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My Shoeosophy

It’s a simple fact where I come from that when you can’t get what you want… you get things. However, after several joyfully unstructured and sometimes plot-driven moments, commonly referred to as getting things, it’s beginning to feel as if I’m stockpiling for the apocalypse or something.
And I begin wondering…. what do the clever women of the world do in these paramount, mission provoking, and slightly unadulterated pursuits of love, sex, style, and practicality… and there was my answer, as clear as day.
We buy shoes.

Ankle boot, Bakers.


Cara Mia said…
Bella Bella! Your name means "beautiful" in Italian, mine means "my dear". Looks like we lucked out in the name department!

Thanks for your comments. Glad you found my blog, I'm enjoying scrolling through yours. Fabulous sense of style and great writing!
Cara Mia
Always In Style said…
Cute outfit - love, love, love the fringe boots!
The Seeker said…
Gorgeous fringe boots! Amazing writing!

Yes, we buy shoes!!! ;)

i looooove those ankle booties :) i want a pair like that so much...
yiqin; said…
YES WE BUY SHOESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! Yours is to die for ;)
Paris Tarts said…
I love ur shoes!!!!

Anabel said…

may I borrow your shoes???
Capuccino B. said…
i love your boots!
erika said…
You are so beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I WOULD LOVE TO TRADE LINKS! You are gorgeous and have a great sense of style. I look forward to reading more of your posts! LOVING the bakers boots on you!
erika said…
PS I NEED TO KNOW THE BOOTS YOU ARE WEARING IN YOUR OCT 8 POST! The ones with crazy rubber soles and laces! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Couture Carrie said…
Hey Bella!
You have coined a term! Love it, and your look. Those boots are fab!


P.S. Added you to my Fellow Fashionistas!
rebecca L. said…
Oh my, the scarf is beautiful and i have to say that you're a real stunner, Bella.
Those Boots!!! Breat outfit!!!!

Is that shirt shredded?
Gorgeous boots. I too stockpile like we're heading towards the apocalypse! But my excuse now is that shoes/clothes/whatever is going to fill the gap in my life that my ex bf has left and soothe the pain of the breakup ;) I've tagged u by the way x
Anonymous said…
what a neat scarf that is! seriously sweet!

x+o LuVvy
Krystal said…
i loooove your style, as always. this is such a great outfit darling!

I TOTALLY AGREE!!! Bring on down the SHOES please???

I love your scarf and those fringe boots are gorgeous!!!
Hey babe! yayayyy I just ordered them yesterday and after seeing them on you I CANNOT WAIT for the package to arrive ♥ you rock them so well!

xo/ fashion chalet
Thanks a lot for your comment! and for adding me!!! xoxo
Anonymous said…
Love the shoes, love the jacket. Hot.
Anonymous said…
You're writing is so much fun to read, it's wonderful. Yu look beautiful and the fringe plus jacket are TDF!
Anonymous said…
*sniff sniff*
yah,we buy shoes...and u buy the world of shoes...i'm sniffling cos i love all ur shoes...they are soo bella!
behindthescenes said…
dios mio tienes las botas mas bonitas del mundo!me encantan!a favorito:)un besazo:)
behindthescenes said…
he estado viendo tus fotos..y tus zapatos no me pueden gustar mas..aparte de que a mi los zapatos me vuelven loca..!es lo que mas me gusta:)pero esq son increibles!todos..tines unas botasnegras acordonadas preciosas bueno de todo tipo!increibles!(L)un besazoo
Juaи + said…
Shoes for everyone, please !

hahaha :)

ps: again love your boots!
shoeosophy! haha very cool word! and i love those shoees! reminds me of the balmain ones!! women and shoes = inseparable! love your blog! would you like to trade links :)
Nemerae said…
Nice outfit and great shoes ;)
Annie said…
Very cool outfit. You look gorgeous!
Mel said…
garh those shoes are killers. ahmazing! xx
definitely, you´ve an amazing legs!

Im goint to be more original, and, although I like your boots, I prefer the skirt, made for you, sure!!!
DaisyChain said…
Oh my goodness,
those shoes are AMAZING.
Sunniva said…
Oh sweetie, those shoes are FABULOUS! Just like you :)

And yes, it is perfectly normal to need a Stanford ;)

Dane said…
I love your writing, you are so witty. And those ankle boots are to die for.
Susanna-Cole said…
Lovely outfit, I especially like the scarf! :) And yes we do tend to buy shoes! :P

natasha said…
You know just what to say and you have now coined a term that it'll be used for a very long time to come.

"Shoeosophy"... this one belongs to you!
erika said…
BELLA! you are my new favorite blogger<3 no seriously. i just read like all your entries!!! i linked u too =) glad to have another shoe addicted blogger on my list!!!!!!!!
erika said…
omg bella i am about to order the steve madden boots you showed me :) i could only find a 7.5 though, and i usually fit a size 7. do you think i could fit a 7.5? please let me know! thankies!!!
sueper said…

You have such a cool blog - love your look and adore the shoes
Fashion Pariah said…
I LOVE those boots. They totally rock.
C.B. said…
i love your fringe boots!!!
Dana (MODAna) said…
in deed. shoes=sex=happiness=life.
I bought a version of these from urban original but in gray, and am still waiting for my parents to bring them for me from the us.
lauren said…
Lucky, lucky girl. I love this entire outfit!!!
Stompface said…
I really think you need to handover all your shoes and boots to me..
These are lovely
as are you!
Anonymous said…
I agree. you're collection is insane!
lovely fringe boots
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
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