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For Us and The Moon | Ars Memoria

One more peek at 'For Us and the Moon' for "Toil & Trouble" at Ars Memoria with the incomparable Ivonne Carley & Sophia Rapata!!
Opens April 1 
Be sure to contact the gallery for further details and a collector's preview.


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Let's shake some dust

Summertime, cutoffs, and carnival traffic...
(Vintage tunic, bracelets, and DIY Levi's, Alice + Olivia boots, Forever 21 necklace, Hot Topic studded belt)

Copper Etiquette Dress Giveaway!

For a while now, these pretty little dresses have been on my wish list, and I'm really excited to share the news that together with Copper Etiquette, we're giving one away! So here's your chance to win a beautiful new dress to compliment your summer wardrobe!
Here's what you'll need to do to be eligible for the giveaway:
1. Simply post a comment telling us which dress you would wear. They might even feature snapshots of you wearing it later on! 2. Like Copper Etiquette on Facebook. 3. Leave your name + Facebook name + e-mail address so that you can be contacted should you win!
*This contest is open to both US and International residents. The winner will be announced in one week so don't miss out... enter now!*

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Hands-down my favorite season, but as the dynamics of holiday nostalgia and annual traditions aide the recovery of turkey comas everywhere, it’s coming on that time of year when private lives become public record to nearly every relative in tow. And while I’m amazed it hasn’t made the evening news (wink-wink), the neighbors are decorating in such abundance that the norm of suburbia is beginning to look like the Macy's Day Parade on crack. So there in the backdrop of an intimate family gathering, I thought studding the hell-out-of-a pair of semi-combat boots seemed a novel inspiration… my loved ones bolstering each near miss of the hammer. Not the first to visit funkytown, kudos to all those who came before me.

Blazer and knee socks, F21. Studded DIY Boots, secondhand. Cutoffs, Vintage DIY. Camisole, Little Ribbons. Tights, H&M. Bangles, vintage, Hot Topic, F21. Tigers Eye Ring, Pathways.