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Nevermore Academy

Here we are stumbling into 2023 like an old friend - and already time is flying by. How can it be the end of January already? As you're reading this, I hope you enjoy my take on Netflix's mysterious and spooky Nevermore Academy star...where everyday is Wednesday. 

Watch my painting process reel here


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From STL to KC, May 23-25th. ( Nasty Gal asymm tank dress , Vintage belt, Forever 21 shorts, Dylan George destruction cropped jeans/ Vintage Levi's, Target t-shirts, Express silk and lace jacket, BCBGirls/Miu Miu/Jessica Simpson shoes)

The Body

You can barely see it in the last post , so here's a clearer picture of   what I've been working on in my new art studio... not that it hasn't come with little stop your heart stress moments.   The first time I attempted this piece, now referred to as The Body , was mutually as terrifying as it was exhilarating. It was the first full hand drawing I'd ever attempted, and everything was going smoothly until the moment I decided to incorporate oil paint, also the first in my artwork experiences. My grandmother was an award-winning artist, but now, without her wealth of knowledge and go-to advise, this is really a learning/teach yourself process. The drawing was done and exactly how I wanted it, the hair and tights were painted, and the final stages involved adding skin and the completion of the tattoos.   I didn't go in naively, I understood that it would inevitably boil down to the dynamics of trial and error, so I inhaled deeply and began creating my palette. In re

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Pamela Love is the fucking tribal chief of accessories. Absolutely bewitched and bewildered while simultaneously worshipping the Paleolithic and instinctively sharp elements of this Spring 2011 collection. My new inspiration has me wanting to be a warrior who never brushes her hair: urban~chic creatures of the clan. refinery29 /Photography by: Ryan Koopmans