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From the other side I'm looking in at you

It's always entertaining to haphazardly amble about thrift stores, especially those that house vintage Missoni in one window display and hideous yellow boots in the other. And as an added bonus, every time my little brother mischievously puts bunny ears behind my head, it apparently makes his day better.  

(Forever 21 dress, Vintage sheer top and jewelry, BCBGirls sandals, Prada bag)


annA said…
Lovely dress dear!
Maria Maliki said…
cute dress
Alex said…
I love these pictures, baby! You look so gorgeous. Beautiful legs. Love the outfit. And lol at Jacob! Can't wait to go out together again soon...
Bog-Bog said…
So pretty look!
Anonymous said…
Bella you are a beautiful woman Never let anyone tell you different.

Alex is a lucky guy
Andrés Corella said…
Beautiful dress very springy!..Oh bunny ears I like to do that too! xD

The Black Label
Follow me on Twitter @Andru_Corella
AKB said…
Your legs look awesome in this getup. I love the pattern of the dress and pairing it with the black accents. Looks really good!
love the sheer top over the dress!
Trendsetters said…
Hey! since you have one of the cutest and creative blogs out there, we added yours on our list of our top 10 blogs that should get the Kreativ blog Award! :)
check that out here:

xx Ts.
Mens Suits said…
Wow your so sexy with that dress, do you have an designer artist or you get this idea on your own? with a match up colors and the design of your dress you are fabulous. Awesome!!
cole said…
I love your outfits, they look gorgeous!
XOXO Nicole, VPV Team Member
Check us out & follow @
Marissa said…
I love the sheer top and your legs are SO AMAZING! You look gorgesous!

Rania K. said…
Very beautiful outfit!I especially like your bag and shoes
Really love the dress, sooo cute!
featherfactor said…
Beautiful dress and love your shoes - you look lovely!
mistytewest said…
the dress is perfect especially the floral prints...and OMG the photo of the kid is just so cute!!!!

Tereza Anton said…
I love your dress.
Love your blog, do you want to follow each other?
Lewis R. said…
Girl, you are gorrrrrgeous!

Have a great weekend.
Tereza Anton said…
Thank you for the follow, I followed you back.
Kholá said…
The shoes are killer! Love them!
Anonymous said…
I want to kiss you when i see your blog. you are the bella of your name.
Danielle said…
Gorgeous dress, gorgeous shoes, gorgeous style! Love it!
I definitely love your forever 21 dress! Looks so pretty on you and by the way, I love your long and luxurious hair. You're definitely a very fashionable inspiration! ;)
Malouan said…
Very, very like it<3
DanielaCarpino said…
Love the outfit! xoxo

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