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Nevermore Academy

Here we are stumbling into 2023 like an old friend - and already time is flying by. How can it be the end of January already? As you're reading this, I hope you enjoy my take on Netflix's mysterious and spooky Nevermore Academy star...where everyday is Wednesday. 

Watch my painting process reel here


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"Why don't we do it in the grass?"

"Oh,” Pause. "You meant picture-taking." Between the good stuff writing and a few arbitrary mishaps, I’ve spent the last week trying to acclimate myself to the new Nikon. And after muddling through every imaginable setting, determining ISO sensitivity, exposure compensation, studying the owner’s manual like it was some new cult religion, and trying to adjust an impossible color issue involving a not-so-attractive radioactive orange hue… I finally decided to switch it out for a Canon Rebel instead. So we shall see. (DIY safety pin t-shirt, Rampage quilted chain bag, Urban Outfitters jeans, Emma Cook boots, Target jade cuff)

Stone Cold

Just a spoonful of dirty glamour... makes the medicine go down. It was cold, damn cold… practically subzero. And while we remained officers of style to such an abominable climate, it was a long night of semi-traffic disobedience, parking lot larking, and wicked misbehavior, as we rallied about for ice cream and liquid courage. Not to mention the severe photo contingency that kept us blind-sided from the florescent storm of an external flash. (!!) At midnight, she mentioned the boys in the band… and then purposefully neglected any amount of etiquette. But we’re not dolls… we’re rambunctious and sometimes we fuckin swear too much… so which of us is perfect? I was completely stoked (!) when Jess over at ClothesCaptioned e-mailed me and subsequently asked if I'd agree to a feature/write-up ... amazing stuff. Thanks Jess, you rock! And I'm sending out special thanks to a few righteous babes for so thoughtfully thinking of me... Fashioncupcake (for my amazing blog award), and to T

Cutting Birthday Cake with Chainsaws

Well, today’s officially my birthday, and even though we’ve been impulsively celebrating for the last three days… we had an unbelievable time entertaining the idea of these ridiculously fun pictures. I admit, there were a few larger than life bubblegum mishaps that probably should’ve come with a public warning, a lot of crazy fits of laughter, four Chihuahuas scheming to pilfer the giant lollipop, a couple of indiscriminately tongue-n-cheek choice phrases, spilled Heineken, torn fishnets, and several let’s pause because my ribs hurt moments. But at the end of all these wicked shenanigans (and the hilarious fact that Ben rocked the masquerading drunk look perfectly), I realize we have no immunity whatsoever when it comes down to flexing the happy muscle. And if you haven’t already entered the Vintage Lollipops and CURRENT/ELLIOTT Jeans Giveaway , don’t forget the deadline is May 31st at midnight!