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Side ponytail subject to tugging

Writing space, nerdy glasses, arbitrary conversations concerning salty nut rolls, pet names, and wasted time, Team Bella desktop and a wit-driven inside joke, 80 degrees, sunbathing, dinner parties, kitchen explosions, new platforms, new poetry, burnt toast, Vegas planning, text messaging, skyping, Greek lessons, discovered lost jewelry in the microwave, style stalking, lace loving, fictional clothes-wearing... and thus the beginning of yet another interesting week.

(Forever 21 gossamer tunic, Bona Drag lace bell-bottoms, Marni sandals)


Denise said…
you have got the blackest hair. I love it. you look so gorgeous. And i love love love your shoes. The team bella is a good inspiration too.

I am Denise Katipunera
Glamour Bbey. said…
You look great! I love your hair!
Eden said…
sigh bella.. only you can pull of a side ponytail and make it look uber glam. the shoes are to die for! looking gorge, as always:)

Astérisque said…
omg, you look so hot! love those trousers! amazing... and your heels are so damn sexy!
Fashion By He said…
the lace pants are awesome ... you look great

-He approves
Zepequeña said…

Tracy said…
Oh my god, I really like you with
the ponytail, it's looks so good.
I like your face with the fairytail!!!
Seyma said…
you look so hot Bella!!! the team goes definitely for you :))))

michael w. said…
you are soooooo stunning to look at and the megan fox thing is just surreal... yes, it def is!!!!!! I want this outfit and is it ok to say that I am pro team bella!!!
michael w. said…
you are soooooo stunning to look at and the megan fox thing is just surreal... yes, it def is!!!!!! I want this outfit and is it ok to say that I am pro team bella!!!
Hollywood said…
You look FABULOUS! And I like that ponytail style.
Love those pants and the dark hair! x
Violet said…
love these pictures and the team bella desktop lol you should rock the side pony more often

Vi from Cali
Kačí. said…
I felt in love with your hair:)
Magali said…
You look great! I love the side ponytail!
Ivanka said…
Love it!
Dylana Suarez said…
You look very chic in glasses!
veronicaa said…
Gorgeous outfit as usual!
Xoxo Veronica
rossovelvet said…
Ahah so cute !! And I'm absolutely on TEAM BELLA side !!!!
Mode Junkie said…
love this babe! miss yah! can i have those marni heels?

Anonymous said…
Bella, i love it, as always.
duckalicious said…
you look so good with side ponytail and those glasses! and those shoes, oh...
Robyn said…
That does sound like both an interesting and exhausting week. Hope it all goes well.
Elizabeth Marie said…

You look GORG! LOVE YOU!
Lindstyle said…
how do you keep your hair so nice? its gorgeous! any secrets?!

Tegan said…
those are some crazy cool pants.
love the shoes also, you have so many damn sexy shoes. jeallloous
Gasteizshopper said…
Pedazo de tacón ¡¡qué pasada!!

Un besote
Anonymous said…
Your life is by far more intersting and more fab than mine.
Anonymous said…
youre really hot
Castor Pollux said…
heart your platforms
it's so attractive :)

Castor Pollux
Rosanna said…
you wear those pants so well!
Solo said…
Oh my! What do you do to make your hair soooo black and shiny?

Travel and Living
Job Hunter
Pink Blog Girl said…
AMAZING shoes! And the side ponytail is fab.
Kristin said…
Totally love your Team Bella screen saver!
Micaela said…
beautiful writting machine...
i've wanted one of those since i'm a child... i love writing.

take care bells, amazing post!

Anika said…
Hey gorgeous girl, hows all with you?

Hope you're keeping out of trouble.

Miss your blogging...

p.s. check out my blog, I'm doing a giveaway at the mo.
Brunch girls said…
Not gonna lie, we are obsessed with your blog!
Definitely will be following!
Hope you are having fun in Vegas right now! Love your 'nerdy glasses'... so adorable with the side ponytail.

xo, becs
Luv the pants!

Bird said…
your blog is amazing! i cant comment on some posts though??

where is that crucifix ring from in your top post iv seen it everywhere and love it so much...

please let me know!!

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