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Elsewhere and something else

Collecting hoards of shoes like I'm stockpiling for the apocalypse is evidently a character trait I love living up to, but after 6 hours and 25 pairs of platforms now en route for eBay, I'm a little taken aback by the impending vacancy of my walk-in closet. All that superfluous floor space leads me to only one rational conclusion: restocking it.

Miu Miu satin clogs came today... I'm determined to obsessively pair them with everything.


Can't wait to see all the different ways you will style these!
Lauren said…
So jealous Bella can't wait to see you wear them!

Have a great weekend
Alex said…
Oh wow, they look even better than in the online shop pictures!!!!! Can't wait for you to put them on for me, love.
Anonymous said…
Amazing! Your shoes are sooooooooooooooo inspiring.
Zepequeña said…

love your clogs!!

Anonymous said…
my god, you're so beautiful! i really love your style, plussss i'd kill for the shoes
Anonymous said…
my god, you're so beautiful! i really love your style, plussss i'd kill for the shoes
Meho M said…
oooh bella, they're gorgoeussss.. wear them like there's nop other show in the world haha.

Meho xx
Mike K. 36 said…
Great photography Bella!

Allison said…
Love those new shoes, darling Bella! I too have had to downsize my closet to make room for new things. I'm sure you'll have perfect new shoes and clothes to fill your closet soon!
revital said…
ooohhhh! so many shoes!! love it!
Anonymous said…
Oh My Goodness! I love all your clothes and shoes! I'm going to E-Bay now to see if I can find any of your awesome things there for me to buy. Thanks Belle
Marissa said…
Bella I want to live in you closet! haha!!
sof and em said…
so jealous of your miu miu clogs...they're amazing :)
Susu Paris Chic said…
Sweet shoe mania... go on... indulge, sweet Bella!
natali said…
sweet shoes...
Moscow said…
Amazing ! I love it ! ;] honestly
dee said…
Wow, looks like your shoe collection is still amazing. Still envious!
Mode Junkie said…
i´m super duper jealous over your miu mius babe. if you get tired of them, think of me. LOL
can´t wait to see how you pair it with EVERYTHING!

Michelle Elaine said…
do it!!! I'd wear those Miu Mius out non-stop!

Oh,,THe other colors of that pair of Miu Miu shoes also look good..btw..I wanna show my bf this post. He will not complain I have too many shoes anymore :P

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