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I never knew a cage fighter, but I met his friend Red.

Main Terminal 16: Saying goodbye to someone special at a dirty airport...

(Vintage coat, Julie's Closet striped cardigan, Topshop wedges, F21 tank and leggings, random necklaces that you can't actually see in these pictures)


Francesca said…
love the wedges. they rock.

F <-- Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!
Minette said…
love love love your red coat and your fabulous shoes!
Anonymous said…
I love that coat. This would outfit makes me think of the White Stripes (and I mean that as a compliment).
Jacqueline said…
I love the stripes with the zebra print and also the black and white with the red. The colors and patterns look good on you Bella! xo

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¶ Michelle said…
hawwtt! love em ALL!
Sara said…
loveee! your beautiful! ♥ best wishes*
Malu said…
Gorgeous! Those shoes are amazing:D Meeooww!

Violet said…
ohh i love all the always have something for me to gnaw on... idk what that means but it came in head when i was waiting for your page to load... i guess im saying you always something on for me to love that much lol ne who you look great

Vif rom Cali
lauren said…
B you look amazingggg per everything about this combination. you have the most covedt wardrobe!!
anacecilia said…
i want to own your closet!! you have the best coats and shoes and those leggings are very cool.
Susu Paris Chic said…
What a lovely play with colors!
rossovelvet said…
Love the red, very boxe-like ! You're already fitting the trends for fallwinter ;D
Monica said…
love the stripes darling!

sincerely, the the fashionista from the
isabella said…
Amazing shoes!
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And follow please :)
apparellel said…
loving that red coat! and the shoes, well they speak for themselves. gorgeous!!

Sweet bee said…
love the concept of the outfit! Te red and the stripes match each other perfectly. Looking forward to your next post=)

Sweet Bee
heatherjocross said…
I think you have great style and should be showcased in our Avenue Debut contest! You could win a chance at a $1000 Bloomingdale's shopping spree. Check our website for more details!
augustalolita said…
i love the red!! you look stunning!! and killer boots!!
Phyllis said…
i love all the stripes going on here. you look great!
love the coat and wedges!

hope all is well ;)

Kristin said…
Love the scarlet coat. I have one too and it always makes me happy to wear!
Solo said…
Lovely shoes! ;D

Travel and Living
Job Hunter
Romany said…
Stripes, tights and a red coat -- is there a better combination in the history of fashion? I think not.
Love these!
roxybelle said…
The shoes = crazy cool.
Anonymous said…
You are HOT Bella :)
diane said…
Striped tops are all the rage this year, I must get one.
love the color fierce!

have a great weekend!
Victoria said…
Wowee those shoes!! x
heatherjocross said…
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Lil Landy said…
your blog is lovely. loving the shoes.
Yay for STL Bloggers
Wendy said…
ive seen leopard wedge but zebras? nope, not yet. im probablly a lil back-dated but you're def the 1st, for me :)

love it.
FashionJazz said…
Ur soo fabulous Bella babe!!! U look stunning!!! Mwah xx
Jessica said…
Those zebra wedges are insanely gorgeous!! Your bright red coat really makes me want one too!
Valerie said…
love the look
great blog, follow and comment my
ediot said…
hi dear! LOVVVVE the red on you. look stunning my lovE. hope you had an great weekend. xx ediot
Kasia said…
nice coat!
Hey Bella,
how are you dear?
You look gorgeous in red, plus the stripes have such a cool effect and they are very trendy trendy:)
I miss speaking to you, hope you're doing great!

fabulous red coat!!!!
suits you perfect!!

BlogNdoll said…
Great outfit !!!

emily viveur said…
in love with the color contrast! and so, so envious of your wedges.
MissNeira said…
Red and zebra is an awesome combination, and you look great in it! I rarely see you in red..but you look fabulous
My Muddy Tiara said…
Love is personified in those wedges.

you look amazing! Cool shooting place :)

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