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When autumn leaves fall down

Recently, layered silhouettes, drape cardigans, and chunky little knit hats have been making quite an impression on my everyday styling… just a few more progressing fascinations to accessorize the fall/winter ambiance. Man, I love it when virtually everything in my closet becomes seasonally appropriate.
Very special thanks to Sydnie and chickdowntown for my gorgeous Tolani scarf, it’s a pitch-perfect addition to my wardrobe!

(Forever 21 asymmetrical tank and heels, Target jeans, Tolani scarf, H&M knit hat, BCBG drape cardigan)


love your cardigan (:
Malu said…
I adore this cozy and comfy look! You do look totally ready for fall!:D


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Jacqueline said…
Love that drape cardigan, esp. with that scarf. you look amazing!
...Seyma... said…
love the scarf and the cardigan :)

you look fabulous as always!!
Ashley said…
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Anonymous said…
You are GORGEOUS!!!!! Love this!!
Anonymous said…
You are GORGEOUS!!!!! Love this!!
nuheila said…
love your cardigan and scarf!!!
my lovely coffee cup is from finland and you ll find it from here
page is also in english

by the way the nature behind you looks like in finland:)
Love this, especially the scarf! :)
Nemerae said…
Gorgeous cardi!!love it(L)
what an amazing look, i totally love your cardigan!!!
Ediot said…
great scar.f i like how it breaks off the white. i dont like autumn. or winter.. miss summer and warmth..
Elizabete said…
Always love your heels.How tall are you?You seem sky high to me. :)
Juliet said…
I need one cardigan like this!
I really love it!:)
you look gorgeous!
mom & son said…
the scarf is absolutely stunning
esp you paired it with white cardigan and hat!
beingdena said…
you look so cosy.... love the outfit esp the scarf.
Ljubica said…
such a great cardigan
Susu Paris Chic said…
You wear that beanie so well! And the accent is just so well seen. delish fall wonders indeed!
Suzanne said…
great lip color! and the white is just perfect to your hair. love the shoes as well :)
marissa said…
OMG! Yes I just screamed OMG! Bella this is rad rad rad!!! The scarf and draped cardigan are layered flawlessly. Every single time I read your new posts I'm a bigger fan each time! You really have an eye for styling and your a writer and your beauuuuuutfiul--triple threat Bella!
Your weekend? Just saw your twitter comment--sounds like so much fun!!!
Kisses xoxox
I love your cardi babe! It looks soooo comfy! I just saw a piece like that (only it's super long) at the thrift store yesterday, but I don't know why I didn't get it!! Urghhh now I wanna go back and get it, hopefully no one finds it as comforting as I did lol (so they don't get it haha).

I just ADORE how your face always look so smooth and dewy! What makeup do you use? Omg if that's of your natural complexion, I'm gonna shoot myself... I'd be so jealous!! You look stunning chica ;)

Hi Bella :)

Love your outfit and the photos are just beautiful!

anna bu said…
love love love this outfit.
esp the cardi. <3
chica pinup said…
tu cardigan es una preciosidad te queda supe bien con el gorro estas muy wapa besos esther
Indy said…
I love the color that the scarf adds to the outfit! Very fall chic!
Anonymous said…
loooove! tres gorgeous skin.

What products are you using?
How tall are you?
what inspires your outfits?
Casandra said…
I really loved your scarf!! :) Kisses!!!
Style Bird said…
I love this cardigan and scarf!
Sydnie said…
I knew I would love this scarf! It looks absolutely amazing on you, especially with an all-white background. I can't thank you enough for the shoutout, as well! I'm glad you're enjoying your new scarf. :)

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Summer said…
Your cardigan is awesome! =D

A Writers Den
Brown Mestizo
Gorgeous! Great blog :)

visit me @
diane said…
It's great when your wardrobe "opens up" between seasons.
I have to be honest Bella, I'm so intrigued with the little stepping stones & rocks behind you. They're very pretty.
Dannie said…
beauuutfiul scarf, i love it paired with such a clean, bright palette- really brings out its colors. yay for fall!
Solo said…
Your outfit is so cool. ;D

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Aminatha said…
Wahou ! Love this.
tu es vraiment très belle ça te va bien.
J'aime beaucoup le cardigant.
out of the mist said…
OMG!!! the scarf it´s perfect!...and you look very very sexy!
Gasteizshopper said…

Un besote
Laura said…
LOVE the entire outfit!
x Laura
Carissa said…
love the scarf! :D I love this look ;)
Delighted Nerd said…
love your style and the shoes you have.
great blog
check/comment/add my
really like your outfit!!!

theothergirl21 said…
You look gorgoeus and I love this look.You're so effortless in your styles and should probably model!

wowww!!!!nice white cardi!!!!!!
you look stunning my dear!!!!!
every time you surprise me..
Taylor Sterling said…
The scarf looks great and really pops against the neutral outfit!
rossovelvet said…
Wow, it's starting getting colder it seems ! The hat is supercute, white is really a wonderful color for accessories !
Margret said…
hello bella:)
i saw you follow my blog so i wanted to say that i have a new one
link is here:
Ebonni said…
Chunky knits are going to be huge this winter. You pull it off wonderfully! I'm rocking a hat just like that today, in grey!

Diane said…
the scarf is lovely!
hi i love the outfit is very pretty i love the cardigan
Bella!! You look so pretty and cozy in your outfit!! xxoxoxo
*raChel said…
thanks for your comment !!
awesome girl
Hanako66 said…
you look so striking in white!
Kristin said…
I won the same scarf! I love how you styled it!
fhen said…
love your cardigan and shawl! very colourful and pretty
Twiggy Mod said…
hi gorgeous

i've missed you, hope your okay.

loving the pics xxxxxxx
Fashion By He said…
awesome outfit, love your style, and your really pretty too!!

can we link exchange??

come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think
That Tolani scarf is the ideal complement to your ensemble - the bright colors make your entire look pop. Though I'm quite smitten with that drape cardigan myself - loving the flow of it! :)
Anonymous said…
You look gorgeous! Love your blog and style!

Where do you shop?
Hey honey! You are the picture of fall loveliness :) Where the Wild Things Are was different than I expected. I won't say I didn't like it, it just may be one of those movies I need to see twice before judging it. xo
Clau! said…
Very nice outfit ;)
Looks nice the background as well.
Yuka said…
aww cute scarf! i love the all white too
love the winter white and beautiful scarf!
hannahcouture said…
love the scarf.
Becca. said…
gorgeous heels, caridgan and scarf :)
you look great!
sexyinthecity said…
Gorgeous, love how you looks in white! and love the touch of colour in the scarf!
anacecilia said…
i love you cardi you look so comfy all together i wantt it and here im frezzing plus they have the ac on i envy you right now!!
FashionJazz said…
Bella babe, u really look amazing in all these layers!! How u been luv, have u lost weight? Hope u well and we will def chat soon!

Sending u lots of hugs babe!

La Mimi said…
Hey sweety!
how are you? :)
You are looking as pretty as always! Is white one of your fave colors to wear? Because it looks really nice against your black hair:)
Have a fab evening! :)

budget chic said…
This is how you do winter white! I love the cardigan and the beret, very pretty!
those shoes......DELISH!

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