Can we do a clothes exchange sometime? I would love your tutu! Wow, I'm pretty groggy myself. Monday mornings are always a blur for me. I hate Mondays. Anyway, today is errand day. You know the drill; dry cleaning, pharmacy, coffee break, etc. Still Summer weather here for us, so I'm in shorts, yet again... thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. I always keep an eye out for them. :)
Emily said…
great look on you. the pearls offset those jeans perfectly!
The Seeker said…
What a great DIY blazer, dear!!!!
You worked all so well... gorgeous.

I can't find here the pyramid studs :( GRRRRRRRRRRR

And what a lovely and thoughtful award, such a great and cute idea, darling. And thanks for mentioning me *blushing*
Thank you!!!!!!!! I will proudly show it in my blog.
Also thanks for your kind and supportive comment in my last post.

those shoes are the most!

That is SO cool! Love what you've done to the blazer.
You always dress so pitch-perfectly well, you must have the most amazing closet ever!
erika said…
haha the YOU ROCK award! that is SO you bella!!! your studded a blazer... it looks GORGEOUS on you.. but u make anything look hot. and i love your words.. they give me chills. like this "craft safari".. BRILLIANT! i totally went on one this past weekend! anyway looking beautiful AS ALWAYS.

have a great day bella!!!
Cherina said…
your style is very chic & sophisticated. I simply adore every single outfit. =]
Demi said…
thank you, you are such a sweetheart :)
and i love it all!
InstantVintage said…
Bella, you are a gem. Really.

Great job on the blazer. If I could find a plain black one and had the fortitude in my fingers, I'd stud the hell out of it.

* Caro. said…
thank you so much bella!!
<33 (:
MarionRocks said…
Really beautiful blazer ! Seems perfect ! Thanks for the award :)
Oh, and there's a new post on my blog ;)
PS you're still so beautiful !
muchlove said…
That blazer looks great.
Miss Urbanita said…
You are the best! Kisses a lot. Love pearls, love your style. See you.
Lisa said…

ah this outfit is amazing...

every element compliments the other.

the jeans + shoes are pure greatness.

have a lovely start to your week!

x. Maegan said…
well done!!!!
Krystal said…
you are so right, it is like choosing favorite shoes :) you look amazing in the slouchy jeans + blazer xx
Nare said…
fabulous look! I love it at all!!

I love your trousers I thing that if you broke thema little at knees will be perfect. have you prove it??

Anonymous said…
Coolest award, Bella. And I'm loving Mr. Blazer and those jeans! Ooh and shoes!
who makes them????
J'Adore Fashion said…
wow, amazing shoes, where did u get it? love the pearls too!!!

Ps: we will sure work out the deal on the outfit trading ;-) lol

thanks for the wishes dear!!!

Slick said…
Yup, I like the outfit too!

What? The Blazer?

Oh yeah...that too.
Mode Junkie said…
hey check out my blog, somebody got an award. :) wow that ensemble is perfect. the blazer, the jeans and the shoes. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
it's amazing how such a small change can make a big difference in how we feel about an item. i think it looks fabulous and you wear it well!
lovely shoes!!
Dakota77 said…
Bella, you rock in thatr studded blazer, what an amazing piece of clothing! Wish I had one like this! And those jeans work so nice with it. Perfect as always:-)

And what a great idea with the award, you're great!:-)
María said…
me encantan los zapatos
lauren said…
Bella girl, YOU ROCK!!!

That's so sweet!
hugs right back
Marcella said…
Wow I just love your blog - you have amazing style and such gorgeous photos! Hope you don't mind me linking you hun :o)
J'Adore Fashion said…
You have been TAGGED dear!!! check my blog for details :)
Cass said…
my hiatus is over.
how i've missed blogging, and commenting on your nothing less then fabulous posts! <3
you're so fucking fantastic!
Danz said…
Awesome outfit! You did a wonderful job on the blazer and I looovve the pearls, lace-up shoes and cuffed trousers!!
great jacket!! love it :)
thanks for the award <3
SOS! said…
I love your outfit, I see it as semi grunge with a sprinkle of fabulousness.
Nature Grafitti said…
i ADORE this outfit.. the jeans and the shoes are amazing :)

trade links?
Hot Bot said…
Thank you! HA! And while we're on the subject of blazers, I love yours. It's just that I felt like I had to get rid of one because I hardly ever wear blazers here in the heat.

Hopefully it'll make someone very happy.
Stompface said…
those jeans are so hot!
I wish Mr Blazer would be my friend.
great studding. mr blazer is very studly.

oh you are too cute! everyone certainly does rock and deserve an award. thank you dear.
Anonymous said…
I think you and your blog are awesome. lovin the style and fierce way with writing too!
copperoranges said…
love the studs on that blazer!
simply.steph said…
yaay for the award and omg those shoes are orgasmic, and i dont throw that term around lightly
Juaи + said…
congratulations on that award idea!


