Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ordella and other girls

Ordella 20 x 24 oil on wood

My latest painting... inspired by Anja Konstantinova.
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Saying goodbye to my gorgeous Balenciaga Mary-Kate wedges is kind of depressing, so I'm cheerfully diluting myself with the simple fact that they will undoubtedly make someone else VERY happy!

Soooo, yeah, I'm kind of addicted to Tumblr.


desireeelise said...

Stilig :)

Alex said...

So proud of my girlfriend and her paintings! Great picture of them, baby.

Melissa said...

those shoes are the BOMB!!!

Thank you for all your lovely comments!



Awww, why would you have to let them go? Such beautiful statement pieces *le sigh. Im getting a bit choked up thinking about you parting with them lol xx

Bella Harris said...

awww love these!

Senia said...

schöner blog und schöne bilder!
kannst ja auch mal bei mir vorbeischauen, würde mich freuen :)
♥ Senia

Anacecilia said...

those wedges are beautifull! and you are very good in your art!

Jez said...

Hey! I love the paint, it's so beautiful!
Nice shoes!!

Cristina de la Concha said...

love it! amazing paintingg:)
xx cris

BobbieAustin27 said...

your so talented
I'm completly in love with this painting
lovely blog :)