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Rocky Mountain High

A museum of silence and imagery...

From Lincoln Avenue to Garden of the Gods and all the way back from where I’d started, a charming hippie village proliferates with seriously righteous tie-dye. And like some mutant offspring, it just kept multiplying.
Even as the snowcap milieu put my vertiginous vaults to shame, I somehow balanced my stems atop the semi-rough terrain with very minimal complaint. A garland amongst snaking mountainside sidewalks, the endless roads cemented an impish escapade as a monochrome skyline released a layer of snowfall… blanketing this bucolic scene in a whimsy of white. Never a hindrance to the wiles of feminine philosophy, I ardently gadabout with expensive latte concoctions, feeling the secret rush of my spontaneous Colorado reprieve.

But as the final countdown took my euphoric lift with hollowing reflection, I abort the word goodbye from my vocabulary.

(Faux fur caplet, gloves, and boy's blazer, vintage. T, French Connection. Jeans, Guess. Heels, JC)


Dakota77 said…
Wow, what an awesome look- the ripped jeans, fur caplet and JC heels. Just perfect!:-)
lauren said…
Almost the first to comment! I reallllly love this, you're perfect. Really. You always look like a movie star.

The pics are FANTASTIC, darling!:) <3<3<3
Eelie said…
For some reason despite the fact i do not completely understand what you mean sometimes with all these big words :P theres something very alluring that makes me want to check up every dozenth word or so to see what you actually mean.

Hi hun!

What a different look layering a fur over a bazer will make. The contrast between the masculine anf feminine fabrics, androgyny at one of its best.

i loved the jeans with the fur! you always have amazing shoes!
The Seeker said…
Beautiful pictures!!!
Looking so stylish and gorgeous my dear, love all details, the red gloves are such a great piece.

Have a gorgeous Holiday Season and a Fabulous New Year, dear

cätu . said…
your jeans are sooo wanted !
Miss G* said…
I like it! Your jeans, the fur, and your heels... gorgeous!
I know we never have enough shoes, but you have a lot of really nice heels!
Alex said…
Love the fur- It's surprising how even faux fur is warm in the winter. :))
Oh such gorgeous photos!! I'm crazy about the faux fur xo
Maddi said…
Love the faux fur. Amazing.
I love your shots, they're so professional-looking.
Mode Junkie said…
aaawww the last photo is soo cute. :)
can i have that faux fur please?
looks amazing on u.

happy holidays sweetie.
ennui said…
the look is just fabulous...ALL OVER.
great (faux) fur!!
Anonymous said…
You look so cool.
Does your wardrobe ever end?
Anonymous said…
You look so cool.
Does your wardrobe ever end?
Aw, Bella you are so gorgeous (both inside and out!) I am always on the lookout for both your latest outfit posts and your comments to me in my blog. THANK YOU for lifting my spirits and always knowing just what to say. I appreciate it ten fold! :)

Your fur is something I want, I need. Yummy. Hot boots too. Looks like you had a fab and glam day, my dear!! :)

roxanne said…
the fur, the fur.. darling, it's divine.
Song of Style said…
aw looks like u had lots of fun! lol
love the faux fur and that wall mural is super cool
TheMinx said…
WOWOWOWOW. you = fashion :)
melina said…
Beatiful fur caplet, love it! You look so cool!
PAM said…
hi bella! for some reasons, i hate looking at your photos cos ur so stunning! haha! yeah.. im turning into your hater! (kidding!) btw, i know u might be italian & all (coming from ur name) but what's ur whole blood line?

ps. everything looks good on you, so i can almost say... you looked perfect dear!! :)
Sweet Nothings said…

absolutely stunning
Anonymous said…
Amazing pictures. i love everything!!!
IQVintage said…
bella, the fairies and wizard airbrushed artwork is so mystical...i love it!!
Miranda said…
mind if i borrow that fur ? ;)
haha it looks amazing on you
tyler said…
God i love your style and your WRITING. You always look so good.<3
J.Yo said…
tie dye? i've just raid my own closet yesterday and weirdly, i found one in there!

i love the photos, every one of it, and every bits of it, an i hate you for having those GORGz gloves......!

missed you, Bella~
love the scenery :o)
Kirke said…
Amazing outfit, i really like the fur. So fabulous!
Hippiegirl said…
your outfit is great and the landscape is fantastic!!!
I need that fur...
escritora said…
gorgeous! you look fantastic! I like your faux fur caplet.
Casandra said…
Oooh, i love your caplet!!! :-O The site is incredible and the foto with your boyfriend is nice!!

