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The snake that bit me

Contemplating the New Year and all the resolutions I probably won't be capable of maintaining, clipping the tags from my coral Rodarte for Target dress, smokey-violet eyeshadow, slipshod organizing for Thursday night’s merriment/dinner party, actually cooking this time, sipping espresso, light snow falling against the windowpane, I'm sure some sneaky little bastard will spike the eggnog, freezing cold outside… but hey, I have new suede boots.

Much love and Happy New Year!

(Vtg coat and satin slip dress, Steve Madden boots, Elizabeth & James snake ring, Hot Topic rhinestone knuckle duster, Target tights)


K8 said…
stunning leopard print coat. Looks so cozy.

Fashion X K8.blogspot
electric feel said…
i love this outfit!

best wishes for 2010!
Glamour Bbey. said…
Hot look!
Love the coat and the boots!
Astérisque said…
wow. the first word, that cames in my mind. those boots... amazing!
mom & son said…
HAWT Bella!
love that vintage coat!
Hollywood said…
The boots are Fabulous I love everything about it the colors is so Pretty <3
Posh said…
You look amazing, great coat!!

I wish you a great and healthy 2010!
diane said…
Haha, you look like "take the effing picture already, it's freezing out here".
Happy New Year Bella! Much love to you and yours. xo
Dannie said…
loooving the coat, its perfection for this weather and it look great with those little chic booties!
Georgia said…
WOW I love your leopard print coat! Its beautiful and looks so warm.. and the boots are awesome
It would be mine
Zepequeña said…

Jacqueline said…
That coat is gorgeous on you Bella! xoxo
Suzanne said…
i love your coat!
Lauren said…
OMG!!!!! can't even tell you how much i love this..everything is total PERFECTION! Bella you rock it every single time.. i wish i had half your style.. so stunning. major kudos for standing in the freezing winter for gorgeous pics hon. i swear i would have looked like a popsicle but you always fucking rock. Love you!
Happy NY!!!

♥B said…
That coat is gorgeous!

nuheila said…
Love the coat and the boots!!!

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said…
thats 1 fierce coat!!!! HOT

Miss Z
Ines said…
love the coat!! (L)
Happy new year for you!
kim said…
awesome boots! you look great as usual :-D

Clothes Are Cute
Clothes Are Cute
Gracinha said…
love your boots :)))

happy new year sweetie

what an awesome coat! hot stuff!
Violet said…
dont boots make anything exceptabble lol love the boots and the coat.

i wrote something on new years resolutions in a post a few days ago... yeah they are impossible arent thay
Anonymous said…
Your blog is the best, you should be ranked higher in bloglovin!!
Just sayin.

Rianna Bethany said…
I'm loving the boots, looks gorgeous
Rianna Bethany xxxxxx
Lainey said…
Loving the leopard coat. You look so good in these. I hope you have a great New Year!
Kinsey Michaels said…
This is my first time coming across your blog and I really like it! I love those gray boots with the black tights! xo Kinsey

Kinsey Michaels: The Blog
Marissa said…
Happy New Year Bella!

XOXOXOOXOXOX Outfit/boots/dress/ring is fab!

Can't wait to see your 2010 posts because I have a feeling this will be a amazing year for you!
Marissa said…
Happy New Year Bella!

XOXOXOOXOXOX Outfit/boots/dress/ring is fab!

Can't wait to see your 2010 posts because I have a feeling this will be a amazing year for you!
Siljesfashion said…
Wish you the best for 2010!Love the leopard coat, amazing!
Indy said…
I love those color tights with the amazing coat and lovely boots! You look so chic!
Anonymous said…
I wish you all the best for a splendid 2010 and for splendid 10's sweetie !!!
I also loooove both your outfit and your polyvore !!

out of the mist said…
Happy New Year, gorgeous!
Anonymous said…
That coat and those heels...gorgeous bella!
fur coat !! ♥♥♥
Rachelle Q said…
LOVE the coat. happy new year gorgeous!

♡ R
J'Adore Fashion said…
love the coat, cute shoes too! happy new year!!! xx
hi happy new years the animal print coat is amazing
Fashion Chalet said…
Oh can't wait to rock my leopard soon, living in 20ºF weather is so different from what I had (90ºF) in Miami! ;)

Miss ya, keep it beautiful!

FashionJazz said…
Bella babe, I am sooo in luv with ur coat!! All the best for 2010, its gonna be amazing!!!Luv and miss you mwah xx
Stunning as always!
Happy New Year!
jukejka said…
happy new year!
ediot said…
wicked bOOOTS. love steve madden shoes. xx
lulila said…
Hi!I love your outfit and your coat!
Visit my blog!I hope you like it!
CLM said…
love your blog, and those shoes are to die for !
I am now following :) feel free to visit my blog and follow if your like :)
xoxo - clm
Blonde Caviar said…
you can never go wrong with looks really good with your dark hiar
Couture said…
Love your boots!

Christina said…
FIT boots!

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