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South of My Ankles

Best part... corset lacing.
Rushing through a brigade of e-mails, I couldn’t help noticing a certain pair of ankle boots I’d previously hunted was finally available. With saucer eyes, I gazed desirously as if stylistic prerequisite to the afternoon, and like some smooth phantom criminal, it happened before I could stop the indulgence. An alarming thought, albeit I like my life the way I like it, and by and large, it naturally involves a plethora of manuscripts and fabulous shoes.
With ridiculous ceremonial procession resembling some True Hollywood Shoe Story, I had another delicious pair of boots resting just south of my ankles. And while sugarcoating need not apply, despite all my efforts, this bitter weakness never felt so sweet.

Necklaces, vintage & secondhand. Boots & jacket, Miss Me. Leggings & gloves, Tripp. Tank & skirt, F21.


Hippiegirl said…
great outfit again :)
i love that black/white picture!
DaisyChain said…
and leggings.
Hot Bot said…
Wow, those leggings! And I feel like I've wanted a pair of boots similar to those from Marc Jacobs.

I love indulgences :)
Nare said…
definetely I love your style!!!a perfect look again. I love the mix of the skirt with leggins and jean jacket

Franco said…
great outfit,
i personally love pic# 2.
* CAROLIN ☼ said…
GREAT GREAT!! Amazing! You're so talented Bella!
Great work!
♥ (: Caro
Marina said…
Thanks for your message. You are now in my blogroll.
Bottes pas cher
Mode Junkie said…
your hair is amazing sweetie.
and i say welcome new booties. feel at home because you look like you belong here. you make your mama proud. :)
gorgeous. everything.
Emily said…
those leggings are fabulous...a perfect way to make an exit :)
J'Adore Fashion said…
AMAZING AMAZING boots, love the gloves too--cute outfit!!!

Shen-Shen said…
Those leggings are amazing, I love them!
María said…
Súper estilosa
erika said…
omg arm warmers. the leggings. the boots. bella you are amazing........ i luuuuurve you!!!!!!!!!!
muchlove said…
oooh, love them boots!
InstantVintage said…
Bella, if there was any post that made me feel better (or that highlighted how you can buy a pair of shoes without even really thinking about it...and not being sad later as a result), this was definitely it.

You look amazing. =)
love the legging !!!!
The Seeker said…
You look great,my dear, as always of course.
That B+W picture is so interesting.

SOS! said…
i want those leggings... swoon
peace out,
SOS xx
omg girl you never get it wrong.
I am loving the boots, the lace skirt and the arm warmers... simply fabulous
UberOriginal said…
Did you make your fingerless gloves yourself? They are uber cute, I want!!
wow love the outfit as usual!!
lauren said…
Ah, this is one of the great oufit post! your such a talent that I can't help but LOOOOOOVVVVEEE everything!!!

PorcelainBlonde said…
I love the volume/shape of those booties and how it compliments the shape of your ankles and calves. I remember seeing a similar pair in a mag ( marc jacobs?) and liking them. Also love the corset lacing on your leggings...I have shoes with similar detailing up the heels, very hot!

I've linked you in a post I just did, hope its ok :) xxx
Nature Grafitti said…
the boots are amazing!!
god, i am in loveee
i have a jean jacket! tomorrow i will post some pictures, i looove your style always!
I am Dane. said…
LOVE the boots!
sarah said…
love this look x
Ashleigh said…
we all know I have an unhealthy "tights" why do you TEASE me with these?? !! I love the lace up at the back
So Hawt girlie
Lisa said…
beautiful bella.

love this.
that detailing on the leggings is killer.

hope you are well girl.

Krystal said…
LOVE the look, love the boots, love you. you look amazing. i mean, you always do :)

Sweet Things said…
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......when i look at this pics i dont feel winter at all:)
Miss Urbanita said…
Amazing pics! You are so beautiful...
J.Yo said…
those boots are so cool! you're so lucky to be able to have them~

i love ur BW pic, its sooo artsy, and in the last pic, you look simply stunning!

i love the gloves, btw~
gosh!! your gloves is my obsession!! loooove it.. and i really really seriously want it!!
Anabel said…
heey I need to be your friend in chictopia!! :D

you look fantastic today! love the striped shirt! and, of course, the ankle boots.

hrose said…
mmmmm can anything top the feeling of new shoes?
another great post, another great outfit... i always love reading your little blurbs.. todays was quite funny too. i had a little chuckle to myself, sounds just like myself. :D

where would the world be without your fabulous self?
a great deal less stylish, that's for sure.
nice outfit girl..edgy and cool
seralouise said…
lovin the striped armwarmers and denim here ! x
agnes said…
the denim jacket add a bit roughness to your whole outfit, which is a genius touch :)
stilettostetico said…
When the "urban casual" meets the "Body con-o/GLAMazon-esque", for a "SEXYness-issime" stylish cocktail under the caressing light of Fall!!!

à Bientôt, Antoine
Blicious said…
love your boots!
The outfit is very cool :) I love the boots :)
Chiquita banana said…
beautiful look !
Valentine said…
So many great things about the outfit I dont know where to start! First, your skirt is just adorable! + your jacket and those leggings-- love love!

Ive also been eyeing a similar pair of boots-- must get me hands on them soon!


