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white as snow

These days, there's no shame in saving a little cash when you finally cave to all the clothes, shoes, and jewelry on your to-steal-it list, because ultimately making these fashion visionaries easier to obtain is exactly what we want. So, when the team over at (Thanks Amanda!) contacted me for a review of their website,, I felt compelled to check it out.
I, of course, immediately located the 'fashion' tag, began browsing, and then watched as endless page after page of coupon codes appeared like magic. Even some of my favorite shopping venues like Free People, F21, H&M, Bebe, Saks, Ideeli, YSL Beauty, Gilt, and so many more were on the list! Insert jubilation.
A veritable cornucopia of coupons, members are encouraged to comment, rate, and validate codes to ensure that everyone's saving a bundle on all their dream items. And with thousands of retailers to choose from, Coupon Chief prides itself on being one of the largest databases of online coupons on the net!

(FP Almost Famous coat- use these Free People coupon codes, Bona Drag lace bellbottoms, F21 rings- use these Forever 21 coupon codes, DIY studded beanie, Jessica Simpson boots)  


Nagore Urra said…
Nice trousers!


mistytewest said…
I love everything bella...and I just can relate with this post...I am also that kind of girl...

Glamour Bbey. said…
Those pants are amazing!
Kata said…
So lovely style!<3
Tea For Two said…
Sounds like an awesome website. I've been waiting for something like this.

By the way, those trousers are very daring :)
jeanine romo said…
Bella, your pants make me smile!! I love them

Anonymous said…
you are so beautiful!
Bella, you looks so fab & cozy in that coat. And I love those lace bell bottoms.

Good to know about that site; must check it out this weekend!

xx, becs
rawr said…
nice outfits ! feel free to check mine ...
Bostonista said…
coupons and promo codes make me so happy!
Alex said…
Seeing you amidst snow makes me want to go sledding with you again and roll around in the snow when we get to the bottom of the hill!
I hope I can have that one too!
alexys oliver said…
those flares look so good on you! i want to order them!
great blog.

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