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sometimes you sit in the corner like a broken doll and that's okay

I'm officially writing a weekly editorial column for Gadfly, and was beyond any normal level of excitement to have my first article published yesterday! *owww* As a self-proclaimed starving artist, I live for moments like these when the creative vision snakes through, injecting every inch of your objective. And the moment can be little or big, it doesn't matter as long as it happens. Honestly, there's a certain amount of surreal achievement in knowing that every week I get to wield my pencil and paper and put my voice into the universe with purpose. So if you haven't read it yet, please head over and check it out

It's 1/11/11... make a wish.

(Chloe boots, H&M tights, Forever 21 tank, gifted garter belt, and lots of crimson lip stain)


congrats, thats awesome I'll definitely check it out! and those boots, are amazing!!
duckalicious said…
ediot said…
that's so awesome. im so happy for you. congrats. right off to read it now. btw. i just came to think- have you had any other hair colors than black? would be so fun to see! hope you're having a wonderful beginning of the week
Marissa said…
Congrats! You deserve the best.
I want those boots!

jaassnnaa said…
Great post!
Glamour Bbey. said…
Wow those boots are awesome!!!
Anna Bonfiglio said…
Hello beautiful! Very interesting photos! I'd like to follow you with all my heart .. Would you like to follow each other? Pass to my blog and tell me what you think, I also accept constructive criticism, of course:)
Deva and Leah said…
from one starving artist to another...congratulations mama!! you look amazing here. you are truly one of the only people who can pull off doc martens and then long gowns as well. You look great in everything and that is a gift!
Anonymous said…
You look like Meagn Fox!
okay first of all you are so effing gorgeous. secondly those boots are way badass. & thirdly congrats, that sounds so awesome! xx
Alex said…
Starving artist girlfriend, you look soooooooooo make-boyfriend-miss-you delicious!
Anonymous said…
It's great to read about your writing, congratulations Bella. And I love this outfit.
The boots are serious! Your blog is amazing!
great post!!!

Invidia said…
Da oggi sul web c'è un nuovo sito, il mio
Se ti va di leggere ciò che scrivo, cliccami! intanto io ti seguo! Ciao!! ;)
Madeline said…
congratulations on your new gig! love the boots :)
Anna Bonfiglio said…
I follow you :)
jeanine romo said…
Keep it going, Bella. You're an amazing artist :)

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