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Not just for roller skating

I was browsing for a pair of Puma x McQueen fur trainers, and the more I ruminate over the extraordinary detail and construction of the many beloved Alexander McQueen pieces, the more I realize there will never be anything ordinary about them. For me, the fascination was first evident by the creation of the Oyster dress and an insane runway brilliance, later by the omnipresent skull appearance, and now, of course, there's the Visor. With an unwavering emphasis on The Visor because it's badass and certainly pays homage to a Battlestar Galactica meets Total Recall craftsmanship rendered completely untouchable. 
I guess "some" might scoff at the notion of extra large metallic facial shields, but I remember a time when visors were neon rainbow pieces of plastic that if special enough had lights or even glowed in the dark, and were usually accompanied by hideous fanny packs and your favorite pair of roller skates. So today anything's possible.
Head over to Cruise Fashion if you want to oooh and aahhh!


Good selection!

Norwenna said…
As always, the most uncomfortable boots are the most pretty ones!
I believe that dress is such a perfect one!

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