Andy said…
Those leggings are amazing!
I would have wear them in a another way, maybe simpler, but it's still cute.
new post on my blog
:) check it out.
prettyneons said…
Hello's, you seem to have the best boot collection *EVER* haha, hope you had a rock'in weekend. Once again hun, big thanks for your kind comments. I did eventually get over my foolish creative 'block'.
Peace and Ribbons...
The jean jacket, the boots, it's all so awesome looking on you. Seriously stunning look, as always.
Demi said…
i know i wish!!
gorgeous outfit, as always!
electric feel said…
that pic with the beanie looks vers alexander wang like

you are a beuty

i linked you!
Jasnaaa said…
I LOVE YOU STYLE! envy you!!!
Anonymous said…
Bella you totally rock! Those leggins are fab, and Your style is unamatched!!!
Esmée said…
Youre welcome. I think it's hard these days to get to know the top-bloggers of the world; because there are só much blogs about fashion those days. I think your blog is very great, so you totally earn the compliment!

MR style said…
it looks like somethin from Balmain
MarionRocks said…
Thanks a lot for your comment !
Yeah I was lucky to find those amazing shoes in a very cheap shop ! This pair cost me less than 15 euros :)
I'm dying over those boots. Your footwear collection is covetable!
Leni said…
I adore you :)
Angela said…
ahh ankle boots drive me crazy!

loooooove them<333
Leni said…
We match... that is for sure! :)
lacouturiernyc said…
love the denim jacket. & those boots are so unique!

La C
beth said…
1) Ya nailed it. Nailed IT! Love the entire outfit, those booties. ...SIGHSSS!

2) Thank youuu for everything, the comments and votes and love. :) I am asking for a Tripod this Christmas so I can hopefully take more outdoor photos. :)

3) Yes, we do need those fringe booties! Oh yes, we do! <3

4) The blouse was handmade for my Grandmother in Spain while she was on Vacation there; many moons ago :) so glad she saved it. She calls it a "jewel" because it's so old, it's almost a collectible gemstone. ;)

5) The surprise, soon, you will see! <3

rachel said…
you are nothing less than gorgeous, doll! you rock all of those pieces to well. luuv the corset leggings and I WANT your boots! you look stunning!

♥ R
Song of Style said…
not only do u have nice legs but u also got some nice skin!
Cass said…
love this whole look.
but the leggings and the shoes are my fave.
the minus temperatures in Toronto have been putting my outfit posts on hold. :(

Anonymous said…
Girlie, you always get it right! Love it, the writing and the style!

theos boots are the best ever!!
Nay'Chelle said…
I really love the gloves. Great find with the boots!
once again...another great outfit that i adore!

thanks for reading my blog i adore ur blog too! gives me such great fashion ideas!

i love your boots and leggings! to die for! hope all is well !!

coco said…
I have serious boot envy.
Fashionista* said…
cute outfit
love those shoes
Anonymous said…
I agree with the other comments, I have boot envy too. But I also just adore you totally. The location is awesome and your style is fearless.

Bella this is gorgeous as always.
You're such an inspiration!

hana said…
BELLLAAA.. im back! i've missed you tehehehhe!!! you look sooo good! love lovelove those booots! you said i had an award? im confused! hahaha

love the pics as alwayssss!
JESSY said…
great outfit! those leggings are fabulous!
Absolutely amazing boots, I've seen some similar but always thought they would be too difficult to wear. Also love the gloves!
hey girlie!
wow! nice outfit!!
I like the gloves, and those boots are amazing! ( and original, of course!!)
Maya said…
I love your boots!
Savvy Mode SG said…
great outfit.
The Paper Doll said…
Ooh, cute shoes!!
issa said…
simply amazing!! those boots are fantastic!
jaime said…
thank you! oh my i loove your blog and your outfits and style are amaazing! :) and ditto, you can never go wrong with a perfect pair of leggings. my ultimate favorite!
natalie said…
Bella, love you blog! LOVE.
Just beautiful and wow a writer too! I basically looked at every post, and you are such a doll!
The boots are crazy great and I want those corset legging sooooooo bad!
Sarah said…
Totally love those pants in your previous entry and these leggings are really chic ON YOU!! =)
♥ Marta ♥ said…
Wicked outfit ... and those shoes, simply amazing :) and the tripe gives the most perfect touch to an outfit :)
Love it
ryder said…
vouh, i guessed that boots are diesel.... absoultey the same ones. well, they great anyway.
ryder said…
vouh, i guessed that boots are diesel.... absoultey the same ones. well, they great anyway.
Couture Carrie said…
Those booties are HOT!
And I love the SATC reference :)

Thanks for your sweet wishes on my CCCth post!

May Kasahara said…
how do you always look so amazing?
Ines said…
th ankle boots are soo lovely!
who are you sweetie??
Some time has passed since I visited your blog for the last time!
Anonymous said…
Sydneydoll said…
haha love this post.

well written.

interesting boots.
Maxie said…
wow those boots are hotttt
Fashion_Girl22 said…
I adore the back of the leggings, it was like a great suprise. The striped gloves are just the best! I acutally hae a pair. :P
I'm completly jealous of your boot collection.
ur boots are AMAZING!!!
Stompface said…
you are pretty much my hero. I just love how you put outfits together.
Annie said…
I love this outfit! love love love!
The boots, the wrist warmers, the jacket... all of it!
Jenna said…
fantastic shoes! you're so pretty!
Juaи + said…
Nor a fan of the Gloves but I LOVE the rest of the outfit!

Loved that you thinked bout me when you saw Robert i guess? at people magazine!
Baby you're beautiful, I love those leggings and those arm warmers! You've reinvented the stripes so well.

these sack like boots have got SO much character to them. excellent all around. i love your hair. i wish i had the patience and time to straighten mine everyday
AusAnna said…
i love all your gloves. Im going on to f21 online right now!
ELVIA said…
i love your style and adore your shoes! where did you get them? fabulous. loves!

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