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Give me your metal books, paper glass, and razor ribbons...

(Target fedora and skinny jeans, Alexander Wang Boaters Dress, Vintage blazer)


Natalie said…
i love ur hat! :))
Cute photos. You rock hats so well.

Miu Miu SPARROW PRINT pumps in NAVY at
buenooo said…
great photo! :)
Aicha! said…
You're look awesome :)
Casandra said…
Your style is always very nice and cool!! :) Kisses fron Spain, Bella!!
Maha M said…
love the photo and the hat..

i've missed your blog Bella, im back in the blogsphere :)

Meho xx
Carina Joana said…
I love this photo in B&W :D
You look stunning!
Anonymous said…
omg omg this is so damn cool Bells. I love it!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
omg omg this is so damn cool Bells. I love it!!!!!!!
escritora said…
I love it!
red | hongyi said…
wow this is awesome. i love how it's b&w and u contrasted it so much till it looks like u're blending into the white background =)
val23 said…
Incredible photography! Love your Blog!
Jules said…
Nice photos. I love it. =D

The Brown Mestizo
Ivanka said…
I love it!
rossovelvet said…
Stunning look, one of my favorites !!!
I adore the mysterious B&W effect besides ! :)
revital said…
great pic! loved the jacket |(:
Susu Paris Chic said…
I just love popping in for some inspirations. Your style is unique!
iheartbella said…
your blog is fantastic..amazing photos and style!

Solo said…
Your jacket! Awesome!

Travel and Living
Job Hunter
*chara said…
Such a beautiful photo!

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