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Big Bad Socks...

A creature of habit, I attest to wearing certain shoes amongst other things... to death. Yes, I love these Mizrahi boots and this relic vest, I seriously can't help myself.
And I couldn't resist buying this fringed bad-boy in brown as well!
Taken in some random back alley, lined with boxes, crates, dumpsters, and only God knows what else... I tried to disregard the gang of manly onlookers, albeit the constant wolf whistles were somewhat distracting.
All for the sake of fashion and photography...


Anonymous said…
yay! the first!
yah, u getting my FSAHION AND PHOTOGRAPHY drift ay??
if it doesnt hurt,its not worth
The Paper Doll said…
Awesome, i've just recently aquired some knee high socks and am looking forward to wearing them!!
Thank you :)

You got great pics so it was worth the looks and whistles, right? :)

Btw, you missed a P in your URL when you wrote it in my comments, so I can´t click my way directly to you, if you know what I mean?
Miss My said…
the shoe gods finally made it to my doorstep!
check out my new blog at and you can see the pictures, im in love all over again.
ashleigh said…
ohh the things we have to do for our fashion blogs :)

wolf whistles aside, you look wonderful! :) love the knee highs. i'm such a massive knee high lover. but those boots! oh lord! amazing!
The Seeker said…
Great look!!!
Love the vest, the pearls and the bag!

And great pictures, you always make me jealeous (in a good way).

Danz said…
Great layering in this outfit! I love that fringed bag!
Marissa said…
Love the sock and this entire look has inspired me to try something like it!

You have great sense of fashion and I always look forward to your creativeness. So beautiful!!!!!!!
Savvy Mode SG said…
cute socks.... my gal pals all got the same marc jacob leather clutch with makeup.
Thea said…
I love the baag!
DaisyChain said…
Wow, amazing outfit. Those socks are wonderful.
Dakota77 said…
How come I've discovered your blog only now? You look great. I've read the older posts and I love your style. And you're the writer? That's great! I'm still working on my debut novel, but I hope to publish it some time soon, as I'm nearing to the end;-)
Dakota77 said…
Oh, I forgot, I'll definitely link you on my blog:-)
Dream on said…
Thanks for your comment!
your outfit is cute.
The socks are lovely
I love wearing knee high socks with boots, mine are bright pink though, I need to dig them out. I also love that bag, its gorgeous so u are totally justified for buying it in both colours!
Stompface said…
Heheh laughed at your post title.

I love your big bad socks. They are radical. I also love those big bad boots. and ohhh gloriously fringed bag! I am jealous of you again.

I am also really proud you did your modelling in front of a gang of manly onlookers. I always try to do them in the middle of everyone but then my boyfriend gets all embarrassed. ahahha why doesn't he support my blog addiction.

P.s. I haven't self combusted yet! Hooray!
Mike Foster said…
The socks work...I think. What do I know, I'm just a guy...but I do enjoy your blog.

Jillian said…

the socks are great too i LOVE socks w/ shoes like this i love them hanging out! so hot!
Caroline said…
great shoes! perfect.
Bradey said…
Wow, great great great pictures! I love the vest and the big bad socks are rockin!
Juaи + said…
The vest is absolutely amazing!

and those boots!

god i love them !

Anonymous said…
Must you be so damn beautiful. You're looking badass in these pics!!!! Bella, I think your style is evolving, just based on you oearlier posts! I love it. You're blog is awesome.
Eelie said…
Big bad socks looking all so cute peeping out like that haha.

lol i think i detailed the reason in my latest v-log about Becketts slumber party... i think. Sleep depraved and very much you see :(

I like how high you've made them sit. It looks funky and cute!
Mimi said…
Ely said…
I don't blame you for buying that bag in blacck and brown, I loveit!
Paris Tarts said…
Cute pics! Check out my blog?

saray said…
Love your bag
John Smith said…
You are...

A socks symbol.
MarionRocks said…
Your fringe bag... I want it !!!! It is beautiful !!
Anonymous said…
Bella, you're gorgeous, such a stunner! You certainly are doing these socks justice, and I love the bag!
WOW! You are so stylish!! You look like you just popped out of a fashion spread!!

I love your fringe bag!!
Vain and Vapid said…
Fashion is pain after all.
Kate said…
The boots, the vest, the bag, all gorgeous!
Miriam B. said…
Again Bella, you always have something wonderful to present!

Doriz Jeltzin said…
Love the big bad socks. I'm a big bad soks person.
natalia said…
thank you so much for wonderful comment! i'm back now so you can expect more posts! :)
Fleurr De Lux said…
That fringey bag is unreal!!
Anonymous said…
This is LOVE!!!!
stilettostetico said…
Or the timeless "Girlie touch" !!!
ps: Pffffffffff . . . Frankly Dear Bella What a pair of legs !!!!!! When I speak about carnal Vertigo . . .
brie said…
Great look! You're gorgeous!
J'Adore Fashion said…
lovely outfit. love the boots and sock--so fab!!

InstantVintage said…
I guess it's totally safe to say that I'll be stalking you on chictopia and here.
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