PS: I love the DIY'S and that blazer is gorgeous! :)
So sweet!
Perfect jeans and blazer, you rock!
Franco said…
I love to high heels!!
agnes said…
love your bootie!! it's just sooo bloody cool.
heartofpearl♥ said…
gosh i love how you rocked out the pearls with your black blazer!

and thanks for the interest :D i've sent an invite for my blog :)~
J.Yo said…
cool DIY.. and i gave up on the zipper for the denim thang. maybe i'll postpone it, cos skool is just well, been very busy.

i love how the pearls are hepburn-ish, but wait, it kinda is also Carrie Bradshaw-ish too!

darla, your award just made my day.
thaaaank you~~
Fashion Tidbits said…
blazers are a staple in my closet. you have really cool shoes!
Twiggy Mod said…
Ahhh missus

You look amazing love having a nosey at your pictures even though a bit of jealousy normally arrives!X
Anonymous said…
thanx!!! like ur blazer.
and yah, BELLA ROX!
Jenna said…
it's fantastic!!!
lovely pants and lovely shoes!i add you to my favourite blogs!
Hippiegirl said…
thanks for your comment :)
maybe we can link each other?
prettyneons said…
How are you's? So sorry this is such a late reply to your (as ever) such encouraging computer went bust due to a nasty little bug or 'virus', as the computer genius guy said. Any how it all been seen to and I'm back online, *yay*.
I love your outfit (thats such a typical fashion thing to say, isn't it? Heyhey whatever, haha). I really like the beaded necklace I myself have a real addiction to throwing beads around my neck. Sometimes I pile on too many and it weighs my neck down, yep not so good!
Peace and Accessories...
Prettyneons X
Blicious said…
love your shoes. great pics!
Jasnaaa said…
The blazer looks hot!! :)
Oh Bella! Your shoes! Your shoes!! They are AMAZINGLY HOT!!!

You rocked that Blazer + Pearls + Jeans combo like a pro!
B. said…
love the blazer!! is amazing!
suis_aimée said…
lovelove LOVE jeans!!!!

beautiful girl!
Leni said…
And I have to add you!!!!
Anonymous said…
*Blush*! I'm super flattered :) Thank you!!

That blazer is to die for.
belle.chantelle said…
awww you're so cute! you made an award for us <3
and.. btw... your shoes are so killer i can't even begin to describe it. They stole the show, in a good way, because they completed your look perfectly, and you made you outfit in such a way that those babies can stand out! LOVES!
Valentine said…
Blazers!! I love blazers and have been begging my aunt to *ehem* pass down her collection to me.

I love love how you revamped the blazer-- realy gave it that rock and roll edge. :-)


Thanks a bunch for the award.. You're such a sweetheart!


Argh! You're blog is too girlie girl for my taste, really. But I kind of like the DIY-ed, holed-tattered, white shirt in the previous post.
Nay'Chelle said…
Well deserved award! I really like the blazer.
terren said…
The blazer looks so amazing!
wow!! grreat idea!!
a global award!!
that´s cool!

Blazer always is a good decision!
Awwww thanks sugar! What a lovely award :)

Fierce jacket too, I always wanna DIY stuff but I never have the time, ever!
great blazer!
Savvy Mode SG said…
love the blazer with long pearls.
Love that blazer. It's so perfect for now.
Vain and Vapid said…
Great job with the blazer and mixing it with pearls is a cool touch. Oh, and your shoes are ferosh!
hrose said…
you look fabulous, and wow, you're a real whizz with the DIY aren't you? i found my perfect black blazer, but am at a loss as to how exactly i should embellish it. studs sounds just perfect, although i am not very DIY inclined...

and a thousand thanks for all your comments, and for this award! you are really the one that rocks though. we all know it! 71 comments! WOWZA!

Anonymous said…
Seriously your blog is freakin awesome. your style is just blowin up the place!

Anonymous said…
Seriously your blog is freakin awesome. your style is just blowin up the place!

Sydneydoll said…

I tagged your lovely self back : )

hope you are having a marvellous day : )

michelle said…
dangg girl, you look great! :D
Fleurr De Lux said…
KILLIN IT' in that blazer, lady. I might have to steal the idea... sorry. ?
Kate said…
boots+jacket= amazing outfit<3
oddgirldiaries said…
thank you for the comment! i like everything in this comment.. the tough girl plus peals combo.
thank u..i love your style very much and i watch every post with big smile:)
yiqin; said…
Those pearls & shoes are amazing & you look great in them!
Mimi said…
The shoes are killer!I'm so jealous...
May Kasahara said…

amazing job on the blazer.

Esmée said…
Love it! And may i compliment you with your writing skills, think your one of the best 'blog'writers i know!

Miranda said…
i just discovered your blog and i have to say you have amazing style! and an amazing collection of shoes!
Anonymous said…
Ok, at first I could only see half the pic - the blazer and pearls and I swear I actually sighed, it looked that good! - then I scroll down and see the cuffed jeans and stunning shoes. You are a living/walking editorial!

I would love a slouchy man style Alexander Wangesque blazer but am yet to find one. You're making me want one even more!
Anonymous said…
You look great! Great outfit combination. The rolled up jeans with those haawwt shoes! I was going to order them, just wondering, are they comfortable to walk in?
Bella said…
Dear Anonymous!

Thank you so much for the lovely comment!

The semi-boots are surprisingly comfortable... but the bootoms are verrrry slick. Took a little adjustment so that I didn't wipe out and break my neck! Lol

Hey Bella, thanks so much for your comment on chictopia and our blog!! :) You have such a great style, the blazer and shoes are to die for!

love this blog! love the shoes and the outfits! never throw anything away..u never knoe when it'll come back around. where do u live ? and where do u get most of your vintage from? i lovvve lovvve lovvvvvvvvve vintage! yum!

saray said…
your heels are to die for!
Stephanie said…
Thanks for stopping by leChic! I'm really glad you enjoyed the post and the blog :-)

I LOVE your lace-ups here: they are gorgeous :-)
Anonymous said…
your blazer, jean and shoes are so beautiful!!

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