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Lipstick stains on rooftops

I know-I know, the same suede Topshop boots keep manifesting in various posts… but there was an inadequate amount space for stockpiling platforms while packing, so I blame the DVF luggage exclusively. Special thanks to the always-lovely Ediot for designing this amazing shirt. I absolutely adore it, and it’s become such an adaptable wardrobe piece that I’ve been virtually living in it!

And I couldn’t believe the news when I walked out to the mailbox, and there it was… a certificate awarding my manuscript, A Grove without Wings, Honorable Mentions in the 78th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition. In the face of such a well-regarded competition, it’s a truly remarkable achievement for my writing career. Needless to say, I’ve far surpassed the initial “Oh my God!” and catapulted straight into a state of euphoria, so many thanks to everyone who sent such thoughtful twitter warm wishes!

(Hot Topic skirt, Eyeshadow cardigan, Ediot shirt, Oscar de la Renta socks, Forever 21 necklace, Topshop boots)


Ohh how cute you look, love the whole outfit!
The skirt is so pretty and the print cardi as well!
Hope you're ok dear, long time since I last heard from you!
Best of luck dear.

Ediot said…
im thrilled! just listed this

i LOVE it on you! you look absolutely amaZZing in it. i knewed it :)
ah this made my day babay!
InnyVinny said…
Congrats, my dear!!!

And the chains are in the store now...

Glamour Bbey. said…
Great look! Love the shoes x
Siljesfashion said…
Congrats, you totally deserve it, I am sure!!! BTW, were ca I get that cardigan? You rock the look!
Jacqueline said…
I love that skirt on you! Congrats on all your writing accomplishments =) I love those topshop booties. I have them so I can understand why you were them a lot. They are so comfy!
Malu said…
Aww! You are adorable:D
Lovely outfit hunny!


Click here to go to Malu’s Fashion!
Chandrijuel said…
Ohh, you're perfect!!!

I love this look!
theothergirl21 said…
OMG you look so amazing Bella! I've been looking through all your posts for like the last hour! Not even kiding! You really have one of hte best blogs and your gorgeous!!!! Not kiding about tha either!

much love and kisses XOXOX
anacecilia said…
congratulations so accomplished and pretty! :) i adore the outfit and shoes!!
photos de Mode said…
Love this look, you look awesome darl!!
xx. /pdM
Zepequeña said…
You are really pretty!

Anonymous said…
love ur blog!!

check ours out:

The Seeker said…
Congratulations, dear on the Honorable Mention!!!!!
Love your cardi, your skirt, the top.... well all of it.


electric feel said…
Congrats my darling
i'm really happy everything works so well!

btw your outfit is perfect and i love the location!

stay dandy
M said…
me encanta tu look y tu blog...
muy buenas fotos
Anonymous said…
so beautiful!
Anonymous said…
and congratulations on your really deserve it! <3
sophie said…
love the skirt. so pretty! xx
I love the cardigan and boots...
Nemerae said…
How is it going?
I've been very busy these days to check hte blogs...
You look gorgeous, like always :)
That boots are absolutely amazing!!! I'll wear it again&again! oh, and I love zebra print :P
El-Gourmet said…
very nice photos

Elizabeth Marie said…
Congratulations my love!!!!!!

Can we be badass best friends forever, seriously!!?
Hanako66 said…
I am so happy for you...congratulations:)

you look gorgeous, I am loving the zebra!
Anonymous said…
Definitely a hot outfit!
Jessica said…
Congratulations!! I love the zebra print cardigan and those boots look amazing!! =)
.:*aMbAr*:. said…

And I love that zebra cardi/sweater that you're wearing. love.
the zebra pattern is absolutely sexy. also loveeee your boots :):)
Rebecca said…
amazing as always, i love everything about this outfit
especially the tshirt xx
Daisy said…
Really lovely outfit ! The cardi is just fantastic !
J. said…
what a lovely outfit!
...Seyma... said…
wow there's still sun?? love it ;D
joshylola said…
Lovely skirt
diane said…
Bella, that is such amazing news on recognition of your writing. I'm so happy for you.
So, not just beauty, but brains as well. xo
miss shoes said…
nice cardigan !!
marissa said…
Def love everything about this and you look incredible as always! The shirt is perfect on you and I love the mix and the velevt!!!!! So glad to hear everything is on the up for you Bella!

Ljubica said…
love love love it!
Summer said…
I like your outfit. You look so chic on it. And the skirt is gorgeous! =D

A Writers Den
Brown Mestizo
♥B said…
Congrats! That's great.

Meho said…
awesome outfit, i love the zebra print of the cardigan with the color of the skirt.

oh and CONGRATS, well deserved :D

Meho xx
Congratulations!. That´s great!
thesydneygirl said…
looking amazing in these photos! and how awesome is the iphone! i got mine a few days ago =D yay <3
Ivania said…
loving the velvet skirt
so cute! Adore your style! :)
*Dith* said…
Love love love ths skirt bella.

I have some bad news....well atleast for me. lol

Ever since I saw that post of u wearing those alice + olivia madison biker boots, I've searched for them everywhere, and they're completely sold out. Some thieves are selling them for double d price on ebay but i think i'll pass on that. lol
Now I really wish I had picked them up when I ran into them at NYC. :-(
June Paski said…
and I love ur outfits

Ava said…
wow, I just loooove your balcony!
and great shoes x3
Anika said…
You never fail to disappoint beautiful girl.

Congrats too! You literary genius, you :)
(and thanks for a name, now I can hunt it down)

p.s. socks and ankle boots/heels you say? Onto it.

What do you have planned for the weekend? Hope it's great.

Kristin said…
CONGRATS lady. That is amazing! Brain and beauty. Such the total package. : )
amazing outfit!!!!!!!love the boots...
Budget Chic said…
Lovin the boots!
Anonymous said…
I loooooove your skirt !! Red and velvety aspect = <3 !!
And the socks are awesome, I love buying high labels socks too xD
Casandra said…
Nice look!!! ;D And I love your iPhone!!! :D

Kisses, darling!! ^__^
FashionJazz said…
This is one of my fav outfits babe!!! Congrats by thw way, thats amazing!! We must catch up soon : ) xxxx
N* said…
Love this!
Alex said…
Yum. Yum. Yum.

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