Kisses and merry christmas, darling!! ^_^
Nemerae said…
Thanks for your comment on my blog :)
I'm loving your stunning faux fur caplet, these red gloves, the amazing heels and your ripped jeans (I need a pair like that!) :P
The drawings of the magician and the fairy are very beautiful.
electric feel said…
JC heels..........i looooove them
you look tres chic
Demi said…
thank you so much :)
I love this, great outfit! and i'm very jealous of your faux fur!!
gorgeous background too!
jaime said…
ahh this has got to be one of my favorite outfit of yours! lovingggg that fur coat on you, you look absolutely glam!
Anika said…
You seriously have ridiculously good style. I would happily buy everything you're wearing from you (or steal it from you ;)

And you look gorgeous in every single shot too :)

Hope you're having a great festive season!
heartofpearl♥ said…
awesome background, jacket, and style! x
Anonymous said…
that coat is soooo fabulous!

La C.
Anonymous said…
OMG Bella you are the coolest blogger. You rock it out! I mean you always look fierce and your closet myusy be amazing but every post just gets better than before.
Loving this so much <3
Anonymous said…
OMG Bella you are the coolest blogger. You rock it out! I mean you always look fierce and your closet myusy be amazing but every post just gets better than before.
Loving this so much <3
DaisyChain said…
You look breath taking my love,
that capelet is to die for.
Couture Carrie said…
These photos are incredible, and you and the BF both look great~ I looooove your coat!

Anonymous said…
i love your outfit! your jean is gorgeous!
stephanie said…
i love your blog!!!! amazing pictures! Maegan said…
beautiful imagery! I love your outfit as well. Loving the strappies with socks!
Stephanie said…
Love this post!! Amazing coat!!!! and those heels! you look fabulous!
SOS! said…
cool gloves..I was contemplating buying a nude leather pair today, ended up getting other stuff hehe!
xx-LJ from SOS!
Anonymous said…
love how the red gloves add color (:
natalie said…

Ariella said…
Fantastic outfit. I love the fur jacket (it's such a great colour), and those boots look awesome. Are they hard to walk in? I hope you have a great week!
Demi said…
Hope you have an amazing christmas and new year honey!
thank you for always being so lovely!!
I LOVE those heels!
Shredded jeans and a super luxe faux fur jacket, paired with awesome shoes as always. Couldnt be more perfect. Love the graffitti too
I'm always flattered by your feedback, Bella. I seriously take it to heart. I admire your sense of style and really hope to somehow emulate it someday. :)

Of course, you are the pro to the "Bella" look! :)

Wishing you the MERRYiest of HolidaYS!

pretty pretty... great shots
ANDY said…
Chiquita banana said…
so cute! gorgeous jacket
very style..
Mel Carrey said…
wow. Beautiful words, stellar look xo
María said…
LAs sandalias son geniales!!
Un besote y feliz navidad
Anonymous said…
love the fur! and all that graffitti is amazing!! i wish u did some kinda smitten girl pose! hehehe. love the shoes! hottest!
Mimi said…
The cape is awesome and the best thing about it,it's faux!Your boots and jeans also pleased me a lot like always.

