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Mr. Big Bradshaw

Tulle be or not Tulle be… now there’s the obligatory question.

At the crossroads of Radically Chic Street and Shopaholics Anonymous, I’m bordering a quasi-suburbanite logic that if I can’t gallivant merrily about New York… why don’t I just bring a little Sex and the City to a vicinity near me?

Feeling somewhat zingy-zangy over the looming Halloween trickery, a fashion epiphany struck like a subtle carnage knocking at my door. Inevitably, this was followed by a swarm of butterflies in the pit my stomach that most experience while falling in-love. A mere 25 dollars and 12 grueling hours later, my Carrie Bradshaw/Neo-prima Ballerocker skirt was conceived, and I have my sewing genius mother to thank… because frankly, I can’t whip a stitch.

The Blahnik of skirts everywhere, the couture in a sea of converse, the gossamer kingpin… it is now the First Lady of my wardrobe.

Lucky is teaming up with and holding a smaller/separate contest for their "Style Your Jeans"... so if you're interested in winning uber-cool prizes while touting your give-all fashion, then click the link below and follow the contest instructions. It's simple. Take the "My Denim Transformation" Challenge and show'em what ya got!


Jenna said…
oh my god, i'm loving it!
rebeca's said…
love! your dress is awesome!! (L)(L)(L)(L) perfect darling!
InstantVintage said…
I LOVE it! Very balle-rocker!
ANDY said…
Hey girlie!!! I made a skirt just like that one (but black) while I was in Mexico, I´ll post about it soon to show you :)
I frickin love this!!! Only you could get away with this chick, it looks fabulous ;)
My jaw literally dropped. TULLE, TULLE, TULLE. I couldn't love the "Balmains" more than with TULLE. OMG. Hello, Lover!!

You're welcome for the congrats, and thanks for the info (Zinc?) Never heard of it, but loooove those shoes!

xo/ fashion chalet
CapuccinoB. said…
i love love love your skiiiiiiiiirt!

Lydia said…
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bella and Bradshaw! Leave it to you to come up with this!

I'm bowing down to this style greatness!
like the skirt i need the same
Anonymous said…
Wow. I'm in love! And with the boots and the jacket. It's perfection.
Kirke said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kirke said…
just amazing shoes and skirt!
Fashion Babbler said…
I love your outfit!!! The jacket is especially amazing!
MarionRocks said…
Thanks for your comment on my blog :)
This is a really nice tulle skirt you have here ! So sexy ^^
Maya said…
ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I F-ing love this outfit...How cute is that?
Yes, yes. I love Austen. Would hide away as a little girl under the large tree in our backyard and just read my summer days away (with homemade lemonade, of course!)

I cannot stop thinking of you and that tulle skirt. I want, I want, I want!!!!! <3

xo/ fashion chalet
Krystal said…
wow, im dying over these photos! so amazing, love the...everything!

Ashleigh said…
OH MY GAWWWWWD you dont even KNOW how excited I got when I looked at these photos....what a hot look....def something I would rock ;) Well done missie <3
Wendy said…
You are so gorgeous!
You look amazing!!
Nay'Chelle said…
Ah, the dreass is amazing! Sweet boots as well.
Miss Kelly said…
This is going in the Blogger Hall of Fame!!!! No seriously!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
ouuhhh B, this is soo adorable! you look like a free little child... i am calling you BABY... u look amazing baby!
Juaи + said…
God you don't stop !

everyday i love your closet a bit more!

hahaha :)

what a beatiful skirt !
hrose said…
that skirt is major!
tulle is one the loveliest fabrics in the world, and you rock it!
ms bradshaw would most definitely approve, and don't we all need a little sex and the city in our lives???

♥ Marta ♥ said…
O la la .... I am in love with that skirt... absolutely stunning :)
Anonymous said…
You look absolutely sensational! That dress is perfection and it looks so good against your skintone!
StickyKitten said…
Wow--Love the boots! Love the tulle!
thanks for your comment on my blog=)
J.Yo said…
ow. where did my jaw fell down to?
it's fantabulous. also the way you paired it..

thanks soo much for ur comment..cos i dont think anyone will actually comment on me being desperate.. >.<
choppyshades said…
oh my god! that cute little dress, i want it!!

-choppy shades
The Seeker said…
Oh Bella....
Ma che bella!!!!
You look stuning, do you go to work like that???
I don't know if people around you work.... ;)

Take care darling.

fauzan said…
awesome view here.
maybe i'll visit this blog everyday
Stompface said…


You look sooo freaking cool the jealousy is killing me.

You remind me of the original Buffy when she is at the prom and I think she takes luke perry's jacket and has this puffy dress and I just absolutely love that look!

Oh I am thieving it off you love!

Stompface said…
oh noo I spelled sight wrong
ohhh that is how baffled I was by your beauty!

ignore all my bad spelling, my anonymous dad will tell me off anyway! haha
Stompface said…
hahah yes me again.
its just I am amazed by the photos
they don't even look real
you look like so beauty!
Twiggy Mod said…
You look amazing

Twigs X
Fafi said…
I love this look, and can I just say, great legs!

I found your blog through Valentine's Mode Parisienne and I'm happy I found it!

Fafi x
wow you´re so dared!!! ;-)

I love your last outfit!
C* said…
Oh my god, GORGEOUS look! I'm in love with everything you're wearing: I love the skirt, the jacket, the boots... So cool!

michelle said…
WOOOOOWWWWWW!!! I couldn't believe it when I saw this! I mean I love your clothes, you always have bold amazing style but this seriouly is beyond anything else!!

michelle said…
WOOOOOWWWWWW!!! I couldn't believe it when I saw this! I mean I love your clothes, you always have bold amazing style but this seriouly is beyond anything else!!

Sunniva said…
I am so crazy about tulle, and your skirt is AMAZING!! I just love this look so much xox
lara said…
I love the dress and the last picture is awesome!!
Miss Woo said…
Wo wow wow, so Carrie indeed!
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
That is a wild skirt. You definitely don't get to see so much fun fashion in the burbs usually!
really amazing stuff!!
yeah,I also love! sjp!! <33 ;)
thanks for your comment!
lauren said…
To the anonymous comment:

Really i can't believe you'd take time to slander this gorgeous woman!!!! Old? I don't think so!!!
Get a life jealous!

DaisyChain said…
I love your writing style too <3
stilettostetico said…
Pfffffffff And such a scorching declination of "immaculate néo-romanticism" !!! I am sure (and the -"oddly GLAMOURissime" -forecast ) is easy !!!) that many persons would like to be the "Sex And The City-esque Mr Big" with a statuesque ballerina as You !!!!!

A Bientôt, Antoine
freya said…
one word - AMAZING!
nvmnd Carrie, you look so much better. i absolutely love your skirt!

and the combination with leather jacket is just stunning.
Andy said…
I really like these booties.
new on my blog, check it out!
Mode Junkie said…
definitely TULLE be! looks great on u dear. :)

hey wanna swap links?
Dana (MODAna) said…
ps your legs have never looked better baby
seriously, if you can arrange it - wear those shoes everyday with mini skirts (yes, even to work, supermarkets and church)
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
Ya know, I saw what the anoymous commenter said ealier and I've sen it on others blogs as well. I have my own blog too and I want to tell thesee haters to over it! Bella is lovely!
oh my god this is one of the most wonderful looks I've EVER seen in the blogosphere! I LOVE IT times a billion.
Link trade perhaps? Your blog is too fantastic.
I would email you more in depth about what you commented in my blog, but I don't see it in your page? Anyway, don't sweat it, we all get it. You can't escape it, unfortunately. As my Mom says, "there's one everywhere..." if you know what I mean.

Anyhow, I look forward to your comments, when I get an email saying "Bella" has left a comment for you in your blog, I feel all cheery like. Your drunk in the boots comment made me laugh out loud. I slip them on and off, like they were made for me. Everyday I want to wear them. Many more outfits to come with those babies. ;)

Keep on inspiring!

♥/ fashion chalet
so fab! alittle jil sander meets rocker dear...
Anonymous said…
Wow! Seriously so beautiful, both you and your darling skirt :) I'm so jealous I want your skirt badly! I've always loved Carries one, but your take on it is so chic and right for right now...sigh.

And your hair is beyond gorgeous :)
issa said…
WOW!!! seriously stunning!! i wanna make a tulle skirt now..
Pudding and Pie said…
Cute skirt. Sometimes you just have to make things yourself (with a little help of course)
María said…
los botines me gustan el resto...
Anonymous said…
Fabulous hun! You will be the envy of all who lay eyes on your skirt!jealous much haha its stunning :)
Nemerae said…
haha I've always wanted to have a dress like that one *.* your best outfit was incredible too!! :)
Susanna-Cole said…
I love the mixture of the white girly dress, and the tough leather jacket! :)

Savvy Mode SG said…
too cute. adore your tulle.
Andromeda said…
I love this so freaking much.
Mariane M. said…
fabulous outfit!!!! very carrie! those bakers boots are making me weak in the knees...lovely blog..would you like to exchange links?

I seriously think you've done a better job compared to Carrie!!
oddgirldiaries said…
this reminds me of sarah jessica paker's dress in sex and the city movie. i added you in my blogroll,i hope that's okay. =-)
clareassiral said…
oh that tulle!! it's divine. Maegan said…
oooh, I love this!!!
Sydneydoll said…
i love that dress.

so much.

i want a dress like that for my birthday party.
you look so preety and the photos are amazing:)beautiful skirt!
Fashion_Girl22 said…
I love how these are ploar opposites. Hard edge meets soft. Opposites attract - Perfect! <3
Shaminista said…
Wouaw!! So Carry! So Nice!!
budget chic said…
This look is sooo fly, looks better than Ms. Big! Great interpretation!
Anonymous said…
I love this Outfit.
Thank you for your comment.
And Happy Holidays.
Dori said…
totally diggin that...

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