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Zombie Road is seriously disturbing!

Sometimes, my life is very interesting, and yes, full of quite the unexpected.

Sokay, there's this place I know of that for the last gazillion years or so has, reportedly, a cornucopia of paranormal activity, apparition sightings, mysterious happenings, and whatnot. With Halloween in sight (a family favorite), a few of us took it upon ourselves to confront the supernatural folly of one such Zombie Road... call it research, so to discover whatever it is people have claimed to experience along it's broken pathways.

A vast 2-mile stretch of fallow woodlands nearly obscures a seriously dilapidated/moss-covered road that leads to nowhere, while ubiquitous terrains and rickety arcane bridges once housing a railway are the only eerie remnants of the story. With that said, isn't this appropriate attire for a girl on such a spine-chilling outing?
I'm thinking, yes.

I'll poorly document the rest of this excursion... later.


The Seeker said…
Wow, dear you look great, love the shirt.

And thank you so much my dear for your words of support, I'm feeling a bit down and I really feel touched by your so nice and kind words.
Thank you again.
Take care and be happy.

MEAGHAN! said…
ooh i love woodsy shots, very cute blog. and you rooock those shorts lady!
sammy said…
Fashion even while traipsing throught he forest! I'm giving you props bigtime!
chauss said…
thanks for stopping by mu blog. come visit anytime. :)
Anonymous said…
I don't know about Zombie Road, but you make it look f@!king awesome!
Ashleigh said…
your BOOTS are whats adorable :P...luv 'em
Becca said…
Can you post a closer pic of them? Please!
Eelie said…
Wow, you MUST document a very WELL PRESENTED (not poorly) results of your trip because i need me a good scare and this has huge potential to frighten the be-gees-es out of me methinks :)

Beckett is TOOOOO 'Badass' sometimes. Particularly in the morning where he PMS's the most despite being a male haha

And i agree the outfit is very 'appropriate' lol. Heels, miniskirt and all!
Dana (MODAna) said…
geeeez I feel like you're telling a campfire story
can't wait for the rest
and can't wait for a close up of those boots...:)
I love this entire outfit, so inspiring and chic!! :)

PS: Shopping in my closet is fun, and I don't have to feel guilty about spending.. ;)

xo/ fashion chalet
Stompface said…
those boots look amazing on you.
Great outfit, I love the leggings under the cutoffs.
natalie said…
love the old truck piece in the backround, you look incredible!
sydneydoll said…
you have incredible style.

i love it.
terry said…
Such awesome boots. You look beautiful, as usual!
Funky-FiFi said…
Great photographs!
I love your shirt and your boots!
Dakota77 said…
Nice shots! Those boots are amazing, I am a shoe addcit myself:-)

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