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Javelin & The University of Hilfiger

Well, here we are at the a start of a new week and so it's time for Monday's fashion article! 
American fashion designer, Tommy Hilfiger, has been designing his way into our hearts for as long as I can remember. (His corporation went public in 1992, Wikipedia)
Honestly, I don't think I've ever wanted to implement that nautical prep-school equestrian flare more than when I see one of his renowned ad campaigns and classic red, white and blue logos. 
Inundated with notions of wanderlust yachting across the globe, perfect poolside parties and picturesque countryside camping trips, Hilfiger's sophisticated approach, classic trends and undeniable magnetism ensure a steady level of anticipation with each approaching season. With a mix of tweed, stripes, cable knit, fleece, corduroy and leather... the visionary and highly-crafted fantasy of "The Hilfigers" certainly conceptualizes that fashionable Ivy League aesthetic.
I wonder if I can apply for a scholarship?

I recently visited Javelin's online boutique, where they have a wonderful selection of designers, including several pieces from the Tommy Hilfiger Collection. Particularly drawn to the Sophie skinny Lucy flowers jeans and Bjork flower button-down shirt, I recommend taking a peek if you haven't already!


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