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Jeffrey Campbell x Solestruck Box It Up

I bet many of you heard about (or even entered) the Jeffrey Campbell x Solestruck Box It Up challenge that took place last month that's giving one lucky person the opportunity to score $1000 worth of JC shoes and be the inspiration for the next shoebox design. And while I think they're still in the process of narrowing down three top finalists to display via their Facebook page for voters to decide the grand winner, I thought I'd take a second and share my entry with you!
About my design:
When I first learned of the challenge via e-mail, I got super excited at the prospect of designing and illustrating something that would appeal to the masses amongst our little shoe-obsessed demographic. I get asked a lot of interesting questions regarding my own shoe collection, so I spent the afternoon rummaging through the multicolored stacks of shoeboxes and paying particular attention the many labeled Jeffrey Campbell. The search for inspiration wasn’t difficult, and soon I knew exactly what I wanted. It was then that I sat down with my 2B and HB pencils and let the JC Girls inspiration come to life!

Staying within the specs of the provided templates, creativity, personal interest, confidence, and a seasonal concept influenced every step of my design approach. Melding the quintessential JC appeal with my own personal style pioneering, I incorporated a mix of pencil, ink, and variegated, dirty watercolor to achieve the final design. Really hoping I make it into the top three!! Or even cooler, to actually win!


24 Blogazine said…
wow that is beautiful! Great job!
Andrés Corella said…
I think it turned out really pretty!...The color are so beautiful and the drawing itself is really really good...Hope you win!

marissa said…
You're such a talent, Bella!
I want this box
Good Luck to you..kisses
thesydneygirl said…
your artwork is absolutely beautiful! good luck!

the sydney girl
SusyV90 said…
Oh, wow!!
This is AWESOME!
I love the way the colors work together and it looks natural...
Kerrin said…
your design is absolutely stunning! xx
Benoit said…
Love your blog!! :)
Anonymous said…
GORGEOUS your work is sooooo AMAZING Bella! xoxox
Anonymous said…
"put a bird on it"
marissa said…
There are birds on it dummy.
Lisa said…
Dear Anon March 4, 2011 11:00 AM

I usually don't take time to write comments like this that just clog up someone's blog but I have to say that the focus of this shoebox design has nothing to do with birds. It's based on the needs and wants of Jeffrey Campbell and Solestruck challenge written about in the post and it's really beautiful. It's not like there's a picture of a bird stuck on it and that's all that's happening on the box. So if you're attempting to discredit Bella's art then you failed. If you're kidding then you can't tell. If you were being rude then you shouldn't bother leaving comments.
Btw, it also has nothing to do with "Put a bird on it" and call it art.

you are so talented, its gorgeous!
enter my 1st giveaway!
Fabulous that's incredible who won???
Anonymous said…
Wow this is so pretty so perfect for them and I love the JC girls inspritation, Bella!

Have a good weekend XOXO
What gorgeous work Bella! This is lovely. :)
adaroom said…
I love your blog , your drawings are lovely , and I love your hair, and how you dress, I follow you.
I know my blog is not very big, But if you visit me I will be so grateful , and If you visit me and you like que hope that you could follow me
kisses from
Jessica said…
This is really beautiful, Bella!! You've got a great eye and amazing talent! <3

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