P.S.The shorts+tights look is made for you and your legs ☺
Hot Bot said…
Oh's bellisima! :)
Miss Urbanita said…
Need your heels and your gloves. Fantastic views! Kisses ;)
Dallas Shaw said…
That jacket is very rachel zoe

chloé mariya said…
great jeans everyone seem to have them now wich is boring because not many people can wear them well.
but you do. and lets remember that basicly the only ones wearing them now are fashionistas and blogers inspired by tallulah etc. imagine the hysteria when the boutiques start selling them

Fashionista* said…
love the aux fur
melmo said…
great pics!
love your jacket and your jeans ;)
Anonymous said…
One of my fav look, you always get it perfect. I'm so in love with this look!
hana said…
you always look good, no doubt about it...the last photo is super sweet:)
you seem happy and this means a lot!best wishes and enjoy every moment!
May Kasahara said…
Hi beautiful ♥

That coat is luscious and those RED gloves are epic. I'm loving this cozy bohemian sexy style. The scenery makes me want to go somewhere else - somewhere far away from where I am. You are amazing.

♥ x 1000
Leni said…
That last pictures is so cute!!!!
love your looks & blog! maybe we can trade links? ill add you to my list.. definitely be back =)
that Faux fur caplet is amazing! I love it :)
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Jenna said…
Savvy Mode SG said…
you look so warm and love your bright gloves.
jacquieshambles said…
Heavy stuff dear Bella.

Perfect jacket, again, might I add.

hah please wear an ugly dad shirt avec moi! Obviously you'd not only "pull it off" you'd masterkraft it!!

Jasnaaa said…
Love the coat. I hope it's fake??
Wendiva said…
omg, ur entire outfit looks amazing, but u're definitely rockin the jacket...i can't take my eyes off of it!!
chocandcinnamon said…
How cute the last picture :D
U always put together amazing outfits, do u always look that great? :D
Anonymous said…
Love the effortless cool with which you wear your glam fur. The colour is divine and your hair looks beautiful against it :)

And your shoes...the bandage straps look seriously sexy. The last photo of you and your boy is super sweet! Merry christmas darling xxx
darling gorge shots!love location,yummy the gloves dear.
muah x
Anonymous said…
Your outfit is so freaking awesome in this post hun... merry christmas xx
Dooder City said…
Weird, I live in Brooklyn but from Colorado Springs! and I am back in Colorado Springs for the holidays. Strange coincidence BUT ANYWAY, I love your blog.
Trish said…
OOOH. Those shoes are the hotties! :)
B. said…
waoooohh incredible place, perfect for a photo sesion
Ana said…
You look fabulous as usual. I can't believe you climbed up in those heels though!

Would you mind replacing the link to Snazzy with my new blog?
what a beautiful landscape!!

hey, girlie, how are u? lot of time without comments!! hahaha

where is this fantastic mountain?!
love your coat!

Merry Christmas!!!

Amazing shoes.
xladyxleahx said…
amazing photos

just found your blog and so pleased that I did

love it :)
vicen said…
very interesting your post
Many kisses from Spain
yiqin; said…
The graffiti is gorgeous! 7 you wear the fur coat so well!
Siljesfashion said…
Great look, love the ripped jeans! Merry Christmas!
C.B. said…
simply... AMAZING!!! I love the coat and the jeanss!!!
belle.chantelle said…
I love this look! and your shoes are yummy!
becca said…
Always something Faaaaabulous!
The gloves are insane!!!
Did you Diy those jeans?
girl next blog said…
Your fur caplet is perfect! And even more because it's fake.
I hope I'll find one like

Chiquita banana said…
Merry Christmas
oddgirldiaries said…
like everybody said.. awesome! you look swell! that fur looks fantastic on you. i love the shoes as usual! ha ha ha.
Andy said…
You look wonderful with this look :)
I really love that faux fur caplet !
Merry christmas

Frou Flu said…
i love your shoes!!!
facehunter said…
Wow!! Nice Collection!
You Rocks!!!
Jack Daniel said…
Your pictures are good too!

Or does your man takes them?
geri said…
love that faux fur!
Fashion_Girl22 said…
Wow! After reading this and seeing the pictures, it's all so inspirational. It makes me want to get out and actualy do something this winter, besides trying to stay warm.
The way your looks says "adventreous-yet-chic" is amazing. As always, your hoes leave my mouth water.

Hope you have a Great New Year's Eve! <3

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