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Rock, paper, scissor sisters

Friday night pictures and calculatedly home-stricken, nascent notions about the dreamy Givenchy Nightingale, Nine Inch Nails piercing every square inch just the way we like it, spent the majority of time liberating restlessness by wisecracking and not really watching movies... then someone, who shall remain perpetually anonymous, feverishly rescued the (stalked and finally scored) Balenciaga wedges from Chloe by hiding them inside the oven (!), variable text messaging on kitchen floors is yet another example of inexplicable conduct, intense red lips make me filthy happy, outwitting one another to the point of delirium, Sangria, futile zippers on wallets, fucking run-on sentences, Saturday night dancing, Sunday retail therapy, and the controversial dinner professed to be black-tie appropriate... cookie crisp. Nutshell weekend.


(Balenciaga wedges, F21 skirt, H&M tights and racerback long tank, Givenchy Nightingale handbag, random accessories you usually see and/or hear about.)


diane said…
I have a pair of green wedges too, not Balenciaga, but I love them.
Hope you're having a fab week-end darling. xo
Glamour Bbey. said…
The wedges are fab!

Anonymous said…

I LOVE YOU BELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Monica Bedi said…
that cookie crispsss looks soooo good x.
rossovelvet said…
Fierce heineken shoe color (a)
bananas. said…
AHHH! i lovee your shoes!
jenna said…
those wedges are "i die"!!!!

pls check my blog out too!
theTrendyDwarf said…
I like your idea of the shoes being in the oven! You are so creative. I like your pictures so props to the photographer! Your shoes are to die for! The color and everything is just so chic. Also your dress is really beautiful! I like how it looks like a ballerina's dress.
check out my trendy blog!
Carlotta said…
cool pics!! love those wedges the color is stunning..Last week I gave to my sis my Nightingale for her 18th bday she rocks that bag better than me..such an amazing bag though!
Jacqueline said…
The shoes are a beautiful color Bella! xo
Andrew said…
how can you be this fucking HOT.. it amaze me everyday.
Sophie said…
I love that they're green! So different.

Awesome pictures :)c
amazing pics!

those wedges...ahhh, am in love! have some suede green shoes but those are special with a capital S!

great blog btw, first time i've been on - will def be coming back ;)

sounds like a bangin' weekend! who knew i could love hunter green so much...those shoes....yummy!
Francesca said…
awesome shoes!!!

F <--- texas gal bloggin fashion from nyc!!!
Anonymous said…
Bella i want to live in your closet! hahahaa

Amazing pics babe. kisses
cla-sib said…
the shoes are so beautiful
Sadhbh said…
those shoes are yummy!
love the zip detail bag too, oh and the cookie crisp too of course haha
Love the shoes and your hair is gorgeous! x
Lainey said…
Those wedges are so amazing.
Erica said…
cool shoes

Kristin said…
Woop woop for green...especially when it's in the form of Balenciaga wedges!
Anonymous said…
i'm sorry but your tights have a fatal run...a pity, they're gorgeous and shiny...
A. said…
loving the shoes...YUM!cool piccys- love the oven shot! nice
fashionfundi said…
Totally amaze!
Love love love your style, your writing and your entire blog.
You are G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S
Susu Paris Chic said…
What is our dear Bella cookin' now...?! And is that a Champagne bottle I see in the background, quietly sitting on the counter... I love your white lil' wonder!
shoes in the oven is hott.

I'm having a contest for a limited Edition Jimmy Choo tote. You should totez send a shot of you in your shoes!!!

Elizabeth Marie said…
I think I'm getting us BFF necklaces.

Thoughts? :)
thesydneygirl said…
awesome photos girl! love the green shoes ;) x
Anonymous said…
you're really amazing to look at!
Anonymous said…
you're really amazing to look at!
FashionJazz said…
U look amazibng Bella babe!!! Miss u too xxx
Silk Ties said…
Wonderful post! Love it!
Rosie said…
love your blog.
Zanah said…
Lovely pics & blog too :) Mon Mode Blog
SammyKins said…
i just brought some shoes like them! i love the photography its amazing! puts my blog to shame! your amazing and i love you hair!! im following :)

love sammy


love your shoes!
Jules said…
love the shoes! :)

I am excited to launch the capiz jewelry boxes I'm making. I posted them on They're not yet finished but hopefully I can have all of them finished this week :) Let me know what you think. Thanks!

Travel and Living
Gio Goi Tops said…
Cool pics! Love the green shoes!
Stephanie said…
LOVE the shoes!! these shots...and of course, le sac givenchy ;)

oh! and cookie crisp! we don't have that cereal here :( but i know it's delish!

apparellel said…
those shoes! and the color of those shoes! amazing!

AMIT said…
Great collection.

fancy lingerie
jess said…
Oooh my!!
I love your wedges!!

Jess x
jukejka said…
great shoes, love the colour!

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