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Bicentennial beginnings

Evidently the aforementioned Internet amnesty was entirely short-lived. But since I'm celebrating my birthday amongst dusty albums, shoebox victims, and 70's-chic nostalgia, I thought I'd share some of the images my mom just shared with me.
Note the fifth picture is all about the sandals... I guess, some things never really change.


meraldia said…
Happy birthday!!! You look so cute!! I love looking at my old photos so much!
Hollywood said…
So pretty so cute so adorable...Love babies pics =)

Happy Birthday !
Nat Elizabeth said…
Awh lovely ♥ Maegan said…
I too am a Gemini, Bicentennial baby Happy Birthday! Adorable baby pics!
Lindstyle said…
super cute!

xo Lindsey
K8 said…
adorable! Happy Birthday lady!!

Fashion X
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Bella!!! Love these pics, gawwwd alwyas gorgeous.

Gasteizshopper said…
Feliz cumpleaños!! preciosas fotos-

Un besote y si aún no lo has hecho, pasa por mi blog, que sorteo un vestido muy chulo
kimmy said…
Happy Birthday my dear friend! my BFF!!! I love you girl! LOVE the cute pictures of ya! ;)
Natasha said…
Happy Birthday! I always end up in hysterics looking through my old photos, haha. Hope you have a great day! xxx
Jessica said…
Happy Birthday lovely!! It's always nice to look back. I've done that recently as well. said…
such a adorable old pictures..:)
and happy bday btw
Laura said…
love it love it, so cute!
Happy birthday!!!

x Laura
Happy Birthday!! <3 <3 <3

very pretty... very adorabe!


xoxo* by Portugal
Eri said…
Dear Bella,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you'll have one in style.


Hope you enjoy!

ohh so cute :)love babies pics haha
happy birthday lady ;)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELLA!!! i may be a few days late but i'm sure you will be celebrating through the weekend :)

hope you get everything your heart desires this year!

cara mia ♥
Kristin said…
I hope you had an amazing bday! And I think we learn our love for shoes young no? : )
Bruninha said…
Happy birthday! I love your blog and I'm following =)
Anika said…
Happy Birthday beautiful girl. I hope you have/had a fantastic day, full of friends and laughter (and presents don't hurt either ;)

Wishing you all the best on this day.

p.s. I adore the were such a sweetheart....not that I'm calling you a brat now haha ;)
Cassie said…
greate photos!
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Beautiful Baby Girl!!! You have always been the most gorgeous from little child to Awsome young woman! Bet you make your Momma proud, Bella My Sweet! Loving it!!!
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Beautiful Baby Girl!!! You have always been the most gorgeous from little child to Awsome young woman! Bet you make your Momma proud, Bella My Sweet! Loving it!!!

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