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Madame Trouser

Here’s a sight rarely seen… trousers! Bolstering a spunky need for change, the androgynous feel masquerades as something of the fashionably divine. Once ambivalent, I decided to lay down the gauntlet and finally flaunt my denim cutoff infidelities. But where I live, it gets blasted hot, agonizingly so… and this inferno humidity can sometimes lead to stylistic disadvantages among those ever-vindictive wardrobe challenges. I mean seriously, the suburbanite ambiance is crinkled with shades of russet and leaves are falling down like rain, despite the somersaulting 60 to 80 degree variances.
A common belief in the world of comfortable apparel repetition… if I wasn’t perpetually addicted to one thing, wouldn’t I just be addicted to another? Perhaps, the proverbial tatty white t-shirt?


Ines said…
you look so good in trousers...
love the outfit
have a nice day
bethany said…
Gorgeous, you look wonderful in those and I LOVE the shoes too!!
Those trousers are so chic, I love that outfit!
hidzume said…
Thanks for the nice comment!

And sorry for the late reaction ;(
(I was out of blogging for a while but I'm back now, so plz take a look^^)

Also, loving the trousers <3

May Kasahara said…
perfect outfit. Love the long lines.

chic lady ♥
MR style said…
your shoes are pretty nice !! very fierce !! that's sexy
The Seeker said…
Oh Gosh LOVE your pants, and you look gorgeous in them.
Very stylish, def a winner.

Fashion_Girl22 said…
*Oh My*
I absoulty love your style!
For someone that doen't wear trousers too often, you look fantastic.
I must add your blog to my list of must-see's. <3

Thanks for the comment ^_^
Dana (MODAna) said…
you're rocking the trousers.
I love the background of your photos, btw.
Anonymous said…
I'm in shock! The Madame Trousers are envy-worthy! You look awesome, so it wrong to miss your cutoffs too?
Krystal said…
Thank you! I was wearing these ollld dr scholls wood and leather platforms, oddly, they were comfortable. :) Ya, people need to stand up for what they believe in, and always be loving when they do it!

I love these photos.
hidzume said…
I'll try ^^

and with such sweet comments as yours I just have to gain lots of inspiration :) thanks a lot ^^

Savvy Mode SG said…
very savvy, esp the shoes.... but you just look stylish.
Fashion Pariah said…
I love those pants and shoes. I'm addicted to black tanks, i have loads but always seem to wear the sames ones, lol.
C.B. said…
love your trousers!!! and your shoes too (L)

im looking 4 a pair of trousers like those... where did you buy it?¿?
Nina said…
hi! thanks for visiting my site! i love how you rolled the hems up. they look so chic like that.
Jenny H. said…
these trousers look fantastic on you.
and the shoes pair really well with them also.

great blog :)
nv said…
love this outfit and you make the pants look great
Wana Sambo said…
cuffed pants!! yay!..thanx for ur comment on my blog dearie!! it just kept me smiling...
Anonymous said…
plus u have 4 chihuahua's? and a million shoes... hate yew(means love yew!!)
*sniff aniff*
love your shoes and bags!! i want them too!
Katja Cintja said…
nice outfit!!
belle.chantelle said…
omg, you look so good.
and you're always in the most interesting places for your shoots.
Eelie said…
Thankyou! I need the luck very much like all my other exams but thankfully it isn't till the 8th! WOAH... :)

I saw your pictures and i was like: "Hey!!! Thats new ;)" but the good kind. I believe we'll be seeing more of missy in longer attire for its turning to Winter where you are? Right? :P

Anyway i've always wanted to ask: DO you talk the way you write? lol. Because i believe i would act the ass if i were near you :P

Much love
ashleigh said…
okay so where can i find those trousers? i need them! you look fabulous!
wooowee...lovely dear! the shape & length of the trousers is so fab on you!
Ingvild Marie said…
I like it! You look really good! And the shoes <3
Stompface said…
All your comments are always so lovely! DAMN lovely! Yes it is allowed!

Whoa, I was shocked just at the title. I want to see, why is my internet so slow. load quicker I want to see you rocking trousers.
hahaha oh the internet is mocking me, it has only loaded halfway so I can only see your top half. haha
aren't you glad I am giving you commentary on my internet being slow.

ooh ooh there they are.

wow you look lovely!
Love that they aren't fully long. Those shoes are hot as!
Fleurr De Lux said…
those trousers look fantastic on you!! i just hopped on the bandwagon and bought a pair myself!
ryan manning said…
ultimately life-affirming
Thea said…
I love the trousers!! it's a decent look for you;)
beth said…
Wow, you look stunning! The trousers are fab, the local, the shoes! I need a pair now!!
DaisyChain said…
you look amazing and so chic in those trousers.
I think I need me a pair!
copperoranges said…
these slacks are fabulous... very well-fitting!
yiqin; said…
Ahhh those pants are lovely :) It ends at the perfect place!
Demi said…
those pants and shoes are lovely :)
Trousers and heels. Loving it! x

xo/ fashion chalet
Minopokanpe said…
marvellous! I lov your shoes and your trousers! lovely
saray said…
love the heels
michelle said…
Those shoes are stunning!
Vain and Vapid said…
Love the trousers, they are super fab....
I'm wearing the same shoes as yours... right this very moment! heehee.. but mine are just Dior-wannabees...

I love your outfit! You pull-off cuffed trousers so well!!
Anonymous said…
Gorgeous trousers, gorgeous shoes. Perfect.
ANDY said…
Hey gorgeous, you look great!!!
lauren said…
I agree, you look terrific!
lovely you and you blog!
gorgeous and fabulous!! and bella of course!!
we can change links, Im going to add you!
you look great!
I love this outfit!
Anonymous said…
Love reading and looking at your creations!
Maddi said…
Thanks for the comment =]
Loving the trousers, & the shoes are awesome too.
Anonymous said…
I have just discovered your blog. I like your style. The outfit with this pants is wonderful.
awesome shoes, awesome pants..
i'm absolutely in love with the outfit.

Iheartfashion said…
Love the rolled trousers!

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