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Mischief-maker, Rabble-rouser!

Incidentally, photography has always been a passionate leisure pursuit... I love disturbing, whimsical, grubby, possibly dilapidated, unusually besmirched, unanticipated locals to offbeat everything else. Seeing as I write for a living, taking random coffee breaks to appease my love child camera makes these artistic opportunities equipped for a pitch-perfect documentation. I'm always directing, adjusting lens angles, and tripod positioning for the utmost tangible rocumentaries.

Dark Side Moon Shelf | Wooden Ophelia

Dark Side Moon Shelf in the shop 🖤 Really love how this one turned out! 

This is my art. Please do not copy or reproduce my original artwork designs and moon shelf concepts as they are copyright. Thank you.

Wind in My Hair

A rarity among the norm of March’s suburbanite ambiance, the sky seemed to split like two halves forming a sun-drenched gateway… through the spread of blue, it finally warmed. Taking into account the shameless reality that had me suffering from post-traumatic cutoff syndrome, we canted about in perfect misdirection, which somehow led us back to the camera euphoria of this disco-inferno bowling alley.

(BCBG heels with dog collars, DIY cutoffs, secondhand shirt, Vintage bangles)