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Part of Me | Society6 Prints

Just added Part of Me to my Society6 shop! Prints and other fine art goodies available



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Historic Home Flood GoFundMe

Any donation you can make is appreciated. If you are unable to donate, you can still help by sharing this story with your friends and family. Thank you so very much.
Less than a year ago, I became a homeowner of a beautiful, old Victorian built in 1870. A dream come true but recently a nightmare. This was a milestone in my life... and yet now something I'm asking anyone that can, to please help save it from repeated flooding and water damage. Unaware this was a past issue, I'm faced with devastating restoration costs in order to maintain the preservation and integrity of my home's internal and external structure. 
This past week, we received significant amounts of rainfall and the NWS issued flash flooding in this area. Because of untreated damage over the years before I lived here, rainfall continues to pour down/through parts of the roof and pipes as ground water surges in, flooding the inside of my home with 18-24 inches of water.
Winter temperatures are still in the mi…

Halloween Auction

Poe and Frankie are individually up for auction via the Copycat Violence Facebook page. Each are complete in a baroque plastic frame with satin black finish and glass front.

Artwork is approx 4 x 5"
Frame is 8 x 10" with 5 x 7" matted opening

Bidding is open October 13-17th

Auction not affiliated with Facebook
Thank you for your interest!!

Wicked Little Whimsy

Hands-down my favorite season, but as the dynamics of holiday nostalgia and annual traditions aide the recovery of turkey comas everywhere, it’s coming on that time of year when private lives become public record to nearly every relative in tow. And while I’m amazed it hasn’t made the evening news (wink-wink), the neighbors are decorating in such abundance that the norm of suburbia is beginning to look like the Macy's Day Parade on crack. So there in the backdrop of an intimate family gathering, I thought studding the hell-out-of-a pair of semi-combat boots seemed a novel inspiration… my loved ones bolstering each near miss of the hammer. Not the first to visit funkytown, kudos to all those who came before me.

Blazer and knee socks, F21. Studded DIY Boots, secondhand. Cutoffs, Vintage DIY. Camisole, Little Ribbons. Tights, H&M. Bangles, vintage, Hot Topic, F21. Tigers Eye Ring, Pathways.