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we only stood in doorways

Spent the quiet weekend immersed in several new ideas and drawings, continued working on many that are still unfinished, watched Burlesque twice, danced to the new Jennifer Lopez video, and then rediscovered these CK fetish boots and one of my favorite sheer/floral infested/catches the wind perfectly tunics that I found a few years ago at forever 21. All in all, not bad.

(Christopher Kane for Topshop Rivet boots and shaggy yarn jacket, Target ruffle socks, Forever 21 tunic and coral ring that only cost $1.80)


Stilettostetico said…
AAaw Chère Bella about the last One picture I can't help BUT (shyly) confess you that this haughty posture, possibly called "THE Fashionista flirting with her dizzy Fetish fineries" . . . shall never cease to catch all my "Fetish attention" ("beads of sweat") !!!
ps: Warmly Hope you're Well Dear .

a presto, Antoine
Glamour Bbey. said…
Wow amazing heels!!
Anonymous said…
Sooo gorgeous! Girl crush
Eva said…
Woow, I love the stilettos but too high for me! you look gorgeous.
You can check my new Saturday Night Look, very simple but trendy.
Laura said…
I want those heels!
Amazing killer booties.
x Laura
Lauren said…
Alex said…
1600 followers, baby! You look so good. The second picture is my new desktop background. ;)
Anonymous said…
you're like a way classier megan fox!
Anonymous said…
you're like a way classier megan fox!
Juliet said…
What a great look! The shoes are great!

Juliet xxx
jeanine romo said…
IN FREAKING LOVE with your boots!! I want :)

feli said…
Wowwww!!! Tus botines son increibles! He descubierto en un corto del calendario Larios unas espuelas para llevar con zapatos...lo más. Las lleva la cantante Alicia Montesquiu son un look vintage, y son de "El Caballo " ..habrá que atreverse...
Mora e Bionda said…
Wow, love the romantic top with rockin shoes! Great combination :-)

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