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suite grommets

Just a few random shots~ in a vintage coat that prompts a certain snow bunny element~ that I decided were kind of perfect for the post-pumpkin pie phenomenon. And now that the turkey coma and holiday wrangling has finally ceased, I'm preparing myself for the many entertaining calamities Christmas usually has to offer. The wish lists are in continuous expansion and fortunately the traditional Christmas tree adornment didn't result in its complete and utter collapse... much as it did last year. 
(Vtg 60's fur collar coat, Christopher Kane x Topshop boots, Target tank dress and tights)


Steve Finnell said…
I love that vintage coat. Gorgeous!
berciana said…
funny photos!!!!i love all your outfits and all your posts!!!!

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Alex said…
Second picture is my new desktop background, baby! And that tree is NOT gonna topple! :D
Glamour Bbey. said…
Great pictures! You look great
Andrés Corella said…
you are rocking those shoes!!!

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Marissa said…
Bella you are just sooooo beautiful! Another fab post!

Marissa said…
Bella you are just sooooo beautiful! Another fab post!

Marissa said…
Bella you are just sooooo beautiful! Another fab post!

Kinsey Michaels said…
that coat is gorgeous, even better that it's vintage!! cute shots, Bella!
really into those fantastic tights!
Dylana Suarez said…
Awesome shoes!

DamaDeNegro said…
Nice to see that you re still writting your blog! :D
Lourdes said…
Love the outfit! Especially the coat!!
Love your blog, btw!
If you have a second, please stop by my blog:
Anonymous said…
annA said…
wow! I love your shoes, dear!

Marina said…
You always manage to look so chic even in mundane circumstances.
Olive Cooper said…
Holy hell the coat is stunning on you.. exactly what I've been looking for! GORGEOUS pics, hun.
MissNeira said…
Those boots are fabulous! and I love love love the lace

Miss Neira
lydia-lee said…
love the tights and shoes!!

check my blog if youd like!
Superbe sur ces photos.


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