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The city burns us to ash

I seldom wear pink. But I'm actually drawn to the way this set of images provokes an air of 80's rock-glam and then swims into feeling oddly like a Patrick Nagel painting. Sometimes, I'm completely oblivious as what inspires certain palettes and silhouettes, or why my choice styling comes from unpremeditated, dubious combinations that somehow meld effortlessly into something I never imagined belonged together.

(Vintage jewelry, scarfs, and aviators + Hot Topic rose bracelet, Jessica Simpson boots, H&M tights, DIY True Religion cutoffs, Random tank and cardigan)


I like the way you worked in the pink. You have a cool style.
ediot said…
well . i love how youre wearing pink. you look great in black obviously mostly because you look so comfortble in it.- but its fun seeing you in colour too
how's your summer going?

Anonymous said…
Bella you look gorge as always. You can wear anything!
love the bright pink!
peggy said…
Kinsey Michaels said…
I think your description couldn't be more accurate. I'm really liking the pink!
duckalicious said…
cool combo, esp. that cardigan
Soph said…
i LOVE the Cardi - im obsessed with Zebra print!
sweet said… do look great in pink love...and that blazer looks wild, it does suits your style!!!

stay gorgeous as always...

take care
diane said…
I think it's the change-purse necklace that pulls it all together.
Re. The City burns us to ash: It's all of that blacktop. Good observation Bella.
Fashion Tidbits said…
love the pink/black/white combo. haven't seen it in a while
love the color totally works!

have a fab weekend bella :)

cara mia
gabrielle said…
me encanta el blogggggg

follow me
Alex said…
The first picture is my new desktop background, baby! Love these. And you. ;)
Lady Marmalade said…
so so so chic!!! I love this!!!
Jonna said…
Love the cardigan! x
Michelle Elaine said…
great accessories dvrling

kim said…
well i just love that cardigan, it makes the outfit pop!

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