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Fairy Light and Wind

We were in rare form this (particular) afternoon... watching as the skyline opened a whimsy of dust and light that poured through the lofty treetops so far above everything else. There's a certain symmetrical elegance that lends to the mindset of the images, thus largely ignoring the semi-unflattering caveman antics of being carried back to the car.


The Seeker said…
Wow, amazing pictures!!!
Great for a magazine!

You make my day sweetie with your comments. You're so nice and kind.
Thank you.

stilettostetico said…
Such heavenly/dreamlike light !!! You look like here as a mysterious/graceful shadow, a breathtaking carnal mystery . . .

A Bientôt, Antoine
You are so right, life itself is like a formation of clouds, you never know what might be thrown your way... you just have to go with it. ;)

Thanks for your comments, I too adore the shorts for the exposed pocket "effect" I don't know what it is, but it just does something to me.

Your photos are fantastic, playing with the light. I love it.

xo/ fashion chalet
Mimi said…
Very nice pics.

P.S. Love your blog
Wendiva said…
oh these are beautiful gorgeous photos!! you look great in them too :)
The Paper Doll said…
You do take absolutely lovely photos - it looks so sunny there (and i really want sun, I'm totally over the rain!!)
J'Adore Fashion said…
amazing picutres, cute shoes!!! :)
Viv said…
Wow these photos of you are really amazing, you look sooooo gorgeous! I love your blog!!!!!

I don't have one yet. Should work on that! lol
Jillian said…
stunning photographs
you are really great w/ that!

they look dreamy!
love your blog, your style is amazing!
you are on my favourites now :D
Jenn said…
Amazing pictures!
Krystal said…
very 70's, and i love it!

Anonymous said…
I love love love your blog! You really are incredibly beautiful, these shots are so fantasy-like and surreal.
Shoegal said…
Love the pictures!
Would you like to exchange links?? Would love to have you on my blogroll so I'm aware of your every news!!
seralouisa said…
those photos are entrancing .... stunning x
Ashleigh said…
Great pics! I esp like the last one =)
EMMA said…
yours isn't that bad too! *understatement*!!

can we exchange links, really love your style!

x emma
Susanna-Cole said…
Lovely photos, and you write so beautifully!

And thanks for your comment, was so kind of, I'm so flattered you like my blog! :)

The Seeker said…
I gave you the “I ♥ your blog” award.
Please check my blog.
Mel said…
oh you look amazing, as always! Those photos are totally stunning and mysterious in appeal, great job
Stompface said…
these light pictures are absolutely beautiful!
stilettostetico said…
ps: Eeeeeuuhh (shy) . . . Actually, you want to say a photo where I appear or all the photos of my blog ?

A Bientôt, Antoine
natalie said…
Incredible! Congrats on the blog award!
mindy said…
oh thosee shoes!! lovelovelove! and i love your blog :)
Beth said…
I agree with everyone elese! Your blog is great and so are the shoes!
Anonymous said…
Wow! I love your blog. the photos are amazing!!!
Love the part about the Cabbage Patch kid! LOL
honey said…
great blog title, it suits the images!
Caro said…
gorgeous shots especially the first. Amazing!
Natacha said…
I love your style! :)
ed said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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