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"Dahling, we should have a tea party and get frightfully fancy."

Things about this set of photos that make me smile: Silver glitter nail polish and body dust, Alex and Vina necklace courtesy of the ever-gorgeous Jeanine, Jeffrey Campbell Fab Lita platforms (thank you to the team over at for the incredible discount!), and last but hardly least, the UNIF shearling coat I couldn't resist upon spotting it at Nasty Gal Vintage.
Other random factoids: We spent all of twelve (that's right, twelve) minutes taking these because it was only 20 degrees outside, this is the warmest coat in the universe, the Christmas lights are from my neighbor's house who are used to me frolicking about in front of the camera, after turning into a Popsicle we went to Starbucks, had the tastiest gingerbread latte, headed to Target, was thoroughly grossed-out when I saw a woman in the restroom *cough cough* forget to wash her hands, winced, washed mine twice, then overspent on stocking stuffers.   


Eva said…
I love your coat, but the shoes are incredible! OMG! You look very beautiful!!
Deva and Leah said…
You look very cozy and yet still so fashionable. Those shoes are amazing!
Glamour Bbey. said…
Stunning jacket and boots! I love this look
Miss*Kimmy said…
WOW .... those shoes are incredible!
Alex said…
I love the third picture, baby! Beautiful. And the fourth picture of the shoes is great; they look awesome. And the last sentence is hilarious!
Kinsey Michaels said…
that coat looks super cozy. i love that you treated yourself to a latte afterwards!
Aly said…
love it Bells! Those Litas are fab..
Anonymous said…
love thisssss!
those JC litas are so lovely! and i also love silver glitter nailpaint
Caylen said…
Lovely coat and platforms! I wanted to order that coat. Looks so cozy. Great blog hun!

Violet said…
target always get me to overspend too and i dont understand why people just dont wash thier hands they should feel the need to after using the restroom.

i cant believe you have those awesome shoes!!!!! you look comfy and so cool

Vi from Cali
amwtang said…
wauw you're really beautiful!
Andrés Corella said…
Fab shoes!...and I love your neighbors deco..they´ve got the spirit ho ho ho! xD

Luke said…
My god Bella you are so stunning. Megan Fox-esque!
Your shoes, OMFG just lovely!

Ilka von Torok said…
your shoes just amazing!!!!!!!
I love it!
You looks amazing and this flower's version of Lita is the best!!!
diane said…
Just stopping in to say Merry Christmas Bella!!!
Love the shoes, they're like little sofas for your feet.
kiss, kiss, xo d
Bella, that coat literally looks like the coziest thing I've ever seen. And those Litas! I was eying them in the floral print. Just fab!

xx, becs
Amazing look! Those shoes are amazing!
Gracinha said…
Nice boots love them*
Ria said…
Loving that coat.
Sara. said…
these pics are great love the coat and shoes:)
Jessica said…
Litas come in floral print?! Too bad that I'd probably never get a pair. I don't think I'd be able to walk in them lol.
Setty Lepida said…
Darling you look fab! Merry tea-parties !!!
Dama DeNegro said…
I can see taht you continue as awesome as I remember! I´m back on blogging! ;) nice to see you still here!
Café Bouclé said…
hello pretty!
whatamazing outfit!
I really love your coat and your shoes!
Your outfit is amazing! I'm in love with the shoes!! :)
venila kostis said…
This model of Lita is the best

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