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Space filler anomaly

Relatively accurate depiction of packing pandemonium, minus the enormous pile of clothes previously asphyxiating the bedroom floor.
Heading to the airport with Starbucks, water, a stack of manuscripts, and my newest (strangely absorbing) favorite read... Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Classic Regency Romance. I’m unapologetically curious as what Mr. Darcy would presume of resident evil-like corsets and almost superhero zombie satire.
I’ll be sporadically updating, twittering, and checking e-mails concerning The Metal Ballerina Shop and eBay items just in case anyone’s interested while I’m away.
Have a great week… much love.

(Vintage leopard blouse: available soon on eBay, Target tights, DIY vintage Levi's and faux fur, Hot Topic belt)


Eva Ana said…
sexy momma :D
Minette said…
i love love love loveeeeeeeeee
these photos!!! AMAZING!!!
moraki said…
this bed is gorgeous!! love it! and your jacket looks so nice!!
Jacqueline said…
i love that blouse. great photos.
Zepequeña said…

I'm currently jealous of your bed (love the scrolly metal) and your legs. I run a million miles a week, and I'll never have legs like yours! You are so lucky! I'm not going to stop trying though!!!
Have a great trip!
Dannie said…
Oooh, Im adoring this cheetah print ness!!!
mom & son said…
you're so HAWT, bella!
i love the black and white photos!
Lauren said…
Holy crap this looks like an editorial! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the top, the black and white that has 70s feel and your legs!!! You look stunning.

I know just what you mean about packing Bella, it can be a pain in the arse!!!!!!! Have a great trip and update soon.
Going to look at your stores!!

love ya babe.
Gasteizshopper said…
Unas fotos preciosas!!

Un besote
anacecilia said…
you look hot i love your room and your horse!!! have fun on your trip!
Lemondrop Marie said…
Those are gorgeous photos in black and white- I am really drawn to the leopard print and the intricate footboard- lovely! Happy trip-
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
Phyllis said…
so beautiful. you have the longest legs!!
Hanako66 said…
you look gorgeous...have a fabulous time!
Steffani Alix said…
love the mood of these shots and that leopard print!
Anonymous said…
Amazing everything. xoxox
Anonymous said…
Amazing everything. xoxox
Blan said…
cool pics, cool sweater!
DiscoVery said…
DiscoVery is back!
trigg and trig. said…
you are hoooooot!
Jules said…
Cool photos you have here. Love it. =D

A Writers Den
Brown Mestizo
Dirty Hair Halo said…
Beautiful Bella!
How are you?! :)

Love your leopard blouse and your bed - so gothy and romantic looking <3

Hope your trip is fab!
<3 xxx
Taio said…
INCREDIBLE I love these pics so much it's almost insane! Why dont you have thoussands of followers is beyond me..god knows I'm a HUGE fan!
Hope you have a fun trip.

Kisses from waayyy ver here.
Style Porn said…
Ack! I'm so jealous you get to jet away. Even if it is for work. Lately I'm so restless in my little box! Anyhoo, I'm off to check out your ebay store, which I have somehow neglected to do even after all this time.
maggie said…
gorgeous photos and i love the outfit! i wanted to buy pride and prejudice and zombies when i saw it at urban outfitters! now i have more incentive to. :D
Love & Vintage said…
love the leopard, the last photo shown is my favorite, you look gorgeous!
Joan D. said…
That blouse rocks! And the pictures are really cool! Congrats!
electric feel said…
i love the atmosphere in black and white pics

and i love your shiny tights
Feelmore said…
As usual, your style is impeccable. And how cool is your carousal horsie! the third from the bottom looks like a shot from vice - very cool.

oh, and i gave you an award on my blog today - for being one of my faves... :)
Susu Paris Chic said…
Have a great trip my fave' metal ballerina! Your outfit is chic... I love the panther top!
Love it!!
Jessica said…
You never disappoint since your photos are always amazing! Love the leopard print top!
Wrecked Stellar said…
Ah gotta love packing :) Hope you have a fabulous trip! Also, love the leopard print! xo, Mel
Jules said…
sexy! thanks for posting those lovely pics. amazing indeed!
Anika said…
Hey gorgeous girlie, love the glamour to what is essentially packing shots. The're killing me (especially after I used a gift voucher from the parents at a salon that fucked up my hair....chopped off a shitload of it and then cut my fring crooked and from different heights at the crown of my head).

So in short, I love this. You epitomise cool glamour baby.

Love you
Fashion Chalet said…

I miss you, my darling friend. How are things? lOOKING LOVELY as per USUAL-I can see! ;)

MidnightsSun said…
loooove that blouse!

...Seyma... said…

great idea..

Kristin said…
Totally posted about my leopard love tonight. Yours is way better. Ah ha. Amazing top!
Carissa said…
wow! this is fabulous!! you're gorgeous with that print!
I really love the leopard print shirt...I totally bought one really similar to it from a vintage shop this week.

xoxo Stephanie
Love the leopard print. Amazing look, Bella!!

xo, Becs
Is it ur bed we see ? It looks great ! Ur outfit too, i'm sorry i'm a bit obsessed with decoration :)
(& sorry for my bad english :) )
Siljesfashion said…
Hot! Love the leopard jacket!
rossovelvet said…
Just like a movie star ! I'm loving the hat !!
Nadege said…
crazy for this entire scenario.

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