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Forty winks with Chloe, Dolce, & Lover...

Chasing Chloe around the house has become an exhaustible adventure, certainly worthy of America's Funniest Home Videos. At just 4 months old, she's a princess with a pistol... destructively dragging her food dishes up and down the stairs, prancing and carpet-rolling to her own self-entertainment, screaming the second you aren't allocating boundless amounts of attention, and pawing/scratching/chewing/eating every pillow in sight. Thus far, she's homicidally massacred a newly drafted manuscript, 2 pair of shoes, 1 fringe embellished scarf, and even my favorite glitter-studded tights are now a shredded pile of nylon tossed morbidly in the tights cemetery.
Hope everyone's having a great weekend... ;)
(Lover dress, Dolce & Gabbana wedges, H&M tights)


mel said…
so so so cute! cute pink coat!
i love the setting an, your shoes are amazing! and you look stunning:)
Kasia said…
love your wedges!!
cute pictures!;)
Denise said…
oh you are both looking so POSH early in the morning!


I am Denise Katipunera
Zepequeña said…
You look great!

marissa said…
my goddddddd i love this Belllllaaaaaa..amazingggggg

marissa said…
my goddddddd i love this Belllllaaaaaa..amazingggggg

Daisy said…
Such very delightful photos ! I would adore to document your life with photos alone, you photo so well and get up to such fun!
BlogNdoll said…
Woua! Handsomes pictures, you're beautiful!

See you
Maxie said…
the first photo is AMAZING AMAZING!!!
Iole said…
great pics. love iole
she's a cutie, a destructive little princess in that outfit!
diane said…
She's your new baby.
My sister never had kids, but she's got a little dog whom she adores. Lucky little thing.
Jacqueline said…
Awww, she is so cute! I have two teacup poodles so I know how much trouble/happiness they can bring =) I love your Lover dress with those shoes. xo
IceQueen said…
Lovely photos-and interesting blog you have!:)
Ivanka said…
So cute...*-*
Pipiola said…
love your wedges!
vicen said…
Beautiful puppy.
Greetings friend.
Malu said…
Supercute dog! I love these pictures:D And I am SO jealous of your incredibly gorgeous hair!


Visit my blog!
Click here to go to Malu’s Fashion!
Click here to go to Malu’s Fashion!
Click here to go to Malu’s Fashion!
rossovelvet said…
Ahaaah, the names are so cool !!!
And wow, you look so good with this rather 'simple' tights !!
chica pinup said…
You're beautiful! I like all your many styles ... I love the tiny entrance heels poker face! Your house is lovely and make very good pictures I send you many kisses and I hope you know that I follow you always
Love your wedges and the dogs look...
Isabella said…
you always impress me!
Could your pictures be more beautiful?
They are so cute! and so is Chloe! Love her :)
ahhhh thank u so much for everything!
i love u babe!

thesydneygirl said…
beautiful photos and those shoes are amazing! x
Micaela said…
stunning as ever, babe!
could Chloe be cutter?
amazing shots, u rock it :)

Jules said…
That cutie's outfit is awesome! And you, you're so beautiful Bella. =D

The Brown Mestizo
How cute! Love the highlight of your cheeks, which make up do you use?
Anonymous said…
ohhhh she's precious B. and you have such a stylish life.. makes me jealous in the best way. haha

gorgeous you. writing wonderful. xox
Panda said…
Just kinda stumbled onto your blog + i love it!
You have a great style or writing, and your clothes are great. Must read, and i'll deffo be coming back! Well done,
panda x
chica pinup said…
On my blog you a prize! pasate to pick it up and you nominated a kiss
Polished Sense said…
I love your wedges! Fabulous :D

veronica<3 said…
Great photos!
Love your blog, fantastic style <3
Xo Veronica
Kristin said…
Your pup is fabulously well dressed. LOVE your beautiful frock too!
Missy Hii said…
I love your blog!
You're very pretty and fashionable!!!^^
will deff come back to your blog
GlamDistrict said…
Miss said…
Oh god, she is cute though, and i'm sure, when she gets older, she'll loose the thing for chewing, mine did at least! :)
And you look amazing and awesome as always!
Stéphanie said…
d.b said…
Hello. Great photos. I am a follower of your blog from Spain. I have linked it in "La polla en verso", in blogsatélites section.
love the photos. great outfit, cute dog...
Bird said…
love that carpet!! dog so cute..

those shoes are amazing great blog
GLAMhoc said…
Your skin is glowing! It's amazing! I love those wedges, they are on my ever-growing insatiable wishlist! I've just stumbled across your blog and I love it! I've just started my own at!

Gio said…
I love your outfit!!!
ediot said…
hi dear. you look so cute here. i adore the clothes youre wearing and that doggy is a cutie. and im not even a dog person ;)
hope youre having a wonderful week darling.

xxx ediot
Tinja said…
your hair is stunning!
May Kasahara said…
gorgeous lady. Always gorgeous.
FashionJazz said…
Gorgeous as always Bella babe!!! Mwah xxx
Jess said…
Your hair is amazing!

Love it!

Jess x
love your shoes !!

♥♥♥ ♥♥♥
iamhaidrofilik said…
really cute shoes!
love your blog, i'm now a follower. :)

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