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The Ties That Bind

I approached the various strands of rope gingerly, and while I spent much of the first day staring hypnotically, in what can only be referred to as a highly suggestive state of uber-confusion, I finally put the rope overlay under enemy control. I figured it would be a pragmatic undertaking, you know, some sort of therapeutic magic potion to lousy days. But all that insatiable weaving, knotting, tying, looping, and wrapping was seriously blowing my mind.
After three weeks of (literally) getting caught up and tousled in something that ultimately looked like nothing, I was beginning to have my doubts. But in the end, the DIY project from hell was a veritable triumph as I kicked its sweet little nautical ass into the alpha dog of my closet.

Awesome side note:
I was stoked to be contacted by the ever-lovely Mimi for Fashion Idol of the Week, so if you haven’t already seen it, please check out my interview… it’s INCREDIBLE! And special thanks go out to Alex of aliensexist for surprising me with a (new) wicked little V-pops header that’s so rad I might just have to switch it up. Thanks babes!

(F21 tunic and tank, vintage Calvin Klein cutoffs-DIY shredded, DIY rope overlay, Marc By Marc Jacobs boots)


Charmaine said…
cuuuute little bun and that rope thing is so creative... i wanna try something like that now... but it looks so complicated!
Anonymous said…
Holy hell Bella! I love this so much! I adore you a million times more than ever, becasue this is truly STYLE!
saray said…
great look! the rope looks great and edgy - i love it!
Anonymous said…
Oh, and I just read your FIOTW interview..awesome stuff!
Stephanie said…
this is so
ive never seen anything like it!

gonna read the interview now ;)

legally stylish said…
oooh i love it bella! i love your MJs, so sad i sold my pair. are those comfy?

i wish i had long limbs!
Great interview! And I could have made those boots mine. Ack!!
maggie said…
:O how did you do that DIY rope overlay top? its fantastic! you look great! and i love your hair in a bun!
I Like Stuff said…
Wow. Needless to say, I am impressed. Even though I'm sure I would never attempt something this elaborate on my own, I'm wondering if you had thought about a tutorial. I'm just curious as to how you made it!
Victoria C said…
very cool rope idea! it looks wicked. love your boots too xx
LaMimi said…
Hey sweets!
It was a pleasure featuring you and this outfit is really ONE OF A KIND!

Anonymous said…
Loves loves lovessss! and the shoes, the shoes! All round perfection, great job with the job workings. xx
Lainey said…
I need those M by M. jacobs boots like now! They look so good on you!
Allie said…
Unreal Bella :)
So effortless.
melina said…
I love your hair updo!!! It suits you very well.
phamzy said…
words can't describe how much i love this outfit! impeccable!
michelle said…
you look stunning with your hair pulled up..omg, this is perfect in every way, baby! exactly something you would suprise the blogosphere with. i wish i could share your blog and let people see what they were missing.

love you love love you
kelse said…
killer boots, and im lovin the hair xx
TheMinx said…
wait....why are you so cool??!?! haha this is a stellar outfit girl, your shoes are simply rad.
I was just talking about how I needed more rope in my wardrobe. That's awesome. Great job.
Anjl Marie said…
amazing look bella. you rock. those boots are to die for.
Genevieve said…
Girl, you look so good!
camerafilmroll said…
Wow, very original! (:
Elouise said…
wow, the coolest thing i have seen in a while

Miss Eve said…
You look gorgeous Bella, and I love your hair like's look amazing! Love: Evi
vicen said…
For you to be an authentic look you dedicate this award 10.
Miss Eve said…
Ps. just read the interview and it was fabulous :-)
erikas said…
You look stunning! Not too many could pull this off put you manage to look edgy and unique:) I adore your sense of creativity! Also the interview of you was amazing!
Cathy Voyage said…
This rope thing is so great!
Solo said…
The rope is so good on really look good on it Bella.;D
Awesome pics.have a great day.
Sweet Things said…
i love your hair~~
Ediot said…
great jeansshorts. i love them. you add that extra inch by adding the rope. its so fun!
ALICE said…
I l-l-l-lovvvve this! Those shorts are incredible..I must get round to chopping some m'self.
Darrah said…
What an innovative interpretation of a vest.
OMG Bella, you look so fab, you are so original in your outfit!
you let me almost speechless, but at least i have words to tell you how amazing you are everytime:)
you use creativity when you dress as if you're writing something!

take care and be happy!

DaisyChain said…
Wow, I would so get myself utterly tangled in that, but really, you look incredible and I'm pretty jealous of how well you rock this look.
Twiggy Mod said…
That is berloody amazing, only you bella only you could come up with something like that and make it look fantastico.


love you

adios x
J.Yo said…
wow! super creative! it's edgy and fresh, love it!
Awsome¡ you are an artist¡
stilettostetico said…
Mmmmh Refined transparencies AND "Bella-esques" Vintage cutoff shorts (Pffffffff Your legs, your stratospheric leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeegs -"Beads of sweat"- !!!!), You look like a haughty "GLAMazon" ready to attack the train !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine
Leni said…
your shoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees. i want them. right now!
Girl next blog said…
Everything looks perfect mixed together!

Anonymous said…
Thanks for your feedback, really. It DOES mean a lot. I always feel so... I don't know. Harmless ?

You're really amazing by the way. A queen of DIY.... Congrats !
hey Bella! great look as always :) have a nice day
There is an art to this rope binding...the Japanese have a special school & masters...Darling, you are one fabulous mistress! shall now check out the interview! XO* as always!
Anonymous said…
oh you are so, so, so great!!!!! I love the lace top & the ripped up tank. it's so creative. I really love it. I wish I could pull something like that off. I wish I was as TALL AS YOU!!! aaaah. you're wonderful, really. much love~

love, dayna
budget chic said…
Oh how fun Bella I love that rope vest, so unique!!
marissa said…
OMG!!!!!! You deserve a spotlight for your creative style and amazing blog!!
You're so beautfiul. Love this.

Mimi/Marleen said…
aaah cute shirt! Those robes look great on you! I would look like a fish in a net:P
missKaren said…
That looks like an item that, if I glimpsed in a store, I'd run over to and touch/pet/pick up excitedly. I'd turn around and ask loudly, "What is it? Do you know? I don't know! I want it!" It's so...unnecessary. But so fiercely cool.

Oh, your hair looks good too. :) I want to pat it.
Iole said…
looking rocky
lizz :) said…
You have such amazing legs, i am so jealous!
And well done on the rope overlay, it's like something you would only see on the catwalk :)

stunning shoes

the crumpet girls
escritora said…
this rope something is so cool :)
Hanako66 said…
your little project turned out so cool! I will go to check out your interview:)
Nemerae said…
Such a gorgeous outfit!!! *.* and I absolutely love your boots, I need ones like these..
I'm off to the North of Spain, have a great time! see you when I come back!
oniomania said…
i love your shoes... man i need to practice walking in heels...
LOVE the boots. I'm also loving the contrast of the white ropes on black!
beautiful as always!
Miss G* said…
I don't like your top, but you have gorgeous legs!
Cas Ruffin said…
I'm loving the rope, but I think that "What Up" post is the best.
you are way too cool!! :) amazing boots too
Anonymous said…
you made that! it's true you totally rock the blog!

kisses lovely.
Sol said…
Those cut-offs look hot on you! I think i've already told you, but i'm in love with the MJ boots in white.
May Kasahara said…
oh my dear lord.
girl you've killed it yet again.
freaking amazing DIY.
pure love.
Freaking amazing in ropes, ingenious, dolly. Hey do you happen to have Twitter? If so, follow me so I can follow you. :]

Jealous of your Marcs!

fhen said…
hi bella! the rope diy is fantastic :)
loving your blog too
wanna exchange link ?

esther said…
ah, i love those boots. way to go with that DIY, I am ever impressed by the amazing DIY abilities of others...i only wish i could.
great outfit!
Mariona said…
Thanks a lot, looks gorgeous as always, I love the shorts on you with the mix ... wow so sexy, kisses
tanya said…
so talented...WOW. :-)
Anonymous said…
Hi there, u look so cute n effortless with the bunned updo. I've just gone thru ur fashion interview. U r just amazing, wonder where u stored all those gorgeous shoes?lol. U did a fantastic job to the rope,my dear!

Georgie said said…
I LOVEEEEEE your rope overlay! How on earth did you make it? And can you make me one ;-)
Amazing as always.
ps, i've given you 3 awards :)

Maxie said…
i love the way you pose in 1st picture, girl you have some legs!!

apparently the weather is great over there!
electric feel said…
oh my .......
that's creativity!!!
very interesting combination!
lauren said…
Well look at you miss bella, stylish girl around..this is like nothing I have ever seen! You challenge fashion and brave up to anything makes you the best in the bunch. This proves it!

I'd expect to see this on a runway and then you work it into reality! Just read you're interview and YOU ARE AMAZING!!!

Love you little bun too!
morena said…
woww !! love this look! You look Great
Anonymous said…
this is so AWESOME i absolutely love it
pangea said…
i love you Bella


Hi Bella, how original outfit!! Incredible idea...
You have such a clever way of putting things together. Very inspirational.
diane said…
Wow Bella, I can't believe you made that! All I can say is, I'm so glad cute hubby is not at all interested in fashion blogs, you look mind-blowing.
prettyneons said…
Hello's :)
Oh wow them boots are amazing, I adore the shape and and shade of them.
You always have such impressive boots hun. I'm seeking some new boots either at the weekend or next week...and you shall be my shoe inspiration if that makes sense??

Bye for now,
PeAce & BoWs
Allison said…
If I tried to wear something like that, I would look so silly, but you look phenomenal, darling Bella. You're so creative - I can't believe the rope was a DIY! Fantastic job.
Hope you have a fabulous upcoming weekend, dear. And I'm about to read your interview now :)
Yuka said…
i love it, and i love your marc jacobs!
beth said…
ridiculously cool! love the rope and your little bun is adorable on you.

peace and love xoxo
CultureCynic said…
U totally killed this look..i love DIY projects!!!! .i love how u always bring something organic and creative to each look and your intricate wordplay is effinahmazzing....u r one fine Bella!!!!!
Juaи + said…


I'll share it with some of my girlfriends!!! RIGHT NOW!!

And you know I love your Marc by Marc boots!!! :)
Dane said…
You did this? Genius! You look beautiful, I would kill for your legs!
C a t r i n a said…
oh god, the rope looks so amazing!!
your outfit is really original (i don't know if it's good word?) and i love Marc jacobs' shoes! ;)
muchlove said…
Amazing shoes, hun!

Congrats on the interview! I'm off to read it now :)
SOS! said…
xx-LJ from SOS!
proudly says, said…
wow, bella!
i really love your looks!
you look exotic!
thwo thumbs up for DIY overlay rope!
i just read the interview.
i want to add Q, what type of camera you're using?thanks!
jessica said…
ohhhmg im gonna cry i need those boots so bad :)
they are gorge, i've been lusting after them for everrrr .
Anika said…
Bella, love the DIY rope overlay. Saw it on Mimi's site and immediately rushed over here to drool over it some more. And couldn't find it.

Love that you DIYed it. Impressed!

Hope you have a great, extended weekend

This looks so good - Well done for persevering! Just make sure it doesn't get ridiculously tangled in your closet! :) x
FJ said…
Bella. What are you wearing? Silly girl ;) Kudos for creativity.
Delmy said…
Awesome pics Bella!
cätu . said…
why can't i post a comment on your new post?
i love your style!
Couture Carrie said…
Okay you are TOO awesome! I just did a post called "Dope on a Rope" and I was hoping to see some inspired DIYs like this one - fabulous! Love the boots too!


P.S. Can totally see you in a j-suit!
If you Twitter, let me know.

How come I can't always comment your other posts? Well, I really love those Polyvore/outfit sets up above.

Ciao, bella!

Gail said…
This could so easily look wrong or strange, but you make it look amazing, Love it! xG
Forêt noire said…
Look out for the train girl! Lovely sexy oufit again - and the hairdo - beautiful! Love that crochet rope shirt and the Marc Jacobs shoes!
Mattia said…
Hello Bella,
Congratulations on your very beautiful blog!
Thanks for visiting.
See you soon
Anonymous said…
Rylie said…
I love the DIY and the whole look. Everything works together so well.
And congrads on the interview!!
You're really amazing :D
xs said…
that must have been a complicated diy. i'm impressed.
miky said…
mm i'm sorry but i thinck it is too mutch... not your best look
Marcella said…
Not only do you have the looks, but you have the brains too: That DIY harness looks intricate as hell! Don't know how you did it but I love it.
This comment has been removed by the author.
are you going to buy all thoses clothes??


btw, fantastic outfit, but, are you wearing tights?....well, here the weather is still cold, imposible no tights!!
Hello dear Bella, i wish you a great weekend, hope you'll have a great time and happy easter also, if you celebrate it!
i just finished a hard work, which is my first site for bloggers and i really want you to join it! is the site where you can post the same articles you post in here and you can chat with other bloggers!
if you like my idea please join, i need people like you on my site, since i desire people who are interested in fashion!
ok Bella, that was all:)
take care dear!

i just love seeing what you're going to come up with next! :) great stuff!
Devonbella said…
love love your blog:D
vicen said…
Thanks Bella, you are so good with me.
're always pretty.
chocandcinnamon said…
I love love love the shoes :)
Kristen said…
That rope overlay is pretty crazy! In the best possible way, of course.
Laura said…
I am staring completely at those SHOES!! How amazing. I hope you have a great weekend Bella!
The rope idea is interesting and fun??? How did you think of it?
LaMimi said…
Thanks for your input love!
Happy Easter! :)

Jessie said…
Wow your blog is so awesome! I'm so annoyed I hadn't discover it earlier! I love this outfit, it's so creative and fresh ;) and I love that knit tee in one of your earlier posts!!! Expect more comments from me =P!
Jessie xx
Robynne said…
Oh wow! The shoes! Everything looks amazing as usual!!!!

fashion on edge
Franco said…
holy shit that's really creative, love it love it love it.

ps: you and your short shorts :D
Marina Siero. said…
thanks dear for your comment!
i loooooove your boots! you look amazing as always!

xx pretty
Love your other posts but I can´t comment them,there´s no comment link
E said…
I love your shoes so much. They look awesome with the cut-offs.
stephanie said…
gonna round up your comments here to 130 ;)

Thank you S O MUCH for that super sweet compliment!!

I love that blazer so i'm glad to hear it loves me back ;) lol.

Stompface said…
Holy moly! You look so hottown its ridiculous.

Madly in love with the rope overlay, and those boots!!

Eeli said…

Gah, you are one amzing chick. I swear you and I could get along swimingly. You've got the grunge look locked down :D

Read your interview. Congratulations!!!!

xxxxxxxooooooooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox etc :P

Anika said…
Hey gorgeous,
Apologies for being all out of order (:P) but I HAD to comment on the gorgeous picks in the post above. I haven't said want to so many things so frequently in the space of 5mins!

And you look gorgeous in the latest outfit-mix post. That blazer + minidress/skirt + boot combo is killer :)

em linda said…
i love that rope overlay!!! absolutely wicked!

btw..thanks for your comment ^_^ sweetness!
This is for your latest posting...luv you! ...& love the 1st pic...the leather(bag+shoes) shines darling***
givemepills said…
Holy shit Bella, I love your blog!
Eri said…
Somehow I had missed this post! WHAT A FANTASTIC DIY!!!!!
I appreciate how much time this must have took you, I wouldn't have so much patience.
Unique and fantastic!
See you soon hun.
BB said…
Waouhhhhhhhh! this cut stuff is really interesting, it might give some ideas for a french young fashion designer like me(take a look when you will get some time
I have a probably idiot question but what is that mean "DIY" ?
Please keep on your fashion universe because is great!
jsera said…
I don't know about the rope shirt...... maybe creativeness gone wrong... sorry I just don't know about this one...other wise love your blog :)

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