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Reality Bites

This past week has been more engaging than I could've ever imagined, and now it's back to reality. Whimper-whimper. Extracting the downtrodden feeling, I'm reallllly tired from unreserved amounts of blithe frolicking... but all was worth it. We took roughly 6749365 pictures, so I'm planning a little documentation over the next coupla days, but bear with me... it's a process.

Oh, and the handbag was one of my great Goodwill finds... $800 Gustto for 12 bucks!


Eelie said…
Bella! I like the effect yuou made in your second picture. Its so interesting and cool! Eep. I like the continuity form black and white --> colour :P

Which i'm glad you did because that bag is such a beautiful colour. I think detailing can make all the difference between something bla-ce and FABULOUS. I like the roped effect of the handle its just interesting. You seem to accumulate so much beautiful bags haha. Thats a good thing of course :)
Nancy said…
I love these pictures. They are so creaive and that bag is to die for.
ryder said…
like the combination. first the shoes! great choice for the season. skirt? amazing!!! love the print. and i love teh fact that u used simple shirt and by that you actaully did the entire combination to look more sexy! bravo!
lara said…
really cute outfit, I love the first picture and your shoes are great!!
Dana (MODAna) said…
those are the kinds of finds you know you could make money on if you sell - but you never do...
Such a great photoshoot, love the shoes on you they look so FIERCE! xx

xo/ fashion chalet
your pictures are soo darling!! 800 for 12 bucks? lovely... nice artistic approach on everything on ur blog! i will definately be frequent!! madddd!! and i love those rockclimbing(are they rock climbing stuffs?lol)stuffs??
Anonymous said…
Amazing images, you always have the coolest locations and are insanely creative